So as you all know, there really is no such thing as a 'Sound Wave' as it is just a wave that is within audible range. If you were to take that same wave and increase or decrease the frequency, you might not be able to 'hear' that wave perse, but you would still feel it somehow( Army uses super low freq to induce anxiety ). Now lets look at the big bang. It is theoretically a giant wave of waves. Waves of different frequencies all over lapping one another creating patterns that if drawn out would be visible (Picture Sin or Cos waves overlapping). The next step is to apply some type of magnetic wavelength to each of these raw frequencies, some being harmonious pitches, some being just an octave of another frequency. Elements as we know them could not form in an area so magnetically chaotic as they require a precise magnetism for them to form. So hear me out: With all these waves over-lapping there must be some spots spackled here and there that are void of a wave itself, but still holding the magnetism of the waves surrounding it. Could the sheer magnetic strength create atoms? Take hydrogen, 1 proton and 1 neutron. So there could have been a single hole, exactly big enough for one proton to fit into, and requiring that level of magnetism to achieve magnetic harmony. The proton would be created out of nothing but frequency and magnetism with the electron being pulled out of the energy cloud not even nanoseconds after to attatch to it. Bigger gaps in the overlapping waves might still create only a single proton at first, but then like magnetic legos, neutrons and electrons fall into place to fill up the void and balance the equation.

As the waves start to dissipate into the elements we know, there are less waves over all, and subsequently larger gaps to fill. This is where id imagine we get molecules from, as they are really all repeating patterns of the same set of shapes.

This would be the "quantum code" of our universe so to speak. Who's to say that bi-lateral symmetry isn't written into the quantum code of our universe as one of the most common forms of life? 2 arms 2 legs and a brain, which is also divided into 2 halves.

This gets me on the topic of morphological field symmetry, which would in this case be directly related. A bilaterally symmetrical field might be able, but would not be ideal. Why? Because then it would only be able to work with certain wavelengths. Evolution is at its base evolving to rectify your existence. What better to do this than to increase the size of your magnetic field? Everything from the beginning has had a magnetic field, and everything we know now has a magnetic field, so what would be more sound to the theory of evolution than learning to expand your own field? The key to this I believe is back to symmetry. Could our magnetic fields be capable of higher levels of symmetry? What is the magnetic symmetry of Earth? Of the Universe? Match it, as if you are able to resonate with it I doubt that anything would be deemed impossible.

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  • 13 + 13 = 26

    Mayan calendar had 13 months for a reason, all this they knew.

    Have you ever noticed that when it is dark outside that on darker material that the light that a car's headlights emit seem to drag to the darkness?

    To realize the speed of light and the capabilities of it, do you realize the speed of dark and that it is always there first.

    If you slow a material down completely and than slow it down some more there is a negative quotient equivalent to the speed of light, that is the speed of dark.

    Now understanding this attempt to slow yourself down in order to speed yourself up, considering that the brain is a living computer and with enough practice one can establish things only naturally available through an emotional state.

    A pregnant woman bends steel, someone that is afraid moves faster than the eye can trace, and a scared child imagines a not so imaginary friend to ease his or her fear.

    Anything is possible, everything is attainable, and nothing is the limit.

    Live life.

  • Push and pull, waves in motion.  Just like water.  Though a plowsheer makes the same waves in the earth as well.  Though the wings of a plane make the same waves in the air as well.  Though fire in the sun freely shows its waves.  We are also waves.  Solid, liquid, gas, plasma; all the same.  Every fiber of our being moving, always in motion.  It brings the question.  Are we really all here to begin with?  Or are we not here and everything we interpret is an illusion?  Is, Is.

  • I applied it. Feed off the Source energy to balance out the equation of our evolutionary step. You are a genious,Logan. I needed to read this. You are amazing. Truly. Thank you. You literally filled the part that was lost. :)

  • You give me lots to think, your thoughts are very deep...

    The gaps, you are referring to, are they meant to be a stabilized wave to build a particle?

    According your thoughts, what is the minimum length and time of gaps building particles (I`m referring to Planck time and length)?

    In which regard do you mean, eveolution rectifies existence? Adaption? Endurance? Balance?

    Why do you consider symmetry a base of evolutionary rectification? Is that symmetry twofold or better, threefold?

    Is symmetry needed to have states of equilibrium or balance?

    Is there something time unindependent in your wave constitutions?

    You should go to, there is a physicist, Arcadius Jaczyck, I believe, which you could help doing the math...

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