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Unf*ck the Police: Anarchy & the Demilitarization of Law Enforcement ~ by Gary ‘Z’ McGee

Multidimensional food for thought...

“When all other rights are taken away, the right of rebellion is made perfect.” ~Thomas Paine

I know what you’re probably thinking, here at the outset: “Not all cops are bad.” To which I say, “Pull your head out of authority’s ass!” Yes. Do exactly that. Saying, “Not all cops are bad” is a red herring. F#ck your red herring! It doesn’t matter that all cops are “not bad.” What matters is that all cops represent “the state,” and the state is bad, wrong, unhealthy, evil. And any “law” enforced by an unhealthy state is “bad” (unhealthy) until deemed otherwise by free, healthy individuals. Your belief in authority is nothing more than a shared delusion. It’s time to pull the Rabbit of Your Courageous Freedom out of the Hat of Your Blind Obedience. Un-f#cking the police, like with all things, begins with un-f#cking yourself.

It comes down to this: Authority is an illusion, a cartoon in the brain, an agreed-upon social construct that is equal parts authoritative conditioning and cultural brainwashing. It’s psychology 101. If you’re raised in a state (and most of us are) where authority and power are revered without question and without the earning of prestige, then your basic psychological programming will be the default position of blind respect for authority. And instead of questioning authority, your default programming will have you questioning those few who actually gain the courage to question authority. It will even have you questioning your own right to be free. You unwittingly become a sheepdog for an evil shepherd. And all because you didn’t have the courageous wherewithal to question authority. Belief in authority is a disease plaguing the human condition. The free human being with the audacity to question authority is the cure.

Freedom is paramount. It’s the overriding principle of life. Without freedom there is only servitude, captivity, oppression, and enslavement. With freedom there is a space to contest such things, a place to breathe and to question our conditioning, whether good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Until we reclaim our own freedom, until we empower ourselves, we will continue swimming around in circles inside an unhealthy fishbowl that doesn’t give two sh#ts about us. That fishbowl is the State, we are the fish, and the cops are the sharks hired by the state to keep us enslaved to authority. Reclaiming our freedom is learning how to fly, and learning how to fly gives us a bird’s eye view of the atrocities going on inside the fishbowl. It’s time to rise above it. It’s time to stop breathing the bloody waters of an unhealthy fishbowl. It’s time to reclaim the fresh air of freedom. And it begins with taking our power back from those who wish to take it from us under the banner of “authority.”

If you can’t stand the heat; get out of the kitchen!

When it comes down to it (inside the cultural box, inside the bloody fishbowl of the state), law enforcement is a job. It’s a dirty job, and everyone seems to be under the impression that “someone’s got to do it.” To which I call b*******! But that’s neither here nor there. What is here or there, is the fact that it is a job that carries a lot of power, or at least perceived power. And we all know the common cliché: “with great power comes great responsibility (Stan Lee). The problem is that there is a serious lack of responsibility when it comes to the job of policing. There are way too many order-followers and way too few questioning bad orders. There are too many scared and ill-trained bullies, and those who are well-trained are still stuck in a policing system that simply does not work well for free human beings. The thin blue line might as well be a thick wool blindfold.

The problem isn’t so much the police themselves, but the fundamentally unhealthy, violent, and unsustainable system in which police are expected to withhold. They are merely hired thugs for an unhealthy state that doesn’t have the best interest of the people. Conveniently forgetting the fact that they too are people, placing duty before decency, the gun before morality, and the thin-blue-line before justice. Which brings to mind another cliché saying: “It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society (Krishnamurti)

…And so police, above almost all other jobs, must constantly fight an internal moral battle between being a decent human being (which usually means going against the law) and upholding the law (which usually means going against being a decent human being). The misery of it all is that most police officers probably aren’t even aware of this internal moral conflict, which just breeds deeper and deeper psychological conflict… The entire authoritative system needs to un-f#ck itself. The authoritative system is the disease. Bad cops are merely a symptom.

Demilitarization through non-violent rebellion and creative insurgence:

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King 

…The spell cast by authority dissipates only when courageous individuals begin to question the ways of things. Our fear conditioning reconditions itself only when courageous individuals are able to dig down deep and empower themselves to recondition their original programming. The same goes with our violence conditioning. This applies to everyone, cops or not. There is a war being fought inside each and every one of us between fear and courage. If the “secret of courage is freedom (Thucydides),” then the secret of fear is blind obedience to authority. And the secret of non-violence is imagination. 

Whatever that perceived authority may be –cops, politicians, teachers, presidents, queens, emperors… Rail against it. Protest it. Question it to the nth degree, and then question it further. Use your imagination. Be creative. Just be smart about it. If the so-called authority can handle your ridicule, your scorn, and your derision, then maybe they are worthy of prestige. Even then, always question power, lest power corrupt…

Sharpen your sling shot skills… “Sling shot” is a metaphor for strategic non-violent disobedience that pulls us back, way back, back to the roots of things. And when we’ve been pulled back far enough we are launched far beyond the pettiness of Goliath and the unhealthiness of the State. Far beyond violence and authoritative policing that upholds outdated laws rather than updated human decency. We land in a state of freedom, a sacred state of anarchy, self-empowered and hungry to empower others toward further freedom.

