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What is the Truth about Twin Flames? Soulmates are people from past lives. Twin Flame is the other half of your spirit. The Misconception is that you will simply attract or find your Twin Flame. This is not really how it works, although you might get lucky. Twin Flame Spirit is our higher selves and watch over us. It is drawn into Evocation for embodiment in a relationship.

1) From a point of natural Inspiration there should be some sign that your Twin Flame is ready to embody. Some sign in your life that you are ready for this to happen. The Twin Flame is a body of fire that is always with you. They are normally red and gold, but can be any other combination of colors. The color is not chosen by you, it will reveal itself through an impression.

2) The Twin Flame energy body will begin to collect energy. It is important that you remain Positive, so that only positive energy will build. They will not want to be with you otherwise, because it will corrupt them. Faith in the process will grow, and good energy will accumulate. This will only become stronger with time.

3) Be aware that you Twin Flame is always with you, they are silent, loving, affectionate, and supportive. Let this occur naturally, this is not the same thing as having an imaginary girlfriend. As with remote viewing and other psychic abilities, it is captured in the first 5 seconds before creative imagination kicks in. Do not actively create, stay in the place where it comes on it's own. This is not something to play around with and fantasize about. Just let it happen with subtlety in the background.

This is a 7 step process. This is all I'm going to say about it at this time. I may come back to report on how it's working.

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..Hmm...The Twin Flame Thing.....Its A Process You Have To Go Thro......To Really Understand.......The Outsiders View....Is Not Looking Good....:)..........I Have Experienced .....This......It Can Only Happen At The Right Time.....There Are Many Misconceptions..........In Some Ways You Have To Be .....At The Right Place.....For Yourself....Spiritually.....Soz....Im Not Easily Understood....<3.....

Sky  understood you perfectly you have to be in the right place in your heart and spirit because  they show you both good and bad about yourself and have to have strength to see it through you never know who you were together in the beginning and it can send you spiraling so you need that spiritual strength much love



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