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1. - A research center at the New York Public Library posted a photo taken in Harlem in 1939 featuring a man who bears a striking resemblance to modern-day music producer and rapper Jay-Z.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture posted the photo (left) on its Tumblr account on Tuesday and added 'Does the man on the right remind you of someone? Perhaps it was his great-grandfather taking a break'...


The photographer's name was Sid Grossman, but the name of the subject was unknown.


It is not the first time, here are some other interesting pictures...


very intriguing, but also weird ... ;)

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... ;) or this one

;) ... me too

di caprio was definitely female in his past life

or this guy:

Known simply as VonHelton, this enigmatic figure suggests he might be part vampire, but asserts he is 100% time traveler. He has provided proof of his time travel prowess by lining up side-by-side photographs of himself starting in a studio in 1857 England, with stops in 1916 France, 1945 Berlin, and ending in the modern day in front of an American flag. Is he, in fact, a time traveler? Or is his "vampire gene" keeping him immortal?

or did he photo shop the pics?

sorry Pet Rock i don't know ... ;) but then again there are lots of people normal ones that sharing some 'time lapse' experiences like this one: i am sure there are more stories the rest is hush hush thing like always ... ;)

In 1901, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain the principal and vice-principal, respectively, of St. Hugh's College in Oxford, reported that they had accidentally slipped back in time. While visiting a small chateau on the grounds of Versailles, the women suddenly found themselves in the time of the French Revolution, where they reported seeing and interacting with people who they believed to be in the court of Marie Antoinette. The two women posthumously published an account of their tale, titling the book An Adventure.

Bold Street in Liverpool has gained quite the reputation recently. Many people have claimed that while on the street they have suddenly been transported back to the 1950s and '60s. According to a report called "On the Edge of Time" by Tim Swartz, a man walking along Bold Street slipped back in time to the 1950s. When he returned to their own time he recounted seeing the names of several historically accurate store signs.

Hakan Nordqvist was having a normal if irksome time fixing his leaky sink when he suddenly found himself crawling through a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was Hakan himself - but as an older man, somewhere around 70. So that his claims wouldn't be refuted, Hakvan filmed himself jovially embracing himself. The footage even shows the two men showing off their matching tattoos.

Pasko Kuzman is a Macedonian archaeologist whose findings are considered incredibly important in his field — oh, and he's also a self-proclaimed time traveler. He wears multiple watches on one arm, which he says help him travel through time: one takes him back to the Bronze and Neolithic Age, one takes him to the future, and the third is "The Archeologists' Watch," which alerts him to the presence of gold.

everything is possible Helen, lots of variables to go on ... most of the time the simple answers are more accurate, but more difficult to see as it never too obvious.

I believe time travel can happen but I think there is an energetic aspect-3d physical bodies to slip through time must have some kind of molecular oddity to vibrate with 4d

Albert Einstein had an interesting theory on time travel. The theory goes that if a man travels away from his twin at close to the speed of light, when he returns (also at close to the speed of light) he will find that he twin has aged more than he has. Because all processes — chemical, biological, mechanical, etc. — are constrained by the speed of light, the traveling twin's biological aging would slow as would the clocks aboard the vehicle in which he's traveling.

could be reincarnation although you usually have family members who have been dead awhile reincarnate before you, marry their seethearts who are of the same clan, usually, but they themselves look phyically different from their last incarnation thus you would look even more different than your last incarnation, etc. although you can look almost exactly as one of your parents or grandparents-maybe those faces are a design mold that you say I want to look like this or that before incarnation and certain models are available because you future parents also resemble the model-too nutty?


it's possible, and maybe it has nothing to do with reincarnation or time travel, but it's still an amazing thing to have some resemblance with other people - or maybe even being related to, don't know too many possibilities - still very strange based on the theory that there is no one alike, it certainly shows a different picture.




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