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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 06/12/2018

Selamat Balik! We come with more exciting news to discuss with you. After 13 millennia of unopposed control, the Cabal finds itself struggling to adjust to a sudden surge in growth of consciousness. This new element scares them and is truly changing everything. As we reported in an earlier message, a new coalition of forces, to which we refer as 'the Alliance', has come together as a most compelling group that we have grown to respect. They continue to mystify the cabal, wreaking havoc on them in every way possible. The cabal remains bewildered as to why their arsenal of tried-and-true methods continually backfire on them.

We have been assisting the Alliance in a number of ways. First, we are complementing the forces they have assigned to the removal of the current US regime. Second, we are providing the necessary resources to allow the Alliance to put into effect a new hard-backed currency system on your world. Finally, we are expanding our liaison and diplomatic personnel so as to be ready to furnish the services required for a more harmonious reality on your world. Many events are about to manifest and become known. Your prosperity funds are being made ready. The magnitude of this step has prompted us to send out a special detail of ships to watch as this program unfolds. No major problems have been encountered thus far. Your world is poised for freedom!

We are delighted to report that your old reality is being shifted because it ultimately leads to disclosure, which makes it possible for us to move more quickly to the next step, an unprecedented global first contact with you. In previous years, we watched as the dark ones dashed the dawning of a new governance. Despite these early difficulties, we knew that you were eventually to triumph over the dark. The dark is slowly fading into historical oblivion. We have patiently watched as our Earth Allies and new Alliance friends suffered through their early growing pains. They have shaken off their hatred and wish only to propel the cabal out of power. New governance is to set the stage for our arrival. For far too long, surface humanity has been exiled from its extraterrestrial origins.

We also observe that your Sun has shown unusual activity. In part, this is due to the massive increase in inter-dimensional energies surging toward her from the galactic core. They affect your solar system, the entire galaxy, and beyond. These energies are causing an increase in the polar ozone holes and aberrant weather patterns around your globe. This can interfere with your radio communications and larger electrical power generators.

Nameste. We are your Ascended Masters. We arrive to be your spiritual mentors and to reassure you about what may appear to be a most bizarre series of events. Right now, new monetary systems are materializing. With them come edicts announced by new governance, including revelations about a cover-up of truly staggering proportions. As you can well imagine, these announcements are to change your reality forever, and we are here to be your loving guides during this most unparalleled transition.

Since your fall into limited consciousness, you have had extremely limited access to direct communications with your Higher Self, the Ascended Masters and the spiritual realms. This is to change forthwith. We encourage you to seek our guidance. We may come to you in dream time, or in your meditations. Set a time each day to connect with us. Talk to us as though you were conversing with a friend. The energies now available on your planet encourage clear communication with the spiritual realms. Break the lingering bonds of silence and trust we are here for you.

We wish to end this message with a word about kindness. The definition of kindness is "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." From this moment, may we all begin a growing and evolving relationship founded on mutual respect, kindness, understanding and open communication. Recognize and act on the inspiring expressions of charity and kindness that stir in your hearts. Learn to stand firm for the Truth while, at the same time, radiating kindness. Being gracious thus becomes the key: it sets the tone for whatever you see or say, and how you respond to the phenomenal and enduring reality you create for yourselves.

Today, we have discussed the events that are unfolding around you. These events are creating a new reality where, at long last, you are to see the restoration of full consciousness. With it will unfold the remaining potential of physical Creation. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

In an attempt to halt the transition event, the Cabal launched a missile aimed at Air Force One.

The missile launch was detected at approximately 3:56 AM PDT which translates to 6:56 PM local time in Singapore.

DJT was in Air Force One en-route to Paya Lebar Air Base at the time of the missile launch.

DJT arrived at Paya Lebar Air Base at 8:35 PM local time.

Missile flight time would be approximately 10-30 minutes to target upon launch.

The missile was shot down by unknown forces before it could reach AF1.

This failed attempt was discretely confirmed by DJT's tweet.

Notice, both the words "missile" and "stopped" were deliberately misspelled.

The transition event remains on track despite the failed attempt to assassinate DJT.

