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Thousands Of McDonalds Staff Protest For More Wages For Serving Junk Food ...SACK THE LOT AND CLOSE DOWN ALL THEIR BRANCHES

While Americans reject fast food entirely

While the general public decides to reject fast food served up by McDonald’s and dozens of other fast food chains, McWorkers are showing disdain for McDonald’s in a different way. On Wednesday, thousands of protesters from cities around the country stormed McDonald’s Oak Brook headquarters, demanding that the hourly wage for McDonald’s employees be raised to $15 an hour.

Protesters gathered about a half a mile west of the headquarters and slowly marched toward McDonald’s campus, chanting “people united will never be defeated.” At the head of the line of protesters, a banner was held saying: “McDonald’s $15 and union rights, not food stamps. #fightfor15.”

Though McDonald’s did announce that it would increase starting wages to $1 above the minimum at 1,500 company-owned locations starting July 1, that only makes up about 1/10 of the number of restaurants around the country.

As reported by ChicagoTribune:

“Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, called on McDonald’s to sit with a union at a national bargaining table and put some of its profits into the pockets of workers.

‘Even when we get $15 and a union we will keep fighting,’ Henry said.

In an interview, Henry said SEIU won’t necessarily represent fast food workers. She said workers will decide who will represent them when McDonald’s agrees to negotiate wages and benefits.

Photo credit: ReutersPhoto credit: Reuters

‘It doesn’t matter to us who the members become. What matters to us is that these workers win a union,’ Henry said.

The Rev. William Barber II, pastor of the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, N.C., said the campaign extends beyond pushing for a living wage. This is a racial fight too, he said, explaining that people of color are disproportionally working in low wage jobs. He said that’s why the NAACP is supporting the Fight for 15.”

mcdonalds protest2-530Photo credit: Reuters

Interestingly and probably not coincidentally, Wednesday’s protest comes a day before the company’s annual shareholder meeting, and things are already looking relatively bleak for McDonald’s. The fast food giant is quickly diving out of its stable stock position and into a world of financial hurt as citizens of the United States and elsewhere have decided they are completely done with the company’s junk.

As reported by Business Insider months ago in a piece entitled McDonald’s Is Losing America:

“On Monday, McDonald’s reported global same-store sales that declined 2.2% month on month. This missed analysts’ expectations for a 1.7% decline. In the US, the story was even worse for the fast-food giant as same-store sales fell 4.6%.”

McDonald’s has been losing money fast, and even under-performing the stock market for quite some time. Amid these falling sales and continued financial worries, McDonald’s will be closing a record 700 stores by the end of the year.

Today’s meeting is the first under CEO Steve Easterbrook, who took over the CEO position on March 1. Easterbrook’s goal is to turn McDonald’s into a “modern, progressive burger company.”

mcdonalds protest4-2Photo credit: Berlin Rosen

“The movement’s push to increase wages has led to victories in various cities, including Chicago, which is raising its hourly minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 on July 1 and to $13 by mid-2019. On Tuesday, Los Angeles voted to increase its $9 per hour minimum wage up to $15 by 2020.

Last year, about 500 workers and community activists staged peaceful protests at McDonald’s annual meeting. On the first day, 138 people were arrested, including 101 workers, for trespassing.”

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The Bastards want more money for serving JUNK FOOD..mostly to young kids and Teenagers...REALLY ALL OFF THEM SHOULD BE SACKED FOR SERVING JUNK FOOD AND ALL THEIR BRANCHES SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN ..the protest should be to GET ALL JUNK FOOD JOINTS TERNIMATED FROM PLANET EARTH ...this is part of ascension.

On their website the staff were warned not to eat their junk food but serve it to others low can you get 

Is McDonald's too big to fail or too big to jail????

700 of their junk food joints have closed...THE BEST THEY CAN DO IS TO CONVERT ALL THEIR RESTURANTS INTO HEALTHY VEGETARIAN / VEGAN JOINTS which would make healthy eating and showing compassion to animals thus karma free Joints THEN THE STAFF CAN ASK FOR MORE WAGES AND NOT FOR SERVING JUNK FOOD said..´´ The Bastards want more money for serving JUNK FOOD..REALLY ALL OFF THEM SHOULD BE SACKED FOR SERVING JUNK FOOD´´

.´´ .you blame the workers for the sins of the corporations. Seems to me that you like animals, but you don´t like people very much.  The only people you seem to like are those who you think are like you.....the ones who are vegan, who don´t swear (you say swearing is bad, but you like to call people bastards) , who don´t smoke, who dress conservative and who don´t have much s**.  I think this is the definition of 3d thinking...we only like those who are in our group, whatever we consider that group to be.

Just saying that I´m not feeling the love and tolerance in this...

The staff of McDonalds are trained to serve junk food to others but not to eat it themselves you know what this means ..millions throughout the world are served their junk food by staff who know its junk but ok for millions ..that includes a lot of kids as well so that is why I call them bastards.


Do such work that does no harm to others ...that is for the highest good of all ..that carries little or no karma.


The Banks are trained to rip people off so they are also bastards for they know it yet they cheat millionS every day as long as they are alright .


Part of ascension is to get rid of corrupt corporations 

Are you against the people who work in the banks as well??? Are you wanting to get rid of corporations or of all the people that you dislike or find troublesome. 

The corporations and corrupt governments will fall when we no longer need them to mirror us.... the same way with meat eating..

The Gita tells me what to do....but, I have no right to try to force others to do the same...

Ascension is about joining the human race and thinking with your heart.

this is because obabama wont approve a capital gains tax to stimulate the free market and people need living wage jobs-these higher wages at McD's will put them out of business and will add more unemployed people and more poverty

PET ROCK: I disagree with you. The real reason for the collapse in the U.S. free market is the "outsourcing" (a.k.a. off-shoring) of middle class jobs to India and China due to lower wages in those countries.  We need to stop blaming the lack of consumer spending on high taxes, and start looking at the quiet disappearance  and the lack of decent paying U.S. based jobs.  And yes, these are jobs that are (a) not located in Washington D.C. AND (b) not located on Wall Street or in financial institutions.

Calling out for capital gains tax reductions is urinating in the wind; we need to re-write the tax code to reward U.S. business (and not off-shored business) for staying in the U.S. A better choice is to get rid of the entire tax code all together.

Capitalism needs capital to work.  People need money to spend or the system fails.

Part of Ascension for Planet Earth is to remove all junk food joints that are creating frankenstian zombies like beings



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