To be or not to be (of the truth/light)

To be or not to be (of the truth/light)Cmdr.Lyur here, still about the made-up Wingmakers and such. I received from the AC Nordic site also a message that it did not matter if the Wingmakers was true or not, people could still get enlightement from it.Well this is an old song from the New Age community in the past almost 20 years or so. The mottos are :"good and bad are parts of a same whole""everything has to merge together into the Light" "all metaphysical knowledge out there has the right to have the same value and the same coverage on the Internet"Should I go on with these kindergarten insanities ? The point is, this new agey approach is very dangerous, it could lead to a new universal religion (the one pushed by the illum---ti) ending with a big brother society on the whole Earth. I have seen this approach and "philosophy" destroy many groups (both physical and virtual) of star people from the command.Metaphysical is no different than the Press and the news. We do bring information, and we have to do a good job of say accurate "metaphysical Press".If the idea of "the good, the bad and the ugly are One", would be applied to the Press, it would means - for those who follow the American news scene - that :- the various networks of news have the same value and offer the same basic information good to watch and know : the various extreme right radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, the TV Network of Fox news, and the other many, CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc....- this "new age idea" applied here is very dangerous and could lead to a "theocracy dictatorship" such as the "Family" and the people of "C-Street" dream of, a theocracy of extreme Christian fanatics eliminating physically the Arab and other nations who are not like them, and persecuting all spiritual groups which are not full Christian believers (exactly what is happening in France and some European countries).- the show "à la Limbaugh" and the FOX news network, give information which is made-up most of the time, that is NOT TRUE. I will not lose our good time of crews from the Fleet, there are hundreds of examples. If the American people would start to believe these un-true information, they could then turn to vote for the extreme right (called facism by the way) and America become the totalittary theocracy mentioned above. Does this makes sense to you ???? To me MSNBC has more value, although of course not independent as well (Free Press is gone as said by a Directing Editor from the New York Times when he went into retirement 12 years ago) But nevertheless the journalists of this network try to do their best and check always their information for truth. Another example is that this network is still (to my knowledge since Dan Rather is more or so retired) the only one to have questioned sharply the official story during the first week of the (in)famous September day. With their coverage I was able in 5 days to gather about 20 details that put together would bring a very strong suspicion that it was an inside made-up.- So I am very sorry, but Rush Limbaugh and FOX news do not have the same "value" as MSNBC for example and very far from it. One side is giving lies after lies as "news", the other one, even somehow controlled tries to do better.If this is too intellectual or too 3D, let me take another example more easy : suppose that besides the teachings of the current Tibetan Lamas, there would be a self made-up guru kind playing to be a Tibetan Lama, (kind of Sai Baba who is a fraud) giving messages from Gautama and Kwan Yin, not from them but totally made-up.Do the Buddhist followers would have to say that BOTH teachings have values and should be on the same pedestal ? Hell no !Do the Christian followers should be told that the teachings of Jesus thru the Essenian order and publications (one in Geneva) have to be presented on the same level as the book called the Bible, totally made-up at the concile of Nicea in the 5th century, which contains many cuts, lies, inversions/deviations of teachings , Hell NO !If new agers and crew members still want to follow every pink cloud floating by, I can do nothing for them. But you know what, the area I live in was in tornado warning today, and sudainly in the middle of the day the sky turned pink/orange all over. Well pink/orange cloudy skies are the precursors of a deadly tornado destroying everything on the much for pink clouds...No more to say. I have spoken. Mitakye Oyasin.More later on the universal and spiritual laws of the universe and how they are put upside-down here on Earth (by new agers !!!)...Golden

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  • C-Street? I was looking for Sesame Street,Big Bird tells the news like it is,who needs fox and msnbc?................................................................................................................................
  • Great post Cmdr. Lyur, for making people stop and think about things. I agree with most everything you said. I have my own opinion about Wingmakers, which is irrelevant so I will spare everyone my comments about the veracity or not of Wingmakers. I just hopped in here to share a very good link about the whole Is Wingmakers Real topic, which I consider very good source material, believe it or not, its anyone's option. Here is the link:
    I found it most informative about a topic that not everyone may be well versed on, I am not, that is for sure.....just found this site very eye opening for me. Judge it yourself. Enjoy.
  • Hi, this is Auri, very new to the forum (she says as she is in full motion of jumping in with both feet...) this happens to be one of my "BIG" buttons to push when trying to figure out how to enlighten (oh dear that might be a pun) the light worker community. We tend to be very open and very closed all in one single breath - open to new and interesting research or ideas and very guarded of those beliefs we've gathered over the years holding dear.

    As to the "New Age Song" (I like that term :-) ) the test of the day (or perhaps this lifetime) it to learn to trust our voice within, our intuition without question. What better way to teach than to make us pay attention! I would guess that at a minimum, 50% (if not more) of the information and "enlightened teachers" out there are bogus. If one was to consider that information that is only partly true the numbers would be considerably higher. As a norm, the spin doctors operate on the scale of 90 to 97% of "truth" and I do use that word with some trepidation, the rest being flat out spin. Enough truth to make us believe, enough spin have us questioning said truth.

    As to those that do the reporting, I have no doubts that there are those that are sincere in their efforts to bring forward the truth in their reporting. Just as there are those that will work their hardest at twisting each word to fit into their very distorted and dark truths. Both or all, still have one common denominator, the spin doctors and their puppet masters.

    Back to the original thought, we here on the ground and those upstairs still have to hone and trust their inside voice to the point that it gives us without any doubts what it is Creator Spirit knows to be true. With time, the "one small voice" within becomes the lion's roar, there is no confusion or doubt. We see the truth of a channel (and to my way of thinking, there are very very few channels that are totally clear), the truth of a religious thought or belief, the truth of "ritualistically abused survivor's" story about what the Illuminati are capable of, the truth of a news reporters story.

    It is a scary world out there, some of those claiming to be the "most" enlightened are those that have such closed minds and such super egos that I don't understand how they could have such a large following of people that move right on into the crowd mentality and do not question these "teachers" - the "what in the world is this guy on????!", becomes "well, he/she is the enlightened one, so I must be wrong" - they have totally ignored the lesson! When said enlightened ones speak with disdain, or speak down to their "flock" it is a pretty good warning sign that something is wrong. When said enlightened ones are all airy fairy and "it isn't my place to tell you want to think" over and over and over again, something is wrong.

    I'd much rather hear a person speak their truth, and leave it at that - our part is to listen and then listen within.

    That said....
    • EXCELLENT response Promisedream. We hope to hear more from you. You stated exactly just what I was thinking, I so agree with everything you said and cannot add a thing...which is unusual for me, haha. Bravo. Great insights.
  • Before I comment on this by Cmdr. Lyur......I just wish it known to all that I hold him in the highest regard and in a heartbeat would recommend to all his Galactic readings of which many years ago i had done by him for myself....that being said I have spent years researching and merging with the Wingmakers and have concluded that they are real....and in perfect alignment with the Command ..of which if you believe the Wingmakers are fake and made up so too must you be open to the notion that Ashtar and his Command are but a figment of someone's active imagination also .......but do not take my Ed Wolfe's or Cmdr.Lyur's word for it....decide for yourself as in Diversity We discover
    Scout for Nirih Ashtar
    Jupiter Command
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