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Are there anyone who have seen UFO's or other strange objects in the sky and would like to tell about it?

Maybe you had some kind of dream about UFO's or extraterrestials? I would love to hear your stories.

I had three experiences and would like to share it with you.

Back in 1993 I was reading some books by Solara. The names of those books were: The legend of Altazar, a fragment of the true history of planet earth, El-AN-RA the healing of Oreon, and The Star-Born, a remembrance for the awakened ones.

One day my mum shouted at me and asked me to come to the kitchen. She pointed at the sky and said: look there, but I couldn't see anything, it had already vanished when I came.

She drow down what she had seen on a paper. I became very surprised when I saw what she had drawn. It was a star with two wings at each side. The same as the logo in the books I was reading.

Maybe my mum was kidding with me, but I dont believe that because she is not interested in these kind of things or about my books.

Not long after this incident, I had come home after skiing and was looking out of the window when I suddenly saw a orange lazer beam coming from the sky. It only lasted for few seconds. Three times it beamed. It was completly dark outside so I could see the light very clear. Then I heared this loud sound, like some kind of high frequency noise. It was almost painfull to listen to. My brother was sitting in the room nearby so I asked him if he also could hear this sound. He said he did. He was sitting by his computer so I asked him if it was comming from his computer and he said it did. Well looking back at it now I am not so shure that the sound came from his computer. I newer heared that sound comming from a computer since then.

The third experience I had was a dream about UFO's. I dreamed that I saw a UFO flying over the road.The UFO had three or four balls beneath almost like small planets and I could see the rings around it. Then I saw a small ball flying by itself close to the UFO. What I noticed about this dream was that the UFO was not making a sound, it was comletely silent, almost like a holy silence.

Well these are my stories. I hope that you will share your stories if you experienced anything.


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Something like this,Nibiru.

Yeah there was this flying machine around sandpoint idaho just a few months ago that took supplies to some golf court or another. Maybe even this is open for speculation. Vimana class Reshiram, red class.

Angelina, I've come across a couple books similar to these. One by B. Marciniak "Wisdom from the Pleaidians" and the "Kryon" books.  These are so very good. You can tell when you read them that they are speaking from the heart, they're both on the internet so you could listen to audio MP3's as well.  It takes a couple times listening sometimes to get the message they're sending.  I also listen to RedIceRadio on the net.  They have very good presenters every week, the most informative show I've listened to. I don't know there's a better one out there. 

    Also, there is a book by Chelsea Yarbro "Messages from Michael" which is similar to the "Seth Speaks" books.  If you Google "Seth" you should find it.  I happened on an old copy at a bookstore.  I think it takes a natural talent to "channel" material such as this.  I'm sure people with this true ability are rare.  Most are psychic/intuitive and need to develop their talents more

Zeta: I personally witnessed a UFO right next to the mobile home (in the middle of nowhere in Goergetown, Texas) of a cougar-lady that I was involved with on September 10, 2012, 4-4:30 AM. I had an expensive moldavite crystal near the bed, and I think it may have channeled sexual energy that attracted this craft since the crystal was near the bed and our activity was very intense, physical, noisy, etc (you get the picture). I gave a description of the craft to the website alien-ufos under the blog "FINALLY! "Pleiadian..." by AstrologerRN under the UFO Experiences discussion section. It seems to resemble the craft witnessed by a police officer during the Stephenville, Texas UFO "invasion" of January 2008, according to his drawing/depiction. It is also possible that this craft may have been a top secret U.S. project operated by perverts who wanted to check out the action of me and my special-lady-friend (it appeared the craft was trying to get as close to the bedroom as possible, in front of the parked cars alongside the house). I like the moldavite hypothesis better. What do you think? Best, Malcolm

Hi Malcolm

Sorry, I didn't notice that someone had been adding something to the discussion before now. I'm not that accustomed with the different UFO's so I dont know what kind of craft you saw. But seems like you had an interesting experience and maybe they were interested in what you were doing. :) What did the UFO look like?



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