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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5 Cib, 9 Zip, 8 Manik Dratzo!

We return! Your world continues in transition mode between the
old and the first intimations of the new. Many on your world who are
involved with implementing these changes want so badly for every little
thing to go right. However, it is more important in our eyes to just go
forward and make the necessary corrections as needed. Our Earth allies
are getting some sound advice on this matter from our Agarthan cousins,
and we are making sure that initial implementation is carried out
swiftly and successfully. What is being done is truly unique in your
recent history, but what is vital here is to know when to act and when
to let go of what you have so diligently created. Our liaison teams are
convinced that the moment has arrived for this bold action, and we are
fully prepared and ready to set in motion the moves which will manifest
the new financial system and the many new temporary governments. These
new governments are an essential precondition for disclosure, and it is
disclosure that is so important to the completion of this first contact

Disclosure is a formal announcement that is to happen with much
fanfare once the financial, monetary, and governmental restructuring
policies are proclaimed and expounded upon by the interim regimes. We
see this phase taking approximately 10 to 14 days. Once these subjects
are fully explained and implemented, these regimes can move on to the
subject of disclosure. Disclosure requires about two to three days of
public announcements and open press conferences given by several
cabinet posts in the new governments. Included in these discussions
will be the revelation of the existence of Agartha. Your Inner Earth
family can then be part of the global broadcasts that we intend to
carry out after the formal disclosure event is completed. These
broadcasts will introduce us to you, and then branch out to cover all
aspects of the first contact scenario. This will be supported and
enhanced by open flyovers of our craft and by several joint broadcasts
from the new governments and ourselves.

After disclosure and the accompanying broadcasts, we intend to
accelerate the work of your governments in bringing forth our various
technologies. Our plan is to provide all of you with a replicating
device and to complete the distribution and training-phase within one
month from the start of this project. Our training-phase will include
special videos that will accompany the devices. No other type of
programming except for these videos will be shown on your television
sets until our technicians confirm that you are fully conversant with
running a replicator. We need to be very sure that these devices are not
operated improperly; failure to comprehend the operating parameters
will result in repossession, as this Light technology must not be
abused. It is important to get this first step in the technology
distribution right, as it is to be followed swiftly by even more
advanced concepts and devices once the consequent responsibility of
Light technology use is fully integrated into your collective mindset.

The period immediately following first contact is about you
getting to know us, and about us getting to know you. Your world is
being prepared to accept a new reality, and our role in this is to show
you that this new reality no longer excludes your space, Inner Earth,
and heavenly families. You will be given the opportunity to prepare
yourselves for a level of consciousness that you can presently barely
envision, and as such we have a daunting task before us. This is the
reason why it is advisable to get started on this process rather than
to continue delaying the inevitable. Our liaison teams are firmly
committed to making this transition period as smooth as possible, and
our Earth allies have the considerable resource of our Agarthan cousins
in their midst. All of us ardently wish you to forgive and forget your
mindless worries and plunge boldly and confidently into this exciting
new time in your history! Here you will discover that the final steps
to full consciousness have been taken, and that all that remains is to
use your new world view to forge a wondrous new life for Earth's

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with
great news! The time to manifest your new reality is upon us! Our
associates have begun a final procedure that will bring forth the
prosperity fund deliveries. This operation also leads to new
governments and the special broadcasts by the new American president
which will bring into being a new global monetary and financial system.
The news of the precious-metals-based currencies signals the start of
monetary stability for the American dollar and the coming-on-line of a
basket of comparable currencies that are to be the bellwether for
global prosperity. Added to this is, of course, the worldwide debt
forgiveness program. These programs are only the beginning of many
others that will institute the new prosperity promised by Heaven. Your
role in this is to support this spread of abundance with the plethora
of monies that will be distributed to you.

This cascade of money is being given to you to seed abundance in
your world, thus helping to banish one of the major sources of lack and
limitation in your present reality. We encourage you to follow the
letter of our intent and bring prosperity to everyone! This will be a
very rapid process which will be further accelerated by the disclosure
of our space and Inner Earth families. Together with Heaven and its vast
realms, the Galactic Federation is to be a prime instrument of
consciousness change. Once your material privation is solved, the next
step for you is moving into conscious oneness with your fellow humans
and forming an inner link that can sustain Gaia and her diverse
ecosystems. In doing this, you are emerging from limited consciousness
and beginning to accept your ascension to full consciousness. At this
point, you have reached the moment of your metamorphosis.

