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Time’s Up For The Bad Guys

Good evening my scribe and thank you for hearing my call. I am indeed old friend Archangel Gabriel, come in the Light of The One who created us all, here to commune at this auspicious time as your planetary transformation continues to accelerate. I am, of course, one of the more well-known Higher-Realm Messengers watching over your planet; I am sometimes known as the Angel of Revelation, Announcer of Big Changes, Deliverer of Insights and Guidance—and, I must confess, saddled with maybe a deserved reputation for occasional theatrics, as my historical or biblical association with the trumpet and horn signifies.

You have arrived at a time of the year when much of your planet pauses to partake in various festive holiday celebrations of good will, marred only by the racket of commercial pressures purposely injected by the Dark to sully your otherwise worthy pursuits. Perhaps it is fitting that I, Gabriel—who played such a well-known and, at this time of year, often narrated role in the announcement [Luke 1:26] of events leading up to the birth of Master Jesus—should now be commenting on pertinent events as your planet takes its next big step toward finally achieving the goal for which that Master Teacher prepared the way so long ago.

To begin with, the citizen-powered election of Donald Trump as the new president of your United States was accomplished despite massive (and still persisting) derailment attempts by those entangled with the Dark. This event is a visible indicator of a major positive turning point having been reached in the energetics of your planetary ascension process. So many people, absorbing and responding to incoming Light of ever higher frequency and intensity, have found new gumption to stand up and assert their rightful God-given sovereignty and freedom from Dark oppression.

Most of your United States citizenry have no idea just how deeply rooted and shockingly depraved is the Evil which has, over many decades, gradually crept into and taken control over so much of your USA government, as well as governments all around your planet. And so it is a rare person indeed who has chosen to give up what could have been a lavishly comfortable life, instead stepping up and, for the sake of you-the-people, directly confronting such dire conditions and, as his saying goes, lead a charge to “drain the swamp”—with much support and guidance from We of the Higher Realms. It would be wise at this pivotal time to pray daily for all  those daring people involved in the current “heavy lifting” part of this grand housecleaning effort, for even some of them who think they are experienced in the ways of the world will be shocked to discover how bad things actually are.

Another powerful consequence of the Light now nourishing so many of you is the stimulation of an enhanced clarity of discernment and insight, a stronger gut-knowing and heart-knowing that facilitates seeing through the many tricks of the Dark—tricks that used to work so well, for so many centuries, and whose failures now cause them great panic. Your mainstream media, with precious little exception, is a good casualty-example of you ones waking up. The major-media factions of the Dark’s elaborate mind-control machinery have unashamedly exposed their actual purpose through the broadcasting of propaganda so twisted as to cause world-class old-school professional spies to blush. Moreover, as the media’s Dark bosses’ thinking becomes ever more panicky and unstable, media outlets are being pressed to take their “game” to such a preposterous extreme as to become a laughing stock and cartoon parody of themselves, of so-called journalistic professionalism.

Heightened discernment by you ones of situations such as this sickness in your mainstream media is a vital step toward breaking the hold the Dark has had on what you consider to be Reality. In many past messages We of the Higher Realms have explained that, once you truly become aware of a deception being foisted on you, that particular mind-control device loses its power. So because of your ever-growing Lighted awareness, you can readily see why the Dark are in such a tizzy. An ingenious 1988 movie called “They Live” (Andronover: great film - link : would be instructive to review on this subject.

Directly related to your increasing awareness of these “changes in the air” going on, We of the Higher Realms are hearing more and more questions about just what is meant by such statements as “planetary and personal frequency upshifting” and how these matters fit into the Big Picture unfolding at this time. While the consequences are indeed vast, what is happening energetically, worldwide, is relatively simple to understand if explained by way of analogy. I shall call the following little discussion “popcorn & snowmen” if you will permit me some levity to spice up the underlying physics.