As Jeffrey Tucker surmised: “Anarchy is all around us. Without it, our world would fall apart. All progress is due to it. All order extends from it. All blessed things that rise above the state of nature are owed to it. The human race thrives only because of the lack of control, not because of it. I’m saying that we need ever more absence of control to make the world a more beautiful place. It is a paradox that we must forever explain.”

Absence of control is a disorder that brings a higher order. Cops don’t want to hear this. Domesticated comfort junkies addicted to their luxuries don’t want to hear this. But it cannot be denied. The truth can only be muffled for so long. Eventually it comes out blaring like God on a bullhorn. And so we come around full-circle. The rebellion against the police state is a healthy rebellion (disorder) against an unhealthy order. It’s only “against the law” when you’re thinking inside the box of the unhealthy police state, when your swimming in circles in the bloody fishbowl. But if we can begin thinking outside the box of the police state, outside the violent and bloody waters of an unhealthy fishbowl, we come to realize that it is a measure of health to be un-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. And our amoral rebellion becomes the exact tool of courage needed to leverage morality. As the now famous graffito reads: “When freedom is outlawed, only outlaw will be free.”

The corrupt militarized police state wants to keep us cowed and controlled, anxious and afraid, terrorized and reliant on them for our “security” and “safety.” The state is afraid to lose its power. The unhealthy system of “order” wants to maintain its mandate. It’s afraid of healthy disorder. That’s why the police aren’t in place to protect us. They are in place to protect the state from us. And it will continue doing so until we choose to demilitarize it, or even abandon it. Until we find creative ways to reveal the illusion of false authority, we’ll keep spiraling further and further into an unhealthy militarized state…

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~Did you even read this post, Malcolm? Be honest, because it certainly doesn’t seem like it. This discussion is about reclaiming our Spiritual Sovereignty & demilitarizing the Police. While 'race' certainly ties in... this discussion actually goes far deeper than the black & white issues that consume you. It seems like the bullshite you’re wasting energy cutting & pasting on this thread would be better served on your fictional ‘Black Lives Matter Computer Hack, Obama Summer of Chaos’ nonsense. No?...

Malcolm,  Resisting arrest by running is a misdemeanor...not the death penalty. ´Cant you believe that you support all this murder by the police and the spread of the police state.  Sure, white people get shot, too ....funny to me that the white folks are not in the streets about this.. The police enforce the laws of the powers of domination and control to keep their system in place.  It is time the police joined with the people for the good of all.

we also have the legal right to fight back..

´´if a law enforcement officer unjustifiably attempts to shoot the arrestee, the arrestee may fight back. The person being arrested cannot act violently toward the arresting officer unless the officer acted violently first.´´

An unlawful arrest is an arrest that is not authorized by law, such as an arrest without a warrant or probable cause. In some states, a person may resist an unlawful arrest, but only with reasonable force. Reasonable force is generally considered to be only the amount of force necessary to resist the arrest.

Stick....I´ve noticed how much fear there is whenever folks start getting together and organized;  they realize just how powerful we are together...

~So true, Feather… unfortunately, whenever Humanity is on the cusp of meaningful change, ‘fear’ is always amped up by those who desperately cling to the status quo. Of course these irrational reactions are reinforced by the shitstem itself, which thrives on the masses effectively policing each other & staying rooted in a disproportionate, low grade, state of fear... most of the time. We have to free ourselves from the mental bondage, that by design, maintains the illusions of duality. ~InLight

To be individual means complete Freedom from all fear

"Surely, as long as the mind is caught in authority, it is not an individual at all. And, to find out what is real, what is God, what is truth, to discover that which is nameless, must one not be completely individual? To be individual means complete freedom from all fear, from all compulsion, from the desire to find a right way of living. That is what we all want, that is the cry in our hearts -to find a right way of action, a right way of conduct, a right method to live happily, to have peace. And, does not that very cry create authority, the authority of a book, of a person, of an idea? We want to be told what to do, how to live, in what manner to overcome the innumerable problems that we have. And, with that desire in our minds and in our hearts, we pursue those who can give us what we are seeking, those who we think will lead us to reality, to happiness, to God. Now, can the mind be free of this whole process and live simply from day to day, understanding life as it arises from moment to moment? After all, that is the timeless, the nameless eternity, when the mind itself is the unknown. At present, the mind is the known; it is the result of time, of yesterday, of accumulated knowledge, experiences, and beliefs. And such a mind can never know the unknown. This is not some vague form of mysticism. Surely, if I want to know something that has never been experienced before, that is not of time, that cannot be put into the frame of authority, my mind must be totally free from the past, which means that it must be free from fear… The mind can never be free of fear as long as it is making an effort to get away from fear. All that it can do is to be aware that it is frightened and be completely passive, without any choice. Then you will see that the mind becomes extraordinarily quiet and, in that quietness, the problem of fear can be resolved. In that stillness of mind, authority has wholly vanished. What need have you of authority when, from moment to moment, you are seeing what is true?" ~J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti was always right on the point..!!!...Fear causes fractal misperception and misperception causes more fear.....the way this archonic thinking multiplies,,,fractally.

yeah , unf*#k that police . Ready to be obedient ?



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