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I found this channeled message from Ashtar online, and thought it was important to share it, my apologies if this has already been posted! :)

Namaste! नमस्ते,


Ashtar here - greetings from Command Central, comrade.

There is confusion among the Lightworkers of Earth now, my friend. Many are wondering if change is really taking place. Do you really and ruly approach the time of Transition and Ascension into the 5th dimensional of reality? Is the chaos of humanity leading to a self-imposed destruction of Earth instead of a healing of the planet? Is the Plan still functioning and on schedule ?

The Plan is secure and on course, directing humanity forward to aggressively participate in 'life'. By this I mean that there is not time now for being asleep - it is long past the time of conscious awakening to the reality of which you live in - the 3-D consciousness that longs for its evolutionary jump into higher possibilities of Being. It is somewhat like a primal urging within your cellular system that has just been activated and now projects a voice that would direct your consciousness into a 'knowingness' that there is much more to life than all of your lifelong teachings have proven to be.

This internal cellular change is due to the fact of DNA structural redesign, programmed by the Plan to commence at this time period and bring about a transfer of information to the forefront of your cellular memory that has laid dormant for eons of time. It is to be considered a blessing that you have been given the key to freedom of memory - memory of who you truly are within the realm of consciousness. This period of time is being utilized now by the commissioned emissaries of the Creator Source to activate and heal the damaged internal cellular bridgework within you is just in the beginning stages. Completion of the process will be determined by the degree of willingness, or willfulness, each individual allows, for whether or not you are aware of the inner changes, your higher consciousness knows exactly what is happening to the physical body and encourages the 'will' to allow a speedy and complete orientation to the finalization of the repairs.

The Plan calls for competition of the design in line with the eve of actual dimensional transfer into the higher vibrations of the 5th level frequency. There has been some disagreement among those of Earth who communicate with us and pass along our messages as to whether or not this will be a conscious, mass occurrence, or that of individual time sequences. I will say that even though not all advance along the same rate of growth in their awakenings, it will be that all who choose to transit into higher realms will indeed be called to do so at the same moment in time, and therefore the point of Transition has been arranged to permit complete cellular reconstruction to be finalized according to this timetable.

The internal changes have brought about the random and complicated emotions being played out in the physical and identified by the individual as problematic emotions, desires, periods of depression and elation, physical ailments of every kind, mental doubts and insecurities, and just about every kind of random problem that you could think of. This is due to the individuals' subconscious fighting with the cellular change occurring - the desire for remaining in the former comfort of what was limited yet familiar.

Re-opening the direct passage to complete memory within the human is a very complicated procedure, and you are moving through this process very quickly. This would be similar to the speed of walking compared to the speed of running, or the speed of a car compared with the speed of a jet. You are being processed at the speed of a jet, but your body moves at a crawl. To assist the process and not suffer the uncomfort of negative side affects, you must simply be aware of the process and give attention to it, through meditation and conscious, deliberate permission - to yourself - that you do indeed allow the quickening of your cellular memory to be healed. Is that not what you have been preparing for, my friends?

Actual Transition time is growing near. The span of linear time for admittance into the 5th dimensional frequencies shortens with each moment. Linear time will be only a remembrance of a reality in which you participated under the veil of deep forgetfulness. You travel to a much more joyous existence now, one not tattered with limitation or fear, but one of pure love and joy!

Commend yourselves now for holding onto Truth and seeing through your hearts desire to consciously transit to a new place and time and to a new realm of Masterhood.

Those who continue to ignore the inner guidance, but would prefer to wallow in the shadow of fear and misery, sometimes masked as power and control, will be given the home they so desire. But as we have told you many many times, this Earth is Ascending, and it is with Her that you shall travel onward. Be assured of this my friends.

There are many that see the changes - the physical changes, as in weather changes, earth changes, society erupting into confusion and corruption, murder and mayhem - that would think that the Plan must take them into the very seat of destruction before Transition arrives. How many people will actually be spared to have the opportunity of Transition if the physical earthplane is crumbled under the changes? Do not loose faith, for we have said that it is your choice to participate in the Transition, and so it will be. There is a Plan that foregoes human imagination and comprehension, and the need for verification is unwarranted. You will be assisted by those of numerous planetary systems. All is in place; all territory has been covered.

In this time of uncertainty, I recommend a vigilant regime of daily meditation, a simple, healthy diet and plenty of fresh air and exercise. I sound like a parent no doubt, but your physicality calls for just that - this is how you are designed. These things will help you assimilate the cellular changes going on and the massive amounts of high frequency energy input directed into your atmosphere at all times by the Hierarchy. Remember that you are moving constantly towards a new placement in the heavens, which adds to the physical complications.

Also know that no nuclear weapons will be allowed to be dispensed upon the Earth, the Confederation will see to that. Other dangers facing humanity are very real, but I remind you that you can be in safety always - ask for assistance from the Higher Realms and visualize only positive realities for yourselves. I cannot say that often enough.

In these last hours of preparation for Transition - truly just moments in the timeline of the Great Plan -

Devoutly reaffirm your commitment to spiritual growth and your renewed awakened state of being.

Focus only on the positive aspects of this journey, not those of negative proportions, such as the physical changes developing around you.

The Earth has the right to cleanse herself of the impurities as she makes her way to a higher realm of Being, just as your cellular structure is changing, so too is that of the Earth.

All things now are in preparation of the journey. View these changes with respect and love... transmute all negativity around you into the vibration of Love... strive to attain full consciousness and ask that your eyes be open to see Truth and your ears to hear Truth at all times. Then envision for yourselves the peace and joy that is your birthright and acknowledge that you are co-creator with All That Is !