Your metamorphosis is a very special Heaven-sent event. Long ago
in the latter days of Atlantis, experiments were carried out which
reduced humanity to its present levels of limited consciousness,
eventually resulting in a group of 15,000 humans who were trained to be
'pets' of select members of the Atlantean ruling clans. This project
was overtaken by a cataclysm that sent the remnants of their homelands
to the bottom of the ocean. Your ancestors were kept in a special
laboratory with the capability to function as a large ship, if need be.
And so they survived, and were eventually distributed around the planet
by the Anunnaki. Now, after 13 millennia and several global cataclysms
later, you have multiplied to almost 7 billion, and are set to return
in triumph to your former selves and reunite with your long-lost
galactic relatives.

Today, we continued our messages which are preparing you for the
events leading to first contact. They include the lead-up to disclosure
and our own series of broadcasts telling you about first contact. After
we land, the schedule of events prior to your metamorphosis is to be
greatly accelerated. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and
never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat
Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El
Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA
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Hey Jason,

Please forgive my observation, but you may wish to correct an error in the presentation...Just a small error, but I'll point it out...  :-)  It can easily be edited if you wish and I hope you don't feel I'm being fussy, but for me, it is a little stark...hehe..!!


The Sirian language word "dratzo" means; "dearly beloved souls" in the Akanowai language and is supposed to head your intro, rather than follow the Mayan calendar date of_________8 Manik, in your title...


Anyway, thanks for posting this update, as it is superb....And I would like all to note that the experimental "ARK" was mentioned briefly, that aided limited conscious humans to survive the deluge....It was a floating  vessel, as well as a container of living "specimens." It contained plant, animal and human "specimens."


ALSO, to put the lie to rest that President Obama is going to lead the restored constitutional Republic....see  the quote from the extract above...which confirms what I have been saying for years:


"This operation also leads to new governments and the special broadcasts by the new American president which will bring into being a new global monetary and financial system." End quote from PAO..


So a "new President" will be appointed, a "President Designate," who will replace Obama....


In Light, Drekx Omega

So disclosure in 13-17 days? :D
As much as I want this to happen, under what legal pretext will these regimes take power?
Hmm I've always thought that there would be some disaster, or unifying event that the GFL would use to expose themselves, but this makes more sense and is less traumatic. 
drekx to be honest i do not know what those numbers with those words mean i never been introduced to those terminology, but what i do know that noah had a ufo as an ark, not the boat the religious people had mentioned. Yeah it did not say Obama but it just said the new president whoever it is appointed to.

Using modern parlance and abbreviations, a USO.....The limited conscious humans could not fly it, but they could pilot it, at sea  ;-)  And thanks for posting this, truly appreciated...


But yes, nothing like the Bible story, in truth...

Great post but now I am more confused than ever!  If we are to ascend to 5D, then what do we need with money, whether it is gold backed or not.  Money seems very 3D to me, and just because people all have piles of money, how does that equate with previous posts that said that we should all go to GLF "chambers" to have something done to us to make us ascend easier.  This post almost to me sounds more like a groundwork for a new world order where a new president will be the boss and many new leaders calling the shots, and it will business as usual.  Did I get my wires crossed?  Aren't we supposed to be ascending or is this just the set up for the people that do not get to ascend, as many posts have pointed out that not everyone will ascend.  I am just totally confused now.  can someone set me straight.  I also thought of the same question that Draco posed about regime changes. Will it be by overthrow and with power, how will it come about? Sounds like coup to me.  Also it seems that it will be left to the peoples of earth to distribute the wealth.  How is it that we will not just end up with the same delema of some having most of the money while others will have less if it is left for humans to seed the wealth as this post implies.  It seems that it is going to more of the same just with more money available.....Greed is a very human trait so how is it that suddenly there will be no more greed...I cannot picture it frankly....some people are always going to think they are more deserving than someone else.  What happened to the idea that we will either meet some natural disaster or ascend with or without the GLF "ascention chambers"..what about the harvesting of the souls that the GLF talks about?  Am I the only one who is confused?