(Here I, Gabriel, am welcoming in the blended energies of two of my scribe’s other friends: one you of Earth know as the great inventor Nikola Tesla, and the other is Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec who is of the Host of God and acts as Geophysical Commander of this present Earth Transition Project—both familiar contributors to longtime readers of these messages.)

Let us begin with popcorn: Picture a pan you’ve put on the stove and filled part way with popcorn kernels. You turn on the burner and maybe gently shake the pan, too. As the heating process ramps up, first a few and then gradually a lot more kernels pop pop pop. Those popping corn kernels represent you ones awakening to Higher Input in response to the “heat” of the incoming Light. In the past, when your planetary frequency was much lower (like at the time of World War II), as was your own frequency generally speaking, only a few of you “popcorn kernels” might have been popping (awake and receptive to Higher Input) at any one time. Such infrequent threats were easy for the Dark to contain—for example, a tinkerer building a free-energy device in his little basement workshop, or a backyard amateur herbalist fashioning a cheap natural cure that threatens Big Pharma’s profits. It was a simple matter to burn down the lone tinkerer’s little workshop (as happened to Tesla on a much larger scale), or to arrange, say, an automobile “mishap” that eliminates the herbalist. But now a lot more of you “corn kernels” are popping, so to speak, and the Dark are duly overwhelmed—thus their panic and frantic resorting to truly hysterical schemes, through such as your mainstream media and other shenanigans, to try to regain control over you. And this is only half of their problem.

The other half is a matter of snowmen: That is, energetically the Dark require a relatively low-frequency or “cold” environment in order to function comfortably and effectively. This is why they’re always employing various disruptive mechanisms (both locally and globally) like wars, border skirmishes, racial tensions, police confrontations, mass murders, contrived medical epidemics, psycho-electronic agitation broadcasts, chemtrails, etc., and amplifying them through their media mouthpieces—to push you ones down into low-emotional-frequency states of anxiety, fear, panic, depression, etc., so you pump out the kinds of base energies which support their sustenance and comfort requirements. (Think of the role played by the Death Eaters in the brilliantly inspired Harry Potter saga.)

However, due to the nature of the incoming Light at this time, your great living Mother Earth and her sustaining energy fields are, just like yours, vibrating faster or “heating up” energetically speaking (not to be confused with the Dark’s financially contrived “global warming” fib). As a result of this “heat” the Dark players, on top of so many other problems, are becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, weaker and ineffectual—in a sense gradually “melting” like snowmen on your front lawn as the warming days of springtime unfold.

Appreciate that the above is a simplified explanation of just one level, call it the energetics level, of all that is unfolding at this auspicious time. But it is a very important aspect of the Big Picture and has quite vast consequences, as you can imagine. You ever-more-frisky “popcorn kernels” coupled with Mother Earth’s “heating” are making life just plain miserable for the deteriorating “snowmen”—not just for the many dutiful foot-soldiers of the Dark (like the group who thought they were going to win your presidential election), but also for the Dark Overlord bosses themselves. These ones are higher-dimensional Dark beings whose superiority complexes have taken quite an ego hit of late. Their distress was ample enough even before being compounded with further angst once We of the Higher Realms felt the time was right to take a more direct role in your planet’s ascension progress. You have only to investigate the brave reports “coming to Light” now concerning recent activities in your long-running secret space programs to appreciate how various ETs and others are assisting We of the Higher Realms with a roundup of the Bad Guys at this time, in addition to helping with other projects for your eventual benefit.(Andronover: i.e the mighty Ashtar Command)

As in so many past messages, again We reiterate: You ones are much more powerful beings than you have been conditioned by the Dark to understand. You are now in the process of rediscovering and reclaiming that Creator-given birthright with the help of the incoming Light, your personal Guides, and many unseen others. You assist your own ascension progress as well as that of Mother Earth by intentionally pumping out positive thoughts and prayers, appreciating the importance of laughter and retaining a healthy sense of humor, doing good deeds for others in need, and by quickly recognizing the Dark’s last-gasp desperation shenanigans and not allowing yourself to fall for them anymore. Indeed, We of the Higher Realms observe and applaud that such buoyant responses to the incoming Light are exactly what many of you are already doing.

