• Thank´s Charles for this great video.

    I dont know how to stand about Wikileaks yet.

    What if Assange said that 9/11 is a freud?

    Would he be alive?

    This is a game on high levels.


    • Assange knows the truth of 9/11,  I am sure that Israel even told him they did it and if he lets that one slip, they will torture and murder him.  They want him to convince the people that 9/11 was done by Arabs with no ability to totally shut down Norad from doing any counter move.


      Assange is a shill, of that, there is no doubt.  The stakes are very high, it is the freedom of Human Kind that is at stake.

  • WE NEED TO GET MAD!!! Walk in and take our white house back, and start by helping the african and asians and egyptians to take theirs back show all the countries around the world that Americans are still good, and we are the " HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!" I'm furious at what i see and hear and none does anything to stop this, WHY?????
    • Because the controllers of America have generated massive fear within the population to make them not stand up to the Military Industrial Complex!  You have given it too much power over the years, it is an evil monster that sees its own citizens and the world as its enemy.  The master holding this monster's leash is Israel!  That is the sad truth of the matter, once the people know that they have nothing to loose, then they will attack the system that has the American people down on their knees.   It is time to get up off your knees and take out those you know who are behind all the ills of America and the world.
    • We do take the White House back, when we go out and vote, it's a part of what sets us apart from other Countries.
      • Voting has been rigged since Bush. Perhaps earlier. It is especially due to our naive trust in electronic voting. Try and vote absentee if possible-- those votes get counted first and are harder to skew.
      • Either you are under the greatest illusion or you know what is happening and you are here to ridicule and discredit the truth.  Which is it Delilah777?   Where do your loyalties lay?  Are you here for the greater good of Humanity or do you work towards another agenda? If so, Why do you do it?
  • I will gladly give my life to save even one good man or child or woman.!!!!!!
    • You are indeed a very noble woman to do that.  I feel the same way.  This awakening is happening all over the place and it won't be long before the situation that you find in Egypt, with spread to every area of the Globe!  The one country this rebellion needs to happen more than anywhere else in the world is Israel!  The Jews have to stop the Zionists from leading them down the path to their own demise! 




  • I want to be with the Egyptian peoples fighting at their side!!!!!! We must have many cowards in America for i have seen no one here rise up as a nation of people and take back our White House, i wish we would! All the people on dissability and the elderly should stand up first and only when we all have fallen should the next younger group step in our places. For we are the weak and we drain our systems. I want to go and fight but with better stradegy then the Egyptians used.

    It's our young men that we need to live on to help put our countries back together so let us elderly take the first bullets i say!

    I hate what's happening, first with 9-ll and on and on. I asked the people here if they would arm me and train me in combat, everyone laughed but i can not bear to watch our younger generation take anymore abuse at the hands of our own government!!! Let the old and the sick give our lives and do our part!! If anyone would show me where to go i would walk if i have too. Tell me how i begin??


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