Ghost Operators were given approval to deal with the source of the threat.

The RV remains ready to begin upon the Alliance's discretion.



now, THAT'S a conspiracy theory lol

100 percent fake news. This has already been debunked and confirmed it was a helicopter. As usual people crop and cut from the original story to show only what suits there agenda. That a missle was fired. But the do not copy paste the bottom half where the actual investigation using flight data. Technical experts and aviation agencies to confirm it was a helicopter. I knew as soon as someobe showed me thr fake story it would appear on acc.

Which in turn shows that all the Intel" from that blog is 100 percent fictional amd created. They have NO intel at all.

I’m wondering if there are some dots to connect after we had news of an unclaimed missile launch in the Northwest near the Canadian border early Sunday morning after I saw a brief video from Natasha V of a post from social media showing the route of AF1.

Could be nothing, but according to the timing of the President’s trip from Canada/G7 meeting to Singapore to meet Kim Jong-un, there’s a remote possibility the two could be related.

Trump has had a target on his back for a long time with multiple assassination attempts, and we’ve all been feeling like something big is about to happen. Had the AF1 been shot down it would have been a “big event”—no question.

Maybe someone else has more intel on this, but the video from my earlier post today about the missile/intercept from Florida Maquis channel and Natasha’s video are below so you can check it out for yourself.

Hope you feel better soon, Nat. ~ BP

The flight path of af1 is NEVER revealed as it would be a security breach. Treason.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Intel reports claim the missile launch aimed at Air Force One on June 10th originated from a submarine.

QAnon posted this image of a submarine:

The owner of the vessel is currently unknown. It is also unknown whether or not the vessel shown above is the same vessel that launched the missile.

Rumors suggests it was another Military Industrial Complex stealth submarine -- the same submarine class that launched a missile toward Hawaii.

Other rumors suggest the missile was launched from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

The red circle below is the location of the camera that captured the missile launch. The blue circle is the location of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Below is the snapshot of the missile launch taken from the camera.

Below is a closer look at the missile.

Points to consider:

No air-to-air missile would have the range to reach Air Force One (at the time) from the location of the launch. Air Force One was 2 hours away from arrival at the Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore. Descent would begin an hour before arrival.

Cruise missiles are slow and arch forward after launch as seen below:

ICBM's go straight up into the ionosphere.

Boost phase: 3 to 5 minutes; it is shorter for a solid-fuel rocket than for a liquid-propellant rocket; depending on the trajectory chosen, typical burnout speed is 4 km/s (2.5 mi/s), up to 7.8 km/s (4.8 mi/s); altitude at the end of this phase is typically 150 to 400 km (93 to 249 mi).

Midcourse phase: approx. 25 minutes—sub-orbital spaceflight with a flightpath being a part of an ellipse with a vertical major axis; the apogee (halfway through the midcourse phase) is at an altitude of approximately 1,200 km (750 mi); the semi-major axis is between 3,186 and 6,372 km (1,980 and 3,959 mi); the projection of the flightpath on the Earth's surface is close to a great circle, slightly displaced due to earth rotation during the time of flight; the missile may release several independent warheads and penetration aids, such as metallic-coated balloons, aluminum chaff, and full-scale warhead decoys.

Reentry/terminal phase (starting at an altitude of 100 km, 62 mi): 2 minutes – impact is at a speed of up to 7 km/s (4.3 mi/s) (for early ICBMs less than 1 km/s (0.62 mi/s)); see also maneuverable reentry vehicle.

The distance from the camera footage to the missile is roughly 30 miles. The size of the missile is the size of a submarine from this distance. Therefore, the missile must've been fired from a silo at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station or nearby. However, the Navy denies the existence of missile capabilities at the base.

NORAD would've detected the launch within seconds and activated their protocol. Trump was alerted of the launch. The missile was taken out within minutes either by THAAD batteries or by the Secret Space Program.

What was the Cabal's plan? The only conclusion would be to either hit the ocean or a mid-air detonation where the blast would reach Air Force One.

What is the truth? You decide.

Ghost Operators were given approval and have dealt with the threat.

