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UFO video No.1: 




Channeling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” 

channeled by Maria Bertram, December 27th 2010




This document was written by Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, who run the global Mother Earth Network outside of Stockholm, Sweden. More information about the network follows the channeling.


This channeling is part of our project Top 10 Authentic UFO Videos and Channeled Messages From the Ships. In the research for the project, Manne Lindberg has gone through large numbers of UFO videos on Youtube, and then the medium Maria Bertram tuned into a selection of videos to determine if they were authentic or not. After that, Maria made an astral travel to the ships of the 10 best videos, and channeled information from the extraterrestrials in the ships.


Verifying if a video is fake or real

When Maria tunes into a video with a computer animated spaceship, it's like her astral body bounces against an "electronic wall," since there is no physical spaceship to tune into, and her body begins shaking for a few seconds. When she instead tunes into an authentic video of a spaceship, she immediately feels the energies of the ship and the beings, and what kind of civilization it is – for example, if they are in a higher or a lower state of consciousness. Then she can make an astral journey in ethereal form to visit the extraterrestrials in the ship. In most of the ships she visited, they welcomed her and wanted to leave a message for humanity, while in some cases they tried to block her out because of fear – and in those cases Maria was still able to get information about who they are and what they were doing on Earth. We have chosen not to censor out spaceships with civilizations in a lower state of consciousness from the ten selected videos we present, to show the diversity of civilizations visiting Earth.


Why humans don’t take in the evidence


To our great surprise we discovered that the vast majority of the most amazing UFO videos we found were authentic, and that Youtube is flooded with authentic UFO videos that private persons have put up. Despite this, the general public perception on Earth is that there is no evidence that other civilizations are visiting us, or that the evidence, at best, is made ​​up of videos of fuzzy light dots in the night sky. In fact, there are loads of authentic videos that show clear images of spaceships in daylight, which this project will demonstrate.


We would say that there are two main reasons why people don’t take in the evidence and why the videos don’t have larger exposure. The first and most important reason is that humanity in general hasn’t reached a high enough state of consciousness to take in the truth about other civilizations’ existence and their visits on Earth. In one of Maria's earlier channeled messages, from Dibarak (channeling No. 3, part 2), the leader of the ascended civilization "The Invincible Ones" from another part of the Cosmos, he brings this up:


“The human consciousness only takes in what you’re ready to take in and that you’re mature enough to handle. What you can’t handle you explain rationally and put aside in a separate box. You create like a parallel reality where you put all phenomena that threaten your present conception of the world, put the lid on and pretend that they don’t exist. You decide that they don’t exist so that you don’t have to feel the fear that your perception of reality is going to burst in some way. What humanity needs is not really more evidence that foreign civilizations exist, but rather an increased level of consciousness so that they get ready to take in and realize the fact that there are foreign civilizations in the Cosmos. You already have enough evidence on Earth of foreign civilizations’ existence, but humanity as a collective has up until now not been ready to take it in. And they won’t be, no matter how much proof they get, until they’re ready for it. It is important to understand this. It doesn’t matter if a foreign civilization would land in front of the White House or in Red Square in broad daylight, it still wouldn’t change much as long as humanity isn’t ready to take in what is happening. You only see what you want to see.”


Our ten selected UFO videos are excellent examples of this – that is to say: If humanity had reached a high enough state of consciousness and had developed their intuition, any of our selected videos would have worked as proof of other civilizations visiting Earth. In other words, it’s not we who are waiting for the truth; it’s the truth that’s waiting for us.

The second main reason for humans not taking in the evidence is that there are massive cover-ups and discrediting campaigns being carried out, aimed at discrediting authentic evidence. In the first channeling of this project, Himaalih, from a civilization from “The Myradees,” brings this up:


“If you only knew how much time and energy has been spent on making you believe that all of these videos and photographs of our spaceship, we who are visiting you, are fake. This is because there are those on your Earth who don’t want you to wake up, who don’t want you to see reality as it is and realize the truth. They’re doing everything they can to delay your awakening as long as possible, to block you from your divine awakening. We would like to encourage you to first and foremost use your intuition and your heart when you discern what feels true and false, and not to believe everything you see and hear. Let your intuition decide what feels true and right and what feels untrue. There are people who intend to spread as much fear, uncertainty and instability as they can, to get people to stay in their sleep-walker state as long as possible, because it’s in these people's interest that you stay there.” 