Our reunion with the Lightworkers of Earth is soon to be realized. Welcome that time and, as the Community of Light assembles, prepare to fulfill your destined role in the Plan of the Creator Source of Love and Light.

My friends - I bid you Peace and Love as do all Lightworkers of the Brotherhood of Light.

Ashtar out for now - Salu... Adonai.

By S
andi Sheppard

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Thanks for this post, Delilah.

"This internal cellular change is due to the fact of DNA structural redesign, programmed by the Plan to commence at this time period and bring about a transfer of information to the forefront of your cellular memory that has laid dormant for eons of time."

- Starting the first week of August, I can feel my fingers and my right leg get warm from time to time even though their temperature is normal when touched. They feel warm from the inside but very normal from the outside and I am just amazed at what is happening to me. I am actually wondering whether this warm/hot feeling will spread to my whole body or stay as is.

My fingers feel warm when I touch a mouse (the computer mouse and not the live one) or a TV remote. I am really amazed at it. It's like my fingers got electrified by touching those electronic gadgets. I don't feel any bad feeling about it so I welcome that experience.

Anyone else have this kind of experience?
Yah Exo,

Ive been feeling very cool energy flowing through me lately, I mean I guess I have always been feeling strange things - but things have definitely moved to another level recently. I feel things are really ramping up to put us in a position for the next phases of our transition.

Sometimes.. I will be sitting at my computer and I just feel this intense energy start moving through me, the more still I am the more intensely I can feel it... It's like something is communicating with me, or... something :)

I guess it's all about feeeelings... Because I am feeling alot lately :) lol...

At any rate - it's amazing the changes that are happening!
LOL at touching a mouse (not live).

That warm soothing feeling, it's like ethereal. I always hope the feeling would last much much longer, like you could stay on bed rest in peace. (not dead, LOLS)
LoL Yowan, yah that is pretty fuuny :) ahaha

Honestly, I think it's because I'm at a computer so much, but I do feel intense energies pretty much all the time, not just when I'm touching a mouse!

:-D LoL :)
Rest in peace but not dead. lol
Good message, thanks. It isn´t brand new, but its value remains. The most remote date I could find associated with this message is 08-16-2007.

There are two more Ashtar´s messages in the link, besides the above.
True Mastiel, I was wondering the same thing as well... Time frames are probably somewhat different in the grander schemes of things....(universal time line)....

I really do feel like amazing things are happening though, so I feel like it's happening right now - not sure how long this will be until... something else happens :) Or the next step will be taken... by us all....
Thanks Ave, yah I had figured that wasn't totally new, but I was feeling very intense as I read it, so I thought it would be a good idea to post it :) I'll check out your link as well thanks so much :-D
Much thanks for posting this!
Every day that I live, I love...
But it truly is hard when you see such corruption around, even from the simple fact that you are surrounded by concrete and you have to travel to be in nature. At least for me!
I wonder, when we are moved to the next level, how cities will change?
I think that future cities on 5D New Earth will be more or less like those of Telos, the 5D civilization inside present Earth, at 5D level.

The City of Telos

Telos is a fairly large city, there are approximately one and one half millions of us living here. Also we are not divided in several villages and we all share the local government, many of us live in various areas. What we call the city of Telos is divided in 5 levels of several square miles beneath Mt. Shasta.

The first level: The large percentage of our people live beneath the dome on the first level. This is also where the administrative and public buildings and several temples are situated. In the center of this level stands our main temple, called the temple of MaRa, a pyramid shape sort of structure. It will seat 10,000 people at a time. This temple is dedicated to the priesthood of Melchizedek. The pyramid is white, with the capstone, called the “living stone” donated to us from Venus.

The second level: This is where all the production and manufacturing for the need of the people and the city takes place. It is also an area for several schools for the children and adult classes. Many more of our people live on that level as well.

The third level is consecrated totally for our hydroponic gardens where all of our food supply is grown on about 7 acres of land, producing a diet that is very interesting and fun, offering much variety. Our methods of gardening are so effective that seven acres of land is all that is needed to grow abundantly a very large variety of food to feed one and one half million people, creating strong, healthy bodies that do not age.

The hydroponic gardens are able to produce crops on a constant basis. We can grow food much faster, using advance hydroponic technology with very little soil and much water without the use of chemicals like you do on the surface. Our food is totally organic with the highest vibration. Our form of gardening does not need fertilizers and does not deplete the soil. We do place organic minerals into the water for the plants. Our crops are also enhanced and quickened by the great light, energy and love vibration of Telos. This is the magic of our 5th dimensional consciousness that you will soon discover, most likely in this decade or early on in the next.

The fourth level contains some hydroponic gardening, some manufacturing and a large area for nature, park like setting with small lakes and fountains.

The fifth level is totally consecrated to nature. There are tall trees, lakes, park types atmosphere and this is the place where we keep all our animals. In this nature level, many plants and animals have been preserved that you no longer see on the surface. Our animals are all vegetarians and do not eat each other. They live side by side in total harmony, without fear and without any aggression towards people and towards each other. Telos is really the place where the lion and the lamb lay side-by-side and sleep together in total confidence.
It is not 5th dimension, it is 4th dimension 5th density transition first. This is the first step of fractal evolution that will change the density on Earth and it will shift to another dimension on the same Earth. In the 4th dimension the density is more thicker or higher resonance an our atoms will have a hard time "sticking" together.5th dimension is "formless" . Those who cannot keep up with this change will stay in 3rd dimension reality or simply just not see any change. All this info was taking from Melchizedek.
Hmmmm... There is always some confusion when dealing with this subject. I prefer Ashtar Command nomenclature, as refered in his books and messages.

Present Earth - 3D
Astral Plane of present Earth - 4D (where someone goes when dies )
New Earth - 5D

"D" in this case means Dimension :-)




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