So today, ladies and gentlemen (and Acute Observer), I bring to you a story from another alternate dimension of mine own creation. To be specific, this came from what I presume to be one of those 'past life' memories because the sensation in which I experienced it wasn't very astral projection-like nor was it dreamlike. I'll give you guys the summary for now as I don't want to bore any of you.

Within this world was heavy corruption, from corporations, peace groups, and the government. Even worse than our world's current state. It got to the point where corporations could monopolize on people's ideals and truths. For example, one corporation decided that they would own and distribute the idea of 'kindness' and anyone who wished to be branded as 'kind' had to buy that right. It's silly, isn't it? The government promoted this because lobbyists are a horrible idea.

It wasn't just corporations either. A peace group who was rumored to be supported by a Light Federation (*Ahem*) had attempted to conceive good intentions to the world, but their roots were destructive. The Light Federation's true goal was to manipulate and control humanity to their whim under the gauze of peace. 

The government was the worst part of this world. Whenever they would try to actually do something good with lawmaking powers, they would all be split and divided without any proper debate. They would get nowhere because no one wanted to be open minded towards the ideas of others, unless when it came to economic policy. Lobbyists from corrupt corporations would bribe government officials to sway in their favor.

The people of this world didn't seem to care about the mass amounts of destruction that occupies society. Or rather it wasn't that they did not care, simply enough those that showed they cared were immediately marked as terrorists, thieves, and/or cabal members. They were marked as harbingers of destruction, propaganda would silence their cries and create hatred towards them without a single bit of compassion.

Unfortunately for this world, that was when I met Lucifer. His real name wasn't Lucifer, I'm just going to refer to him as Lucifer for the time being because that was one of the code names we used. He was a man at the peak of his life who had just plunged from it. He belonged to the light federation, although seemingly joining it for the soul purpose of truly fixing this world. However, through a series of events the light federation ended up killing his sister. I don't recall the specific details of that event, but it lead Lucifer into a madness-filled state for awhile until he finally regained his senses from grief.

Within this past life, I was merely a teenager with inquisitive potential. I was one of the nobles within that world, although I had trouble understanding what the term noble meant as it didn't make sense to me that some humans were higher than others on some make believe ladder. It didn't click in my head that any living creature could be 'higher' than any other living creature. 

How I met Lucifer was quite odd. He was being openly persecuted on a cloudy day by the peace group he wanted so much to help. I believe he had destroyed a significant portion of the Light Federation through some chaotic means while blinded by grief from the death of his sister. The government to which both my parents belonged to stopped Lucifer from being 'brought to justice'. The peace group was told that he was a corrupt government official, so naturally my government wanted to prevent him from dying. Although no one actually said they had never seen him before.

After preventing his death, he was questioned about his identity for a bit before the government set him free after someone deduced that one of them may have used Lucifer to cover for themselves. Although that wasn't exactly the case. I started to believe these government officials actually didn't know what was going on. I spoke to Lucifer once out of courtesy and that was when our partnership sparked. I deeply had a desire to change the world, and he couldn't stand anyone controlling humanity or causing sadness. He was a being straight out of Dimensional Heaven, and I was rather plain in comparison, yet we both had the strong desire for rebellion.

He quickly taught me magic. Well, not quickly. It took about a year and a half for me to even begin manipulating energy to my own liking. I believe the first thing I mastered was aerokinesis before I began making my own energy style. Magic was an odd phenomenon in this world, as any information on it was occupied by a large corporation, and the light federation seemed to train their cadets in its usage at an early age. 

We had little idea as to how we'd make ourselves effective. We both agreed to destroy the corruption within the government and the economy first before we'd step out into the light societies. Abolishing the government was a clever trap to ferret out the light federation in revealing themselves. My first treacherous crime, was that I leaked plenty of government information under multiple aliases from different locations. Once the people knew what the government was doing, rebellion soon commenced.

At the moment I'm pressed for time, if you guys wish for me to continue this later, I'd be willing to, and if you want to strangle my weird mind please make an appointment.

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  • I actually enjoy reading your writings...keep on writing, I will read.....I like it that you share what's going on in your head...such an interesting place.....

    • Thank you! I'll either write part 2 earlier today or tomorrow! I had to pull an all nighter today bu tomorrow I should be free for the first time in awhile. Who knows I might even add a bunch of discussions.

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