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Greetings from Galactic Heart. . .

The last update on Sheldan I told you that he was in the process of receiving his new implant. He was remembering more and more that had been erased from his memory from the DEWeapon attacks. We both got so excited. Sheldan's Galactic team warned us it would still take some time. Well, you know how us humans please.

We got excited because Sheldan's Galactic team was working on him and he was making great progress. Then it seemed to slow down. And we were a little sad. His physical and etheric implants take time to integrate with all seven layers of his body. Today they tested the implant again and Sheldan said that he had visuals for the first time. He's always been able to hear his Galactic team and today he experienced, although briefly, visuals along with sound. Shel was ecstatic. They reiterated the process will still take some time and cautioned us not to be impatient. Instead, it is advised that we celebrate every milestone and keep our vibrations UP! Sound familiar?

If things continue as they are we are looking at Galactic updates to resume in the February/March timeframe. We at PAO appreciate your on-going support by attending our webinars, purchasing our specials, your generosity and keeping Sheldan's recovery in your visualizations and prayers. We are blessed with your Love and we are eternally grateful.

Today was a great day for Sheldan and me.

Selamat Ja!

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I wish them both the very best....blessings from the galactic core....*******

House impeachment hearings concluded with much ado about NOTHING~NIL~NOPE...

Now the fun starts, the accusers become the accused; the Hunters become the hunted...Be ready for two new shows in town; a Senate hearing of those involved in the real Ukraine scandal. + the IG Report...a Horowitz for us and a HORROR_IT_IZ for the dark WWG1WGA

let's get started Drekx :)

I heard the IG Report will be released on the 08. Dez.

;-] hehe...Adam Schiff is getting VERY WORRIED...all dark players are....yes December is coming....jingle bells.....yohoho and merry Drekxmas

As an observer I pray for Transparency every day...The truth shall be revealed...and the President most likely will be serving a second term...It is needed for all to develop accordingly..Peace is a reality...United we Stand as One...

Agreed and I would love see a 2020 2nd term for Trump....a great President for USA....

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Biblical" -- November 25, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

According to sources, a major economic event is expected to occur before the FISA report releases.

Sources claim this economic event could be the transition to an asset-backed monetary system which may also include debt forgiveness, a massive distribution of wealth, and/or revaluation of currencies.
The transition to a gold standard monetary system is expected after the transition to an asset-backed monetary system.

The release of the FISA report and the disclosure of corruption is expected to be disruptive and result in martial law.

This is why an economic event must occur prior to the release.

The corruption is already surfacing in mainstream media as Trump's Attorney Rudy Giuliani threatens to release incriminating documents on the Obama administration.

This aligns with the recent update of the manpower guidance order for US Marine reserves.

Facts will become fiction and vice versa.

Critical and logical thinking is encouraged.

Divided we are weak.

Together we are strong.

"It's going to be BIBLICAL!
The Great Awakening.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Synopsis" -- December 2, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

According to sources, a major financial correction/transition is about to occur.

The Fiat Financial System is on course to collapse and implode.

The Central Banking System is showing signs of failure as multiple banks in China begin to fail.
HSBC recently made a big financial deployment by moving from paper to blockchain.

BRICS is joining together to dethrone the Petrodollar which creates the possibility a US Dollar collapse and therefore gives reason to adopt a new monetary system.

The timing of the FISA report release is essential in allowing the public to connect the dots.

The release of the FISA report will lead to further investigations which will lead to implications connected to other investigations such as the Epstein investigation.

Eventually, these investigations will lead into the financial world and will explain why the Fiat Financial System is imploding.

Worldwide corruption of the Khazarian Crime Syndicate is being exposed.

Rumors are becoming fact as everything begins to surface.

The plan continues, Holidays or not.



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