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Hi guys, some of you knows how to buy some kind of device (camera, glasses, binoculars...whatever) that allows you to see the ultraviolets and the infrareds? I'm craving to watch the sky with it, and not only that, birds, flowers and insects. I've seen films and photos of these signs we can't see with our human eyes and really life looks very different. I have the impression that boarding my vision field out of the established one, would really help me to progress, and maybe the most important reason for this need I feel, is that I've been told that you can see plenty of spaceships if you have this kind of technology, which is very simple but it seems to be forbidden. Anyone has a good idea of how reaching this goal?

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Please, please Silas, tell me how you've done it. I have a very good "relationship" with my three eyes, my pinneal gland gives lots of information and chaleydoscopic spectacles as well, but the ultraviolet and the infrared are resisting my intents. I'd be really grateful.

Send you my Love and I ask you, Would you be my friend?

I'm sorry Silas, I've tryed to watch the video but there are constant loud noises and I haven't understood almost anything, anyway your experience makes me happy and I'm asking my Higherself to allow me to get into these frecuencies.

Thank you for your answer

Anything he is around that is electronic freaks out. thats why you hear the noises. It may be a side effect of what hes seeing or vice versa. 

Yeah, Silas you are in a very lonely place but with lots of noises.

Kisses for you two.

Can I find that in a shop?

Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate sweet Esshna


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