With glad hearts many of your historical Founding Fathers are watching this return of En-Light-enment and the Revolutionary Spirit sweeping across your lands, and are lovingly assisting, largely through Inspiration, all those receptive to rekindling the Fires of Independence and Cooperation that formed the great nation-experiment called the United States in the first place. This American Transformation, in turn, is to act as an example, a template, for the entire planet’s renewal.(Andronover: this is why I found the US election so important) Behold the recent example of so many courageous military veterans who chose to stand with—and humbly ask forgiveness from (for past governmental transgressions)—Native tribes in South Dakota, and together deflected the planned construction of an oil pipeline not only unnecessary to your future energy needs (given the soon release of already existing but long suppressed free-energy devices), but also was meant to be built on the cheap and thus likely to cause great ecological disasters later on.

It is with this heartfelt example of cooperation and unity—of Light in action—that I, Archangel Gabriel, leave you now. Many from the Higher Realms send blessings of encouragement and a reminder of your sacred, limitless Creator-given powers. May you thrill with the excitement of wisely using each new gifted day and opportunity ahead for the good of all. Salu.

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Nicely said, Michael, I aggree with you. And guess what? just after you wrote: "Now we can laugh and enjoy next attempt to discredit us , tell us to calm down , get out of our liberal high horse" .. Andronover suddenly pops in and writes: "Now you sounds like a neoliberal again Michael , calm down dude"... and then Andronover writes: "Calm down Stick , you don´t have to be so nasty about Trump"...

WTF .. Andronover?.. you just told Stick and Michael to calm down but you didn't tell me to calm down??? ..  what the fück is going on? I feel left out in the rain, its not fair Andronover, what the fück did I do wrong to not get the "calm down" treatment from you? I'm going to sit in the corner and sulk.......... i'ts not fair!... I feel left out in the fückin rain!!

no the matrix agent smith not fair

, its misunderstanding brotha Luke, I wrote my response to Adronover after he  had a chance to write his response and I wrote back again.He didn't suddenly pooped over.........I responded,  to calm down post, after Stick chimed in.......its all good still........keep it coming Luke..........

Lol.. no worries, Michael..;-)..  I'm just having a laugh in this thread.. my reply was just for fun, so yeah its all good ;-)..........

it's just a pity Andronover dosen't seem to understand...... reality!          hehe ...

laughing laugh scrubs laughing gif dr cox

:-) :-) :-)

true, lets begin with rounding up president elects new administration , they all are criminals , well except DR. Carson I guess  ..................

@Michael , can you elaborate why you consider them to be criminals.

~Too funny... Christopher Walken as Gabriel in the classic B-movie, the Prophesy, 'channels' more valuable esoteric clues about the ancient shadows in the current timeline, than any of the archontically infused drivel coming through the 'Wisdom of the Rays'... or more accurately, the 'Folly of the Sheeple'. ~TemetNosce247

AsAbove... SoBelow

Archons - LOL

There´s a LOT worse entities for you to worry about... , and they are visible....

I recommend you to watch the video below - Trump has given a strong signal to the NWO folks.

No world currency and no world government.

Entities eh?.. Andronover...

Little do you realise that the so called "entities" you speak about are also infused with the Archon infection and so is Donald Trump! Unsurprisingly, you have bought into the entire shell game like millions of others who don't use their own critical thought but blindly follow the crowd like lemmings off the cliff. You have no idea what Archons even are or where they originate, how they operate and how they manipulate the human mind. I suggest you brush up on your research regarding Archons and the Archontic agenda before you brush off something you know nothing about. Then and only then, are you in a position to give a valid criticism instead of blindly rebuking a subject that you have no knowledge about. Its like somebody saying that they dont like the film "Jaws" but have never actually seen it.

