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Today I was given the honor of sharing with you some incredible news. The Elohim informed me that within a months time they will be finally showing themselves! They want you to know this now so you can prepare and be in joy. I have no more knowledge than anyone else but I do have faith that this is the truth. Showing themselves will not be overt at first. They will not be showing up on your door (at least not write away) :) You have to admit that after everything that has been happening in Japan we need them and they know this. Please accept this information in the manner it was given, with faith and love for all.



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Thats amasing !..

i with u rae.....mi tinks dey not gonna show til tings resolved here.....


It feels like they would have learned by now but I guess you can never have to much disappointment. 
Hello Ascendarra.. I am just wondering, how did this information come to you and what is giving you the faith you have that this will take place ? ... remember .. a lot of people will read this and may believe you... and it is always wise to considder the bigger picture.. faith and Love is fine... I am also covering my own ass because I want to believe what you have written here. Remember.. how many times have you heard of UFOs finaly appearing... with a certain date given? ... only to discover nothing but cloudy skys .. and the same old world.. day after day.
Well Luke I don't blame you for questioning this. I did too. I have been channeling since I was a child and this is the first time they have come to me with such force, such intensity. They got my attention by taking a 50 pound picture off my wall and dropping it to the ground. The wire on the back was not broke nor was the 2 hooks it was hanging on. I sat down and meditated and that is when I received the message. I really think that what they want to get across to us is that we need to have faith that they will be here. Our faith actually is the catalyst that will make it happen. This is our world. They need us to believe.  "Believing is seeing" not the other way around which is a very human way to look at life. I will continue to have faith because I would rather be happy than right. :)
so was this in a



a letter

so far many have said they are coming and so far all no shows
they are already here! Take off your Sunglasses!

Yeh Im withya Capitan!


Yes they  watch over us and I believe they are also helping with lowering the effects as much as possible.  I also agree and believe that "Believing is seeing" not the other way around. What do you think "manifestation" is?  It's exactly that...


Love Suzexx

Hardy har, har,  always a comedian around in the Kingdom of the All!


P.S. Hark  who goes there?


"There's not one wise man among twenty will praise himself." -Shakespeare

"To mourn a mischief that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mischief on. " - Shakespeare


"You have to admit that after everything that has been happening in Japan we need them and they know this. Please accept this information in the manner it was given, with faith and love for all."

I'm admitting it - and as far as know never denied that fact consciously. :)
I remember a very wise saying that some of my school teachers told me: :)
"It is no shame to not understand somethin or to have questions - but it is a shame NOT TO ASK!"
I accepted this back then as a small kid - and I'm of course accepting what you are telling me - since I would like others to believe me, too. :)
And what reason should I have to mistrust you at all in the first place?
If everybody would mistrust every person in generall then meeting others would be nothing nice at all...
So I believe you as much as I can hope that you are indeed right.
Which means I see at the very least a substancial chance that this will really happen!
I'm used to invite all friendly kinds of beings into my life (no matter from where, or how they look, what kind of spiritualty they are connected to or any other details that I consider as non-deciding character property anyway).
Or how I'm used to say:
For me it does not coun't where somebody comes from - for me it only counts where somebody want's to go to!
Thus I would of course feel deeply honored and my heart would beat up like no mechanical pump could ever do - whenever this is going to happen.
Even very young children undertstand that they need help and especially love of course by their parents / family if they got - in which way ever - into a situation that they are not experienced / or simply able to solve on their own...
There in school every good teacher would interfere if some of the younger/smaller/weaker/ or simply in which way ever different/special children were mobbed discrimined or even hurt by some big and agressive babies, wouldn't they?
And no they would certainly not wait untill the children would become so servely psychically or even physically damaged untill they could not participate in school anymore at all or even worse would (sub)consciously associate like school=stress=feeling-bad=loosing-interrest-in-education-at-all...
Great News and About Time...and they are most Welcome and Needed ...the sooner the better
we will see~!~


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