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  • What is an EON? He taks about that here as if it is a way to messure time, but I dont know... Does anyone know?

    I thought there was no time in the universe....
  • Very good !.. Ptaah is so wise.. It`s good to get upbacking when listening to this. Have some of you heard of the Archangels called iliuka?.. iliuka said that i have lived in a body in the Pleiades system and in Arcturus..
    ikiuka is so wise too !.. Like other Archangels, he knows almost everything about the past, the now and the futures..
  • Very interesting. One note- I think being quiet and meditating brings oneself to enter that which is holy and that is your self with the knowing you are an enlightened individual and truly a divine being.
    thanks again. from warren in yakima washington
  • All I get from all messages and messagers is the feeling that we (humans) should trust and love ourselves .Our power is greater than we think and being programmed to perceive , and we should follow our precious feelings for they are our - inherited by God-invaluable gift.
    No matter what we 've been told or taught , we should look within us.Trust and love yourself and spread this love and trust around globe.
    • You have got the message, Katerina! :-)
      • Jane
        This is what I am craving to accomplish, let's say, tisis my innermost desire and goal in life , and I 've been working hard for many years on this task/goal.
        This is why I am writing ,reading ,posting, creating webpages and groups (facebook).
        I would like to mention that imagination ,what Ben Arion states in his recent post ( http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/the-power-of-imaginat... ), is the fuel, but it's not enough.
        Mostly we need hard work, very hard work.And sucrifice of many pleasant things in order to do something useful for the world, though only a few people comprehend this sacrifice.
    • Nice but not that eazy to do. We might all be humans and al be one but we are al different and think in diff modes. I speak 5 languages and still i have problems letting people understand what i learned and know about al kind of things. The main problem i think is that people do not listen, or better said they only listen to what they want and skipp most of the stuff you say, then because of this they miss- interprete everything you say and put their own view into it. This makes things harder and takes more time to accomplish things al over the globe. I read somewhere that we just need to focus ask and believe it will come, but most people do not believe and start dismanteling al their thoughts to the infinite thinking they need to be in control so they never seem to get anywhere. Same here on this site, people look for understanding and a feeling of love and beeing part of something bigger but still take eachother out on minimal things like grammar and other things that have nothing to do with the big picture(Only a few here do this), and this is just a example of what we are doing on day by day interaction. My point is that we have gone so far in being special and unique that now we have problems getting together and understanding eachother. And yes we all should go deep within and know ourselves in and out so we can function better and help others to understand themselves,for most people look outwards and have no cleu they are looking into a mirror world that never ends. I have been on the inner staveling mode ever sinds i turned 7, it is complex and even dangerous but man is it a ride and it makes life worth living, and yes once we know ourselves from within we can become masters of ouwer own reality, otherwise we will just keep performing on default mode and run in circles.
  • If you enjoy this you may wish to read-The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin also The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow.
  • beutiful spech
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