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Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's account hacked-HE IS A RACIST!!!

Every leftist I've ever had the misfortune to meet have been inherently RACIST!!! and sexist nutjobs!!!

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leftists collectively have become the malign stalkers, voracious voyeurs and tyrannical censors, they project on nationalists. leftists are not cool, hip, or trendy, any more. the curtain is closing down upon the loony left, yet, like an old act getting audience boos, they refuse to bow out gracefully, instead screaming from the stage about the 'deplorable' people who don't appreciate their boring act. violence seems to be what the secular liberal orthodoxy offers habitually to their hated rivals; as they lack truth and nobility. they lack kind civility and poise........ goodbye savage communists, time to end your oafish charade.

nyc mayor De Blasio-

How the Sandinistas Shaped Bill de Blasio

The fist thing he did was close the horse and carriage stables-turns out a group of his campaign donors wanted the property! The leftists propaganda media buried the story asap-the list goes on-filthy lying scumbag leftist

Wake up people NYC



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