Stick is 100% accurate, because he is spiritually awake and like any warrior of truth, he is unafraid to turn over every stone and to dig deep into the rabbit [email protected], unearthing multidemsional insights and pearls of wisdom that are far beyond the scope of your current sutface level view finder. You know, those who don't know anything about Archons and who scoff at the subject or laugh at those who even mention the word, (such as yourself, Andronover) don't even scratch the surface because they are too busy being hypnotised by the control sh!tstem. They are too lazy to look and more importantly, to "see" higher truths, prefering instead to settle for illusary falsehoods that they believe to be the truth because they never, ever look any deeper. Dig deeper and learn about it and then see if it resonates with you or not, but don't block it out or ridicule others who do understand the depth's of these matters, until you have done the research yourself. You see, that's the difference between someone who is spiritually awake and those who remain spiritually asleep, or dead in spirit. Watch the following video, to get a better understanding and increase your knowledge of the subject, whereby comparative mythologist John Lash (a reknowned expert on the subject of Archons) explains exactly what they are, or alternatively you can research the subject by either obtaning a copy of his book entitled  "Not In His Image" which provides a powerful introduction to the subject of the Archons, or by visiting his website. whereby you will practically discover a treatise written on the subject. That's the beauty of being introduced to the works of great seers like John Lash and others, who have delved so far into the rabbit [email protected] that it often leaves many of the rest of us (who are willing to learn) humbled and grateful for the opportunity to expand our conciousness.

The more you are open and willing to learn as you go about your path in life, without quickly dismissing opportunities to unravel the mysteries of life, like too many conditioned people (sheeple) do, the more layers of conditioning you will shed and the more "enlightened" you will become. Free your mind or remain spiritually ignorant and willfully under control of a system that is designed to enslave humanity and to keep you enslaved, shackled to the prison walls of the Babylonian nightmare of which you can opt out of "any time".. the choice is yours. The question is, are you ready to BE yourself, (true devine nature), or stay in willfull obedience to the illusions that you absorb and the political rhetoric that spews out of the likes of Donald Trumps archontically infected mind?

@Luke , I don´t doubt that , what you call Archons exist , and I also think that the name Archon isn´t patented , if you know what I mean.

But as I see your blindness in many areas , I wonder who is "infected" by your archons? LOL

You can not even discern if Trump is allied with the light or not , and as I´ve said - even Average Joe can subconsciously discern this as a majority.

BUT you don´t need to worry about the archons as we are standing infront of a huge universal transformation , as this planet will do a magnetic reversal , which will "shake off" everything that is not of God , and this includes of course "archons" , "demons" and other energies created by eons of negative thoughtforms on this planet.

We create with our thoughts  , and that´s why it´s so important to discern the truth.

Honestly , I feel sorry for you guys.

Dear Andronover,i am very interested in learning about ( BUT you don´t need to worry about the archons as we are standing infront of a huge universal transformation , as this planet will do a magnetic reversal , which will "shake off" everything that is not of God , and this includes of course "archons" , "demons" and other energies created by eons of negative thoughtforms on this planet.

will this occur in the 21st century???

@evonne , this has been ungoing for a long time , and can happen anytime now - it depends on what chess move the dark will do.

Will they initiate WWIII , by blaming Russia for everything they can and "justify" to attack them?

Many scenarios right now , and the dark hates of course that Trump will be in office , so they might take the chance before he gets into office.

Evonne , this is the completion of 30 great cycles orbit - the biggest evolutionary event in Earths history  , and its time to get on the train soon (ship)

We are now in what we call the correcting time , as we are behind the rest of this universe in development.

It´s millions of ships around Earth right now , ready to evacuate when the magnetical reversal starts.

It will be a slow start so everyone can have the chance to decide to board ship or not.

Read more here :




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