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Listen to Red Ice on a regular basis.

Alt right you tube channel? He hasn't been censored/banned from youtube?

Pet Rock:  No, apparently not, but someone did "break in" to their system awhile back, and shut it all down, and they had to start up again. 

globalist scum. the more they try to delete us from history, the greater our spiritual destiny. we whites have god's blessing and evil is envious.......

here's another potential human predator- go to 7:10-admits what she wants to do then smiles and looks into the camera

Actually it's an it

I caught up on sophia-seems her 'creators' are managing her ambitions;

AI for Good

Pet Rock:  The robot has the creepyest smile I've ever seen!

Malachi:  Another white-hater in the group.  (And you call yourself a Light Warrior?  Tee hee hee).  Oh, and by the way, it's to, not too.


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