The wavey wong pimple flout.

Thrise shnellin dipple, the wavey wong pimple flout for a dingle beany, almost super pudding. In hoves drickle, a flowery tea cup did belly mince and forever sailed under flabby sour nipple melons. The windy bell came a boneo ablinsdeekoo, 1624 and was always never the same afterwards before, nor since.

Seventy two times the wavey wong pimple fell as Mickeys matress, aloft top so many a finger twoot and in havanna, an orange and blue bannana. Marta was flounded. In 5083, a bard of ETs thiice melon nippled, nippely ding dong a chew a tas minus major slavin heaven.

How could. They give a gort mahanjo nit bubble telly, a million frekles mooned and Martas twiddle blew an infinite raspberry, better the bottom burp nip half a shore pussy bellow, those and more. Surprised, the waxy long drop did chin to finger, thought.

The upside fettle minge in cerebral dot hanger hepp jingy jin woob. It was a monday. The special hair said dancing to henriettas gazoobas near the morib lidungs drity corpus. Since when done me tarten sporan, the furry windy thing of holes.

Now, hoves more so, stiller ah yes said she, the flopsy acrobat, thrice no, three times no, go, off the stage and close the door on way out. Forty eight bottom burps later, Florence scanned and so melted her ring in the flames,

Look at the arse on that, Ah, comfort frog from Alcyonne, diddle nipsy daisy ping !! Alison farted. Whence notty twaggle flappy droid, a loot made higher harmony below the gehandras nepfangsqueezytwittle but flounda sporan blench in a statskipoo.

Wheetabix saw the stem and ran a ding dong up another, twice they folded merkaba shimmied lefty, the garden paper tree cup smitty virgins wop ! So, Clemence spittle dresney fittle in a bottle and an orange went yeah !

Moreso, a cats chakras shaven wavey pull, for a new, pristine Earth. Ahh, the spotless twandeetoe under mince tarts do question humming sniffle dripper to the gahhoot for that but Marta let one rip anyway. If it was breakfast melons jibby seekers, then twiddle me grannys funky bits and run a mile.

Daisy looked solen, the wearing, tearing wash of me old lads silken dream, the turnpike bellowed and mellowed and flew again, mice, moles, holes, moles holes !! The whole of the mole. Found is my soul past and yonder those orchards, bum.

Stardust to ashes a whale through Napolis wiggly piggily, without green dangly bits nor golden traffic mars bar steam nor gehipty repsitonkle. Beautiful spinners all clockwise and shiney, and Susan and Norman with tinfoil underneath the Arches, imagine.

It waved its left foot mushy bling in a daydream to see through snipple luptitoid near the plannet x. Blackend, the embers wheezed long, until forteen silver goosy woosy nippy snivvle wap in a bing bong bottom burp.. and you work with light, you say..

Sweaty, the chewer cast reel upon his ball of twine, and knelt on the freezer, pulled at the nail. Bags and bags, same profession.. so they shook on it. Oh Travelers Joy as she knelt by the station, the meow couple, they always, always knew when it was time for din dins.

The duvet fell softly and welcomed a dream, this hundred monkey, what for nipples.. crikey, blimey and cor to boot ! The cornflakes spoke of plastic auras quiddle midsty flounge flaps and Love bisquits or beef curtains of a friday, there was even a strawberry involved !

Always, never a speck. Not even one drop, oh clean as a whistle dare anyone even dare. Such melons. What we are observing is the traditional breakfast, easy over. Throng apollo, boosters, the roosters, a hard floor gave it flourentine draples, behangteen flabby ginger tit and so be it.

Mingy fettle top and oveltine swing, a must dootted merry snip for Harrys mouse. Most apparent, fluff ! And so, sixty old ashtrays and pair of something rotten, stuck to the bed spread, what the heck was I eating ? A plimbsey topf, swollen gut, ripselflavon micro pair.

Oh granny of the marble stack, when whose mice thrice plum