Urgent!!!! Quality of Tolerance" Meditation for the Middle East -- Lord Sananda -- Focus Love Now
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Lord Sananda
To Begin Monday January 5, 2015 for Seven Days, for at least 15 Minutes Per Day
channeled by Rev Janisel of Sananda's Eagles -- janisel((at))sanandaseagles.com


Greetings! Sananda here once again, and I wish to have discourse with the Eagles and Lightworkers and Starseeds about my favorite topic: Love. Since this is the energy you are asked to work with, then it stands to reason that you need to fully understand it.

The Energy of Love is ‘Light’…the terms are interchangeable. However, most humans feel that Love is an emotion that denotes feelings of ‘liking’ someone or some thing, or being ‘in love’ with another person. While all of that is true, Love is so much more! It is not simply a ‘feeling from the heart’ that is expressed as an emotion.

There are many, many aspects to Love, what we term the Qualities and Attributes. So when this group is asked to send the Energy of Love to a particular grid, there are always several Attributes that are anchored within that grid.

Nothing is constant but change, yes? Since you are entering into a new year, a new phase of this work, we are going to change the focus of these meditations just a bit. The planetary grids are, for the most part, staying in alignment, so we will be focusing more on the various grids within the Human Realm.

Since the energy of Love is considered to be my forte, I have been asked by my brother Ashtar to be the one to initiate you into this new way of doing the meditations. We will, of course, be asking you to continue to work with the planetary grids when necessary.

So, for your next meditation you are asked to send the Energy of Love, but we are going to select one of the Qualities or Aspects of that Energy and focus it into one particular area on Earth, that being the Quality of Tolerance. And we’ll begin with focusing on what you term the Middle East. This is an area of your planet that has directly or indirectly touched the lives of all of you, whether that is in a physical way or perhaps in an emotional/mental way. And with the Full Moon energies that you are now receiving, heart openings occur as well as emotions being heightened. This creates a perfect opportunity to anchor the energy of Tolerance within the heart.

Now, to begin, you have been asked to perform your pre-meditation protocol, anchoring to the Earth and joining together in group mind. We are now asking that you also first anchor, through your intention to do so, to the Christ Consciousness Grid, for all the Qualities and Attributes of Love are contained therein. We also suggest that, perhaps, you have in front of you a world map on which to focus on the area of the Middle East. And you are to set your Group Intention to send the Energy of Love to that area, with the added Intention that the Quality of Love known as Tolerance be anchored into that area and into the hearts of all peoples that are connected to it through the Human Grid. By the way, this will be for the entire fifteen minutes of your meditation.

So, that is your mission for this week, and I greatly anticipate you joining me within the Christ Consciousness Grid for this meditation. Together we shall bring Peace to planet Earth! I AM Sananda, with you always. Shalom!


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