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Today I was given the honor of sharing with you some incredible news. The Elohim informed me that within a months time they will be finally showing themselves! They want you to know this now so you can prepare and be in joy. I have no more knowledge than anyone else but I do have faith that this is the truth. Showing themselves will not be overt at first. They will not be showing up on your door (at least not write away) :) You have to admit that after everything that has been happening in Japan we need them and they know this. Please accept this information in the manner it was given, with faith and love for all.



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"You have to admit that after everything that has been happening in Japan we need them and they know this."

What we need is EACH other to wake up! George Harrison put it best in his song The Day The World Gets Round -- which goes as follows: The Day the world gets round to understanding where it is Using all it's found to HELP each other hand in hand. The day the world gets round To understanding where it's gone Losing so much ground KILLING each other hand in hand Such FOOLISHNESS in MAN I want no part of THEIR plan - oh no. If your the destructive kind Now I'm working day to day As I don't want to be like you. I look for the PURE of HEART and the ones that have made a start but Lord there are just a few who bow before you in silence they pray oh how they pray for the Day the World gets round Using all they've found to HELP each other Hand in Hand.


Japan is really a perfect example of the WORLD (HUMAN'S) getting round and helping each other hand in hand -- many countries have offered help, supplies -- even old enemies US have stepped up to help their fellow man.


FIRST we MUST help ourselves BEFORE we look to any other "being" to help us. We MUST look beyond the petty BS of prejudice. We MUST work together to break the DARK side that currently think they have the upper hand.


That is all I want to say.....Peace will save the day!


  I was talking and writing about many reports coming in that Japan was man made by nukes under the ocean, I could'nt believe it especially with the amount of earthquakes still happenning on a daily basis even today.Unbelievable.I was writing to my group now is the time for some kind of divine cosmic galactic unniversal intervention.

 Seems some humans and unforttunately it's the ones in charge have some very nasty toys in some very nasty hands.It does not reflect the mindset of the many innocents.Yet the innocents are the ones suffering.

 The benovolent allied forces we are calling and meeting you half way as a planet seeking galactic enlightment , peace,harmony and a end to greed,ego and the corrupt monniterry systems the root of all evil.

 Time to take back the earth and reveal who we really are.Lift the veils so everyone can see who is who.

Hey Folks !

I have seen a lots of videos, i have seen spacecrafts beyond the stars and i have seen a scout ship 800 metre through the window, from the apartement where i live, and when i was 17 yo i dream that i was in a ship.. I have study this thing for 3 years now. I have no doubt.. They are around the planet.. and waiting for the right moment..Then they shown themselfs for all. But i dont know when!

thankyou for the message,blessings eve(sauul ahh nahh)


Anything sought with a desperation or a longing, desire or need can only produce obsticles.

ALL this weight of the world crap... let go and let God, give it up, give in, give up the ghost, surrender, surrender, surrender ! open up to the lamb of God. Give in ! Stop resisting.

Stop occasionally doubting. Stop forgetting. Be awake. Be aware. Be the Love that you are. Accept that you sometimes feel like total and absolute f****** s*** ! Accept that you get angry, confussed, depressed, pissed off, tired, emotional and keep breathing. Accept that you are here now in the world that often looks feels like a shithouse.

Accept that you dont resonate with every living befing on the face of the Earth but remember that you are exalted by billions in the unseen. Know that you are Loved more than you can ever possibly imagine. Accept that life can be comparred to a snail crawling over the side of a razor blade.

Have as much fun as you possibly can ! <-------- thats really important. Laugh your as off. Cry when you need to. Become still. Judge nobody ever. Seek, indulge, absorbe, understand and share knowledge. Revel in each other. See the LOVE in every living being. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Remember, you are in charge of your own life/reality ... not any other living being.. or dead one for that matter.

Clear your head. Clear your Chakras. Be reponsible for YOU and only YOU ! Bring up the snake. Stand on the bridge. Live in the middle of the ribcage. Bring up the Earth. Bring down the Heavens. Stay in the center and smile, no.. grin ! Remember that you never die. Eat Ice cream. Tell the occasional dirty joke. Fart in a public place if you just cant keep it in but revel in it while you're at it. Remember, we all came here to have a good time. Never take any s***, not from anyone, never ever ! YOU are your own boss !

Eat chocolate.

You are perfect ! Ignore anyone who disagrees !

Attract great things with your energy. 

Feel joy as much as you can.

surrender !




Yes!  Thank you!  You write beautifully :)

Hey Luke


 Your absolutely right.

Thanks for making my day.


absolutely awesome!!! love it!!!

Hello Ascendarra,

Can you tell me who Elohim is and in what way do you think they will be showing themselves to us?


Thank you


Love and light to you my dear


thats great!!!! i really cant wait :D
Ascendarra is a cool name. :)
Ascendarra doesn't answer. She realized that her message was ridiculous. :P



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