In our work with the project, we have also seen examples of this for ourselves, for example how news broadcasts have reported on authentic UFO videos as “proven fakes” or about their supposed “natural causes.” Additionally, this type of news is often treated with lightness, humor and ridicule.


The 10 selected videos


Our selected videos are ten of the very best authentic UFO videos available on the internet today. They are videos that, in contrast to the fuzzy light dots we’re used to seeing, show close-ups of spaceships in daylight. Some of them have caused much attention on Youtube, and in some cases they have even been shown on news broadcasts on TV, but most of them we had to look for on Youtube for a long time to find, and they had hardly gotten any attention at all in relation to how good they are, since most people dismiss them as “obvious fakes” or “too good to be true.”  A common perception is that “if this had been real, everyone would already know about it and it would have been on the news all over the world,” but unfortunately that is not the case.


Our compilation of videos with the accompanying channelings are in no respect a representative sample of all the different civilizations visiting Earth, but should instead be seen for what they are – ten examples of civilizations whose ships have been captured on film. The videos, together with the channeled information, show a great diversity, both when it comes to the appearance of the ships, the type of beings, the energies they consist of and their different levels of consciousness.


The ten videos are being published separately. We will put up the remaining of the ten videos with the accompanying channelings one by one on our website as we finish them, and we will send out a newsletter as soon as we publish a new one.


Please help us spread the channeling through e-mail, forums, websites, blogs and Facebook! You will find links to different versions of this channeling at the end of the document. Thank you.




UFO-video nr 1:



(+ 1 additional video of the same spaceship)




In this video we see two large spaceships flying from behind a palm tree. One of them flies right over the person filming, who follows the ships with the camera before they disappear in the sky. Seen from below, the ship reminds one of the shape of a flower. We also see a number of light orbs following the spaceships. This spectacular video is one of the most viewed and most discussed UFO videos that we have today, and it has been watched more than 17 million times.


In the second video presented here, we can, apart from two other UFOs, also see this flower-shaped UFO again, filmed from a distance.


Precisely because the video is so amazing and have spread far and wide, it has also been subjected to large discrediting campaigns, both by private persons and by mass media. Both the magazine LA Times and the news channel CNN have reported on a claimed interview with an anonymous person who is said to have animated the ships in the video.


Watch the videos in full screen for best experience!


Video 1: The spaceship filmed in Haiti, August 6th 2007

Video 2: The spaceship filmed in Dominican Republic, August 6th 2007


Video 3 – Discrediting campaign: CNN report about a claimed interview with the person that uploaded the first video




Channeling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” channeled by Maria Bertram, December 27th 2010



We have come to awaken those of you who are ready / Earth’s cosmic isolation / Presentation / Preparing for the transition to the New Spiritual Age / Reality’s “Star Wars” / You already have everything you need


The headings are added subsequently.




This is Maria’s story of her experience when she made an astral journey to the spaceship with her energy body. The questions are asked by both Maria and Manne.




[The first time I tuned in to their spaceship to see if it was real, I felt very welcoming energies from the ship. Now I have returned to their spaceship to visit them. I can feel that I am in a dark narrow space. A voice starts speaking to me in the darkness:]


We have come to help you the best way we can, and to remind you of our presence. We have also come to try to prevent you from falling asleep completely. It feels like humanity is about to fall asleep and miss the train, and miss the tremendous opportunity that a transition to a New Age brings – and the Great Purification that is taking place before the transition [For more detailed information about the transition to the New Spiritual Age and the Great Purification, see our previous channelings]. We see you as a sleeping people, as a nation of sleep-walkers who wander around aimlessly, without goals. Sleep-walkers with a very destructive lifestyle, but with very large capacities that lie latent within you. You’re sleeping your beauty sleep, happily unaware of your greatness and the enormous opportunities you carry within you, happily unaware of all that you miss. As you use to say: “What you don’t know can’t hurt you,” in other words you won’t miss that which you are unaware of. Most of humanity has no idea what is missing, because that which is missing doesn’t fit into their perception of reality, and it depends on the consciousness level they are on. They are in a sort of sleep-walker condition in which they have not yet awakened their consciousness.


