I've been somewhat influenced by circumstances. I think we all have.

I've grown daily... another thing we all do. I think it's cool how each of us gets older, but we tend to see it as if we're all at a different pace.. 

We're all aging at the same exact pace. So don't be discouraged. 

Just add it to the trunk and take it with you. 

Now, when I say take it with you, by no means am I saying you should wear a badge for all the mistakes you make or constantly feel remorse for the deeds you've failed to accomplish. I mean simply that you can only hope. All there is the future. the present is not possible to comprehend. The past is variable. 

Learn from your mistakes and that's all you gotta worry about.

So... with that being said, I wish you ALL Love and Hope for the best. 



~comments welcome~ 

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  • That's true. The future is "not yet", and there is no guarantee of it... But there is no predicting that it's going to be taken away. Like the ancient Chinese cultures taught.. Ancestor worship was a huge part but more-so was the idea of using the past rulers' achievements and their Mandate of Heaven to construct the present. 

    I also think that in a sense, the "present" is not as instantaneous as you may first assume. That is what I meant by its impossible to comprehend it. 

    The present is very much of a transition state between elders and youngsters. in ancient China there was emphasis on moment of history relative to historical innovations like agriculture advancement and military structure. Ritual came first, of course. Because that's all they knew. 

    Past is crucial to the future. but the Future is only a dream. 

  • However, these are only METAPHORS. It depends on the point your trying to impress.

     ...and... :D

    we cannot limit reality in any conceivable way as to summarise 'all there is'. All there is is without bound and there doesn't have to be any label.
     What are you!!! made out of gold or something?? ;D lol :))
    um... That needed bold lettering too ;DD :P
     :)) <3
  • Roarer,

    Past present and future is only relevant in linear 3 dimensional terns.

    When the (generic) you enters a quantum state (generic) you comes to understand that time exists ina circle.

    it the past and present are connected.

    And so past, present and future are all occurring simultaneously right now.

    There is no distinction when with respect to tense.

    it is thus possible to travel backwards in time and eventually run into the front of your self.

    And visa versa

    And so, concepts such as pat lives take on new meaning when dealing with circular time.

    because all incarnations, past present and future are occurring in the now,

    The future already exists as a soup of potentials in the now.

  • I don't even know where to begin... I used to live in Madison... off of old hwy 72. I feel we are all about to undergo a huge spiritual change...

    • Spiritual Change doesn't happen when you get what you want, it happens when you are waiting. :) 

  • i think what roaring harmless means is, 

    when you start thinking in the now, theres not much about the future you can set straight for your eyes have not witnessed it yet, but the past keeps pinching its knife through our hearts and things that hurt are not easy to forget.. especially when the knife is all you want, but the person that the knife belongs to walked away long ago

  • Learn from the past.

    Plan for tomorrow.

    Live for today.

    because tomorrow is today's second chance,.


    • beautiful words:)

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