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There Should Not Be A Single Country Leader Or Government Staff And Other In High Posts Who Eat Meat, Drink Alcohol, Smoke Or Take Harmful Drugs

All those who eat meat ( remember you are what you eat ) 

drink alcohol, smoke or take any harmful drugs should be removed from their posts and put in rehabitalitation centres to reform or look for another planet. 

Planet Earth needs a massive clean up and the first targets should be people in high positions who eat meat, drink alcohol, smoke or take harmful drugs as their governing plans and decisions will mostly be out of order.

For ascension of planet earth and protecting mother earth you need the right leaders who set an example to others.

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Some off the governments decide or approve on what you should eat ...not anymore for we want meat, alcohol, cigarettes and any harmful drugs banned from planet earth  ..WE TELL THE GOVERNMENTS WHAT THEY SHOULD EAT AND WHAT THEY SHOULD RECOMMEND OTHERS TO EAT 



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