One could say that it’s a birth of humanity's divine consciousness that is happening. It's just that there are very few people on Earth who are ready to begin this birth process, many fewer than what was actually planned from the beginning. But there are people on Earth who are ready, and it is those of you who dare to believe, those of you who dare to open your eyes to the truth, those of you who dare to see through the illusions and see the truth for what it is. Those of you with open hearts, those of you who have opened up your intuition and your ability to see through the illusions of the three-dimensional world. It is you that we turn to and want to talk to, those of you who are ready to listen and to open your eyes and see the reality outside your illusionary world, outside your duck pond that the Earth in many respects is today; an isolated, constructed, fraudulent reality which has nothing to do with the rest of us in the Cosmos.



You have until now been almost completely isolated from us in the galactic community, and the rest of the Cosmos, all the different civilizations and all the life out there. It has been both a blessing and a curse for you, so to speak. On the one hand you have been protected against much of what is going on, and which could otherwise have harmed you. But on the other hand it has also prevented you from developing and creating a higher level of consciousness, which becomes easier when meetings with other civilizations begin to take place. Just as you have been protected against other civilizations that have not had good intentions, you have also been isolated from all of those who come with good intentions – to help you and guide you through this difficult transitional period and the challenges that await you, and that you’re already going through. It has been a great sorrow for many of us that we haven’t been able to get in contact with you, that we haven’t been able to help you more than we’ve been able to. You should know that there are hundreds, thousands, millions of civilizations out there waiting to make contact with you and to develop relationships, friendships and exchanges of different types with you. Earth's ascension into the 5th dimension is a much awaited event that affects us all, that affects the rest of our entire Cosmos [For more detailed information about the ascension into the 5th dimension, see our previous channelings].


The reason we are present on Earth is to be a part of awakening as many as we can, as many as possible of those of you who are ready for it – those of you who are ready for the truth and see past all illusions, all manipulation, all tricks. We know that you are constantly bombarded with lies daily, and that many of the people on Earth live in very strong denial. And we know it is because the greater part of human consciousness is simply not ready to take in the truth. The truth is perceived as so painful and so threatening for people that they will simply do everything they can – just about anything – to shut it out. There are no limits to how far people are willing to go to continue living in denial. But none of these strategies will really matter in the long run because your isolation is about to be broken, and will be broken in the transition to the New Age. You will no longer be isolated from your surroundings. Humanity will have toopen their eyes and realize that they’re not alone in the Cosmos, they won’t have any other choice.



We are very happy that you have come here to talk to us. It is a conversation that we have longed for, for a very long time, and it delights us very much. It is the first time that a human being from Earth has come to visit us in our spaceship in ethereal form in this way. We think you are very brave and strong to dare to do this. We know that most people don’t have the capacity to do so, and don’t have a big enough heart to have trust enough to make the contact you have made. We know it takes a lot for you to have trust in us the way you have, and we thank you for that. We thank you for the great gift you give to us.


[It feels as if I have been transported during the conversation. Suddenly it becomes bright. A cylinder-shaped capsule that I apparently have been standing under is raised and disappears above me. Now I find myself in a huge hall with very high ceilings. I came up through some sort of passageway and I’m now standing on a platform in the middle of the hall. This is where you go when you come to visit the spaceship in ethereal form. They do not allow anyone to come in from somewhere else, and in that way they also know exactly which visitors they get in their ship. 


Before me stands the man who has spoken to me. He looks just like a human, but I understand that he belongs to another civilization, because I feel he has a much higher energy level than humans. He is broad-shouldered, handsome and good-looking, and dressed in a white uniform – white shoes, white pants and a white shirt with a collar. He reminds me of the image of an airline captain. He has short dark brown hair and very intense eyes with long dark eyelashes. His eyes are bright blue and look almost luminous. You would think he has colored lenses, but I see that the energy in his eyes is due to his high energy level. He continues to speak to me with his dark, deep voice:] 


There is so much prejudice about spaceships amongst people on Earth, how they should look and who is hiding inside them, and very few of these prejudices are true. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name Himaalih, and I am the leader of our group.


-Where am I now? The spaceship in the video looks pretty small in comparison with this great hall. It doesn’t feel like I'm in the spaceship we saw in the video.


That is correct, and that's because you are now in our mother ship – where I am Top Commander. The small ship in the video that you first got into and traveled in has docked and is now in the mother ship, and that is where you are now. That's because we want to show you something.


