I have not come across any news of this here on the site so I will post the link for you to check out:

Meditation tonight (11.11. 2010) at 11:11pm EST (please google timezoneconverter and find out how it translates for you) for 11 minutes (go in
the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source). We want to have
as many people doing it at the exact same time so that we can magnify
the effects of this energy going out into the universe. However, if you
cannot participate at the exact time, any positive energy you can emmit
at your own designated time with help the cause.

Tonight starts the world wide meditation at 11:11pm, for 11 minutes. Once it isover spend time thinking about love and light, picture the world healing away from fear, greed and all other negative sentiments. This truly is a massive beginning to attaining ascension together, trust me. This movement will grow. Tell everyone in your life, spread the love. It is also not a coincidence that the Carnivalesque Rebellion (Nov. 22–28) starts when we end meditating onthe 11th day, 22nd. Nothing is a coincidence. Note that these two events have nothing to do with eachother as in organizers etc. I bet they don't even know of eachother. For more info on that go to www.kickitover.org

The wheels are certainly in motion boys and girls. Believe.

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  • This is still happening every night at 11:11 pm EST. Please join us in support of love and light. Lets wrap this world in our energy of love.
  • Almost 11:11 time to get ready to meditate for 11 minutes. http://www.newrealitytransmission.com/
  • Maybe this is what is causing all of my synchronicities today...
  • No problem. Things are picking up. The love is growing on earth. Honestly that is why people need to stop focusing on all this negative stuff, speculating about this and that. That time is over. Now it is time to take action and help bring peace. That is the ascension it is the peace within our minds, the love within our souls that will reflect into the world and shape the world into everything we have ever desired, which is heaven, it is peace.

    I hope the lack of people commenting on this thread doesn't mean people here won't be participating... it is one thing to keep wanting ascension and another to do something about bringing it.

    My love is and always will be with you esseya thank you for participating in this movement, you are love and we will shape the world consciousness into that love, trust in that, trust in yourself.
    • The force I felt yesterday on the first day was amazing!!!! There was soooooo much energy flowing through me during the meditation!
  • My goodness, I missed how far are we going in this process.
    Good for us.................
    The last hr is approaching fast...........................
    Thanx Huge A.
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