• The ghetto "fly-by" video was interesting, apparently  even

    the 'hood is not off limits to our space brothers-- lol

    • Well why would it be lol I'm sure they take much interest in the hood, the lower classes...the lower classes always have the most interesting characters, the most lively spirits, some of the greatest people throughout history have come from the lower classes....and it's also the home of...the wretchedness of human life.  It really reflects the best and the worst of what human beings are.

      And I mean of course they would be interested, most people on Earth don't live in nice middle class neighborhoods with the white picket fence and 2 cars in the drive way lol The majority of humanity live in what would be called ghetto conditions....take a trip through Latin America, or Africa, or Asia...and you'll see, most of it actually is ghetto. They don't call them third world countries for nothing.

  • They are increasing as the time approaches, as was foretold   Though i do wish the Galactic Fed would do some fly overs/formations of my home town of Portsmouth in the UK!   Please, pretty please...... 

  • Thank you Ben for sharing those 2 videos.


    We have ufo's from extraterrestial origins from other planets, we also have extraterrestial ufo bases on our earth and we also have man made ufo's.


    This could therefor be ufo's from extraterrestial vistors form other planets flying over our air space x 36 US States or it could be the fact the the US Gov't and the NWO/ illuminati know that many people believe that something is going to happen in 2012 so it is also possible to take advantage of people's current mindset to send up earth based ufo's or their man made based ufo's as they have a hidden agenda to reveal to the people later in 2012 and to give their future hidden agenda more credibility they send up many ufo's prior to reinforce this along with strange atmospheric sounds.


    The aliens mostly the greys have to date and for many years have been working in very close with the US Governement and US Military in covert top secret joint operations behind the scenes and all US Presidents for the past 50 plus years have known this and have also been sworn to secrecy. They therefor release very small snippets of evidence over time to make it far easier when the time eventually comes to reveal their full agenda and to condition people to accept and believe etc. over time.


    I am of the belief that 2012 is the start of a new era in our history based on major changes to governments, laws, religion, curreny and the way in which we live and the old ways and system of the past are phased out.


    I am also of the belief that the world is not coming to an end in 2012 via a major catastropic event. Yes we have climate change and yes we have earthquakes, tsunami's and floods as a result of mother nature and we also have man made HAARP that manipulates our weather etc.


    It is best to keep and open mind, be concerned about our fellow human and the planet but don't worry, be concerned and again keep and open mind. Live a simple life, live life one day at a time and our soul/spirit lives forever and it's only our bodies that eventaully die in time.


    We live on a beautiful planet with many good people and yes sadly we do have bad people however we are okay and things could be far worse. Life goes on.

  • it's ya enlightened brothers and sisters of love yo..also sounds like some good marry jane ;)

  • great video thank you for shareing!! And I dont think the guys there up bother about the lenguaje spoken. They have no judgment. :)  Love to all of you  brothers and sisters

  • Cracked me up -- LOL!  WTF -- that was a great catch.  'Bout time our brothers got in on the act. :)


  • It such a great video!!

    God bless you!


  • "That ain't no fuckin' balloons, nigga.....what the fuck is that shit!" lolol Ahh I miss ghetto talk. I grew up talking like that lol And I been to Harlem too, it's such a cool place, there's so many characters there.....NYC in general, it's just full of characters....yea I do think the Galactics get the chuckles when they hear us talking like that lol Word to big bird!

    • Ah, more and more, my dear friends will everything align. it is so immense, and difficult to percieve, but it is there, it will happen.

      Have faith, hope, and TRUST in TRUTH from HEART.

      Love, Light, and Namaste :)

      - Anasthun

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