-I don’t really understand why you flew me in a physical ship when I am in ethereal form anyway, or have I misunderstood something?


All of this happens for real. All of this happens in reality. Nothing of this is fantasy. This happens here and now, in infinity – and that's where you are with me. In infinity there are no limits. When you showed up in our spaceship the first time, I decided to talk with you, because it was a very important visit and we were very pleased that you contacted us. We also decided to do it this way the next time you came, because I had an important message to convey through you to your civilization from ours.




Your civilization is in what you could call the "eleventh hour,” that is, you don’t have much physical, earthly time left to prepare for the transition into the New Spiritual Age. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly important that you still prepare yourselves, and instead of focusing on the lack of time, focus instead on the opportunities that fit into infinity. Go beyond time and space to undergo the transformation that is needed. The preparations for what is to come will becrucial for how you make it through the transition. In the New Age, a paradise is waiting for you, a wonderful paradise of love, joy and abundance. But the path to get there will be demanding and full of challenges and pain. What we would urge you to do is to prepare yourselves as much as you possibly can. You have completely unique possibilities to do that, through the enormous, unfathomable energy flow that is gradually being activated over the Earth.


We are surprised to see how humans continue their lives as if nothing has happened. They continue to stress, to hurry, to make war, to hate, to shop – as if nothing has happened. The closer to the transition you get, and the more of the transition's consequences that show themselves, that is, the more challenges that rise to the surface to deal with, the more natural disasters that happen – the stronger people cling to the physical, elusive reality that you’re about to leave. The transition to the New Age implies a huge influx of ever increasingly powerful divine energies and healing to the Earth. This is part of the Divine Flow, and neither humanity nor anyone else can stop it – that is an impossibility. Every human being has free will to either stick with the old materialistic, rational, unbalanced way of looking at life that is based on lack and separation – or you can choose to open up to the higher divine perspective on reality that is based on divine unity and love. Unfortunately, there are very few people on Earth who have taken the latter decision, who are ready to expand their consciousness to a high enough level to even be able to make that decision in the first place. This, you’re already well aware of. 


It is with some consternation that we have seen how incredibly slowly this development has been going over the years. But what we are saying is that there are many among you who are ready to take this decisive step, and once you do that, it will go fast. Take the decisive step and jump. Let go of the illusions, the matter, the old way of thinking, the lack. Let go of all the narrow-minded ideas in three-dimensional reality, the limiting ways of thinking, the fear, the separation, the conflict- and lack thinking, and enter the love-flow. You have time. Even if time is short, it is an illusion, don’t forget that. Even if it feels like you're at the last minute, that’s an illusion. When you take the decisive step you also enter infinity, and in infinity there is no lack of time. You still have the opportunity to take this decisive leap. Let go and let yourselves be carried along with the flow.


There is nothing outside of you that’s stopping you. That is an illusion. All the ideas you have about external obstacles and hindrances are illusions that you have created for yourselves. You have created a world of obstacles for yourselves. A world in which everything consists of problems, where you are prevented from doing what you want due to external circumstances. All the external circumstances, all illusions of external obstacles – are coming from yourselves. When you have healed and dissolved the inner obstacles that you are carrying, the external obstacles will disappear. There actually are no obstacles. The road is clear for you. You have exactly everything you need on Earth to reach the higher state of consciousness to be ready for the transition. You are ready to take the step now, so take it. I understand that it can seem like you’re jumping out into empty space, we fully understand that. That it feels like standing on a high cliff without a parachute, without a safety net, and jumping right out – and you can’t even see the bottom, you’re standing that high up. We understand that it can feel like that, but we promise you – your wings will carry you. And we are all here to help you.




You’re wondering what all these spaceships are doing on Earth, why they have come to you. I’ll tell you why. We have come to remind you of your inner divinity. That's what we have come to say, each and every one of us – regardless of the outer intentions the beings in the ships may have, it's the task of all of us on some level, to remind you of your own divinity. And we are many. I can tell you that it's getting crowded up in the sky. Do know that we only make ourselves visible when we want to. We can move completely invisibly around the Earth, so most of us you never see.


-Could you tell us more about your people and where you come from?