Sources have reason to believe the Alliance is currently waiting for the situation to be resolved before proceeding with the RV.

Protecting the masses has always been the Alliance's main directive.

The situation is expected to be resolved momentarily.



One of the reasons we inquired for specific details about any air operations at NAS Whidbey Island at the time, including low approach or terminal operations of transient aircraft, is that we thought the image could be a fighter taking off from NASWI in afterburner and executing a high-performance climb. These dramatic maneuvers are common at some fast jet bases. But in this case, the early morning timing made such an explanation a long shot, as well as the lack of complaints that would have resulted in such a thunderous racket at 4am local time. 

Next, we pulled up Flightradar24's tracking of aircraft in the vicinity of Skunk Bay around the time the photo was shot. You can see a video of those movements below. Note that time is UTC, not local. 

The Alaska Airlines jet (ASA94) descending from the northwest would have been out of the frame of the camera, although at first, it looked like a possible explanation as either the aircraft's lights or its contrail could have possibly caused the illusion. Then we noticed an air ambulance helicopter—an EC-135T2+ registered as N952AL belonging to Air Methods—flying right in the vicinity of the Skunk Bay when the image in question was captured.


A gorgeous shot of N952AL in action over the Pacific Northwest.

You will notice that there is an error with the tracking of the low flying helicopter that makes it freeze on the screen momentarily and Flightradar24 even notes this automatically. Then the chopper seems to dash across the channel at unbelievable high speed. This is an anomaly with the tracking, and in reality, the helicopter made its way across the channel at normal speed (around 115 knots at 2,000 feet) right around the time the photo was snapped and exactly where the streak is shown. 

With this revelation in mind, the explanation of what you are seeing in the image is the helicopter moving away from the camera towards NAS Whidbey Island, just as it was tracked in the moments after the photo was taken. There is about a minute and a half time difference between the flight data and the time index on the photo. It's likely one of the clocks was slightly off in reference to the data being displayed and we know the helicopter speed data is not fully accurate due to the tracking anomaly anyway. 


N952AL, just like N954AL shown here, flies under the Airlift Northwest banner, moving patients around the Pacific Northwest. 


When the image is interpreted in that fashion, you can see how the aircraft began being traced by the long exposure starting near the camera and moving away. As a result, it was also much closer to the camera, lower in altitude, and covered far less distance in the short 20-second exposure than a rocket blasting into the heavens far off in the distance would. At 115 knots the helicopter would have covered roughly 3,900 feet. The cloud it disappeared into would also be far closer to the camera when interpreting the image in this way. And all this actually works remarkably well just by shifting the notion of what you should be seeing in the image. 

The thing that looks like a rocket at atop a flame would have been a 'ghost image' of the part of the helicopter that was exposed from spill-over from its running lights and the low available light in the environment. This can look nothing like the actual object as the long exposure and how the light plays on the object can result in strange and often elongated shapes—in this case, something like a ghostly image of a rocket.

So there you have it, sadly this wasn't anything more exciting than a helicopter flying in a straight line in the wee hours of a quiet Sunday morning on the picturesque Puget Sound. Above all else, this photo serves as another reminder that sometimes there is much more to an image than what immediately meets the eye.

Update: 7:30pm PST—

Airlift NW has confirmed the Flighradar24 ADS-B data:

Update: 3:22pm PST—

Airlift Northwest just hammered the final nail in the conspiracy theorist's coffin on this one:

I really don't think people understand image perspective.
Do you all understand HOW large that apparent rocket would have to be to appear this size in the image in comparison to this distance it was shot?

Larger than the submarine itself.
Just stop with posting fake updates. The true alliance does not appreciate the deception backed onto the hard work they are doing. The alliance does not and will not ever update on current future or previous tactics or missions. This is and always has been there directive.
Only after the smoke has cleared will people be made aware of what truly happens.
Anyone claiming they have Intel or sitreps on behalf of some benevolent faction or group is false.
The only contact to gen pop is through 1 particular entity which is not 1 person.

OK Andromedan, was 9/11 an inside job?

It most certainly was



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