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Two Brothers in Women's Tennis Committing Multi Million Dollar Fraud!! Serena Williams Refers to Sister Venus as a He, Before Calling Herself a Man



Meanwhile… at ground zero, in the war against natural women in sports… humanity is watching to see if highly competitive people ever do the right thing… or if we should just drop competition all together, because if we learn to pass our time, with unity instead of competition, we can be free. Is watching competitive sports preventing humanity from evolving and moving forward into a healthier frame of existence?

Slave mentality = competition = war

Free mentality = unity = peace

These two brothers continue their scam on women’s sports… when will it ever stop… when will they turn in the money they earned (with interest), defrauding their own sport… apologies… restitution… Serena has slipped up twice on this issue… referring to her sister as a he… and herself as a man… thus, revealing the inner workings of a family crime spree in sports… tennis… fraud… olympics fraud, tournament fraud, advertising fraud… marketing fraud… endorsement fraud… because there is money involved…millions… people sometimes would do anything, including betray their own species and even their own sport… it does not mean they get away with it forever… it looks like these two were set up in the mk ultra program as young boys… in the sports division… what is even more curious, is how the sport of tennis itself, the media, the olympics, all seem to protect the story in collusion, that never shall a person be questioned as to the s** they appear to be, EVEN WHEN THEY REFER TO THEMSELVES AS THE OTHER S**. The media does the photoshopping and whitewashing… and yeah, there has been lots of photoshopping going on… these two do not act alone, they have a few industries supporting the story, that two manly women cleaning up in a female sport, can never be questioned as to whether or not they were born female… WHILE OCCASIONALLY REFERRING TO THEMSELVES AS MALE.

At this point in sports, particularly professional tennis… an 8 ft tall hairy muscular football player could don a bra, a wig and lipstick, some plastic surgery,.. could call themselves a female… never be tested on the matter, and clean up on the whole sport taking all the glory and money and fans… once again, it must be stressed that this attitude, sends a message to the human race… FRAUD IS GOOD, AND NATURAL WOMEN ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Is that true tennis world….DO NATURAL WOMEN WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG… HAVE TO SACRIFICE EVERYTHING, FOR THE MEN WHO PRETEND TO BE THEM…. SACRIFICE EVERYTHING… WHAT THE HELL LET LOOSE!!!

The lie unravels… by Serena himself… about two brothers in womens sports… now so arrogant… that Serena would even tell the world via his manly US open outburst to the judge, that she would never lie… however the world knows thanks to Serena’s words, behaviour, skills, appearance, and manly physique, swimsuit pictures, THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR. WE THE WORLD ARE NOT STUPID, AND KNOW WE ALL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT EACH OTHER FROM HARM… THE NATURAL MEN, MUST PROTECT THE NATURAL WOMEN… But is the world brave enough to honour the real women who have to deal with men in a women’s sport… Will the world protect the women of the world from this type of … GENDER FRAUD and gender abuse… it is a new level of abuse on the female population… it must end for humanity to be free, thanks for listening. Boys isnt it time to be men… sending love to everything and everyone…

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Update : 

All those years in tennis… REAL WOMEN, were prevented from excelling at their own sport… while dudes in skirts and giant steroid-like footballer arms… ransack the entire sport… and still, when they do not get their way… proclaim that they are a victim!

Because transgenders have a male hip bone and pelvis, which is much more narrow than a real female, the buttocks often takes on a distorted appearance.


Indian In The Machine 

I think that the William's sisters are suspected of being male for quite some time.

They should be banned from sport and all their trophies and price money confiscated and given to the needy.

~As usual, KKKalki… you shame only yourself & the dress/shikha wearing cult you call home. As for your overt fear of Black Women (let’s be real, Women in general as you undoubtably have serious ‘mommy’ issues, as most cult members do)… or your comfortable ‘othering’ of different races on ACC… it’s laughable self hating nonsense, mate! & only amplifies the mind blowing level of ignorance that fuels you psychically wounded, cult fed mind… or what littles left of it. Is anybody in there? & you call Serena Williams transgender? They irony is self evident as it is you who regularly wears a dress. A shame that Ben continues to let you pollute his site with this kind of nonsense. ~TemetNosce247


Be mindful where you trod, KKKhalki...

( ( ( 555ChantDownBabylon555 ) ) ) 

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise...
Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?...
You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.
~Maya Angelou

~Serena Williams has inspired Women, Men & Kids around the globe... from the disenfranchised, to those residing in ivory towers... her Legacy as one of the top Athletes on the planet is cemented in His/Herstory. ~Quite a contrast to you, KKKalki... cowering in a dark cul-de-sac of the Rabbit H@le, clinging to your racial & women hating fears which only serve as a negative feedback loop to sustain your own sense of inferiority. Time to grow up, brother!... It's never too late to emerge from the shadows & reclaim your authentic self. Make no mistake about it, that's exactly what the Williams sisters have done. ~InLight247   

Serena had a baby. Just sayin'.

really , KK ? can Ben in clear conscious state or his army of moderators allow this kind of smuck tabloid ? dude, is that how low u stupped into rabbit h*** ? go meditate , pray , do some yoga , attend drum circle or some sage smudging with your fellow man . once you do that , none of these tabloid bs news will matter to you. Bliss is just around corner , go grab it with your head out of your ass brotha....................



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