We come from a planetary system called “The Myradees.” It is located in the northeastern part of the Milky Way, seen from Earth, and it is a part of the Milky Way that you are not familiar with. We are a peaceful, enlightened civilization with a human appearance. We look just like you. I could easily walk around on the streets on Earth, without anyone reacting to it. The only difference is that we have reached a higher state of consciousness. Our planetary system is based on oneness thinking and we live with open heart chakras, that is, we live in love, peace and truth. Our civilization is built on the principle of abundance and the principle of love. We live in abundance where there is enough of everything for everyone. There are absolutely no tendencies toward war or violence among us. We grew out of that a long time ago. We devote much of our energy traveling around the Cosmos, mostly in the Milky Way, to help other civilizations that haven’t come as far in their spiritual development, in order to help them raise their consciousness. You can also see us as a kind of ambassadors for the Galactic Federation, and we take an active part in the cooperation that takes place on the galactic level among the various civilizations in the Federation.


-Where is the mother ship now, are we near Earth?


Yes, that's right, we are in the solar system. We are near Venus, we are orbiting Venus at the moment.


[Next to him stands a robot, some kind of servant. It has a square humanlike shape and is made of a metal-like material. It has yellow glowing eyes. It makes me think of the Star Wars movies, which we have recently watched. The robot makes a strange sound when breathing, or whatever it is that it’s doing; it has some strange sound going on anyway (says Maria and laughs). Himaalih continues to talk:] 

We’re using robots in our work with our spacecraft and mother ships. They play an important role, particularly in the work of repairing and maintaining the spaceship. They are the ones who do all the work around the spaceship and go to the parts of the ship where there is no oxygen. Much of what you see on film is inspired by reality, even though what you see in your films is very much a humanized version of outer space and the cooperation between the different civilizations. What is happening in your movies such as Star Wars does not have much to do with reality in the sense that it’s not nearly as warlike and chaotic as it’s portrayed in the films. However, there are many details that are in accordance with reality, such as the appearance of races, spaceships, planets, civilizations and different technological solutions that are inspired by reality. On the other hand, the different civilizations are portrayed as very warlike and humanized in a way that is not true. Sure, there are other warlike civilizations with a lower state of consciousness; it is not only Earth that’s there. But the cooperation of the Galactic Federation consists of cooperation between the highly developed civilizations that got rid of their warlike tendencies long ago. One could say that it’s something belonging to childhood, something that civilizations grow out of at an early stage. 


The cooperation that takes place on the galactic level is very peaceful and there are very few laser weapons and very little shooting going on, in contrast to the picture given on Earth through films such as Star Wars, TV shows, video games and so on. It has very little to do with our reality. Reality’s equivalent of a “Jedi Warrior” has no use of a lightsaber whatsoever, but a fantastic use of their ability to shine with light and love, and being one with their strength. That's the way you work when you travel around to different civilizations, and help to create peace, mediate in different conflicts and create new solutions, healing all the various imbalances and blockages that exist in different parts of our galaxy. Our work has very little to do with war and very much to do with love, understanding, balance and connection to the divine.



I would like to finish off by giving you some good advice. Gain strength from within yourselves. There you carry exactly everything that you need. Gain strength from inside your Mother Earth. Do not seek answers outside yourself and outside your Earth. Everything you need is here and now. It’s in the moment that the answer lies, in your presence in the now. Go deep into yourselves. Lower yourselves deep into your Earth's inner core. That is where you will find the strength and the answers. Through becoming one with Mother Earth, through becoming one with the sacred feminine divine, you will reconnect with your inner strength and be able to raise yourselves to a higher state of consciousness. That is the way. Forget everything you've heard, all the methods this and that. They are only misleading and make you lose focus. There are no secret techniques that you must use. You don’t need to go to any expensive courses or pronounce any particular words. It’s all very simple. The strength will be found in the presence in the now. It is within yourself, through your connection with Mother Earth's sacred interior. That is where you need to search and that is where you will find it. Do not be fooled by the illusion that the greatest truth must be complex and impossible to grasp. That is not the case. The greatest truths are the simplest. In these words that I have just pronounced, you will find everything that you need. You need not look elsewhere in the Cosmos, because everything you need is within yourself and in Mother Earth's inner core. Start from there


This is the answer to all your questions and all your dilemmas on Earth. Everything that you seek will be found there. The solution to all your conflicts, your lack of energy and water, your natural disasters – all the answers you seek will be found in what I just said, nowhere else. All your scientific studies, all of your miles and miles of written articles, books, television programs and movies, all laboratory tests, all conferences and all buildings – all those are just external cosmetics and scrap. They are illusions that you have created to prevent yourself from seeing the truth. The truth is there, it has always been there, and it is waiting for you. Drop everything you have in your hands and go into yourself. Go to the Source. Stop distracting yourself with all the unnecessary bickering that doesn’t have anything to do with you, that doesn’t lead anywhere. All the answers that you need, you carry within you. When you are in your inner source, when you open the door to it, you’ll get access to exactly everything you need. 