 I don't think any of us really knows exactly whats going to happen for sure. Even the GFL has stated they have back up plans. I think the money part is, they want to make it a fair playing table at first for everyone then as we learn the money part will slowly fade away, probably many years down the road. My guess anyway.

I am a little confused as well.  There is alot of disinfo out there. I only follow a few that jive with me. I guess we'll have to wait and see, not to far off now. I read at rumor mill news Obama was ordered to Denver.

We'll see

Love and Light


The reason we need money at first is because our culture is a barter culture... we can't go from A to B without "paying" for it... this is not supposed to last for more than a few months or a year depending on when disclosure happens.  This is to balance the KARMA we have's not about money, it's what it symbolizes for us.  The precious metals and stones will be helpful for energy purposes... but as for NESARA, that is just a thought form and I am not concerned about it- money doesn't mean much to me either, but I understand how it will work as a "glue" to hold people together when they experience First Contact. 

The ascension will happen towards the end... there is preparation to be done so that as many souls as possible are harvested.  Fear is what stands between you and your Light body, it's up to everyone to educate themselves, as ignorance is the father of fear.  The chambers are there for emergency evacuation... it is up to you how you feel about it.  It's not as if they are going to show up one day and force everyone into them or beam them away or hand everyone millions of dollars.. this is a process that is carefully planned according to our human weaknesses and strengths. 

The new world government is again a balancing of the KARMA of the planet and ourselves... regime change is needed to balance the masculine dominance, there must be Karma debt paid to those victims and the perps must be held accountable.  I don't know about these mass arrests, I just know my own inner world is expanding daily and that it won't be long until your questions are set at ease.  The female has been subjugated for eons, this is a huge issue of Karma... I wish Sheldon would address the inequalities of the sexes instead of telling us how wonderful it will be financially... we desperately need balance in all things if we are to move ahead with Gaia's evolution. 

Not all channels are for everyone, I use them as a guidepost but I am not emotionally attached to them.  As you gain a wider perspective you are more able to discern from within.  Hope this helps, dear lady.  I just want you to be happy and at ease :)

The most important thing to remember, is that due to the current structures of limited consciousness and the deliberate elite restrictions upon access to wealth and plenty, for the majority of earth humans, the CRITICAL role of Earth Guardianship is being sidelined....and that stewardship of the planet needs to be karmically balanced....Thus, before ancient souls qualify for ascension, they must all demonstrate Earth Guardianship skills, by cleaning the pollution, worldwide, on land, sea and in the air...

That can only happen IF they are all free and wealthy and motivated...

Thus abundance and the new money, increases purchasing power ten fold....Thus, individuals and groups will be able to devote time to the planetary cleanup, as all their day-to-day needs will be met, without having to go to a 9 to 5 job for a pittance in per the norm...

Thus, spending time to learn the use of aetheric energy technologies that can dematerialise pollutant particulates from the environment...A simple atomic structure identifier and removal of those pre-defined undesirable substances...also plutonium, uranium and more dangerous toxins...

SOooooo...having completed their PROPER Earth Guardianship role, for the first time in millennia, the great mass of earth humanity, will then qualify for ascension....

So these steps are necessary under divine law, as they demonstate good will in action....Thus burn off the karma of centuries...

Then we can bring in the Elohim to make the transition complete..after the cleanup....


Sheer poetry....  ;-)


Thank you Kelly and Drekx, after reading your replies it does make sense so much more to me.  I am normally a kind of paranoid person due to my life experiences, so I have to stop and think sometimes.  I guess I am not the only one who wonders what the future will bring as nothing is written in stone.  I just have to remain optimistic and hope that my discernment does not let me down when I need it the most.  Sometimes I admit that I panic and see shadows that spook me, so I have to bear that in mind.  As long as I stay in LOVE mode and have love for all that I should be ok.  Got to stop thinking I am going to know all the answers for openers because I don't know squat but will understand more when it is the right time.  So I will go with what I do know, Love for all and unity. Thank you for replying, it helped.


Thanks for your comments and hope the data helped....several have been asking about this, so I made this particular comment into a blog in it's own right...



Kind regards, Drekx




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