This is work you must perform. It requires focus and presence in the now. You must begin to peel. Peel off all the unnecessary nonsense in your life, all illusions – everything that distracts you and makes you lose focus and waste away your life on unimportant things that don’t have any relevance whatsoever. You live in the Upside- down World, where everything that is important is forgotten in favor of that which has no relevance at all – trivia and geegaws. Human life on Earth is crammed with trivia and geegaws. I would like to inspire you to dare to step out into thin air. To float out into empty space where the only thing you’ll find is yourself, and the presence in the Absolute Now. There you can open the door to your own inner source and become the infinite divine beings that you are. 


If you only knew how much time and energy has been spent on making you believe that all of these videos and photographs of our spaceship, we who are visiting you, are fake. This is because there are those on your Earth who don’t want you to wake up, who don’t want you to see reality as it is and realize the truth. They’re doing everything they can to delay your awakening as long as possible, to block you from your divine awakening. We would like to encourage you to first and foremost use your intuition and your heart when you discern what feels true and false, and not to believe everything you see and hear. Let your intuition decide what feels true and right and what feels untrue. There are people who intend to spread as much fear, uncertainty and instability as they can, to get people to stay in their sleep-walker state as long as possible, because it’s in these people's interest that you stay there. But remember that they can’t stop you from developing. There’s nothing that can stop you, except yourselves. You have your free will, use it. Take the step. Even though it feels like you’re falling right out into thin air – remember that we are waiting here for you. You are not alone, you are never ever alone. We love you. 

[He brings his hands together and nods slightly with his head to show that he is finished. The light has been dimmed along the walls of the room during my visit and I get the feeling that it is to prevent me from focusing on the details and decor of the ship, but instead have my focus on the meeting with Himaalih. He brings me to a huge wall we are standing in front of. In an instant, the whole wall turns into a giant window, like when you turn on a TV. The window is about 5-6 meters high [approximately 15-20 feet] and 10 meters wide [approximately 30 feet]. Through the window I’m looking out into space. I feel completely mesmerized, it's so incredibly beautiful. I see myriads of stars, planets and solar systems – and I see that we’re moving through space. It all feels a lot closer than when you gaze up towards the sky from Earth, or looking at photos of the Milky Way. I get a very strong feeling that we really are not alone, and I find it very difficult in this moment to understand how we ever could have thought something so preposterous, that we are alone in Cosmos.] 

We end by thanking Himaalih for their message and what he has shown us. 





The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:
























~Thanks for helping us spread the channeling!

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Beloved ones we greet you,Your Earth is shifting, like the sands in a desert. Be willing to allow the changes within your own consciousness as a complete metamorphosis begins to take place within you. Know that the time has arrived for these vast…
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Drekx Omega replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"Ivy I recently chatted with Kalestra about necessary corrections made to a member's post, in which he presented fake Sirian words, in a "SaLuSa" channeling...The phrase he used was; "because yes, we are all one..!" I won't repeat his error here, but…"
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Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.We have just come out of Mercury retrograde, which has been an extremely…
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rev.joshua skirvin commented on Universal Lighthouse's blog post The Infinite Creator or The "Cause"?? - What is The Real Order of Heaven??
"This info on Jesus is incorrect, see urantia book."
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Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post One Rebel Star Should Fall From The EU Flag's Circular Constellation and Rise Anew With Greater and Brighter Light
"King Charles III could be an effective King if he abided by the British constitution, which requires him to be politically neutral, as his mother was....
He seems to be surrounded by globalist "friends," who are nudging him to make a speech in…"
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  Grounding Through The Heart Chakra By Natalie Glasson &The Venus Beings Greetings and love, we are the Venus Beings. We open our heart space to you now and give forth our love of the Creator, our self-love and our love of all that is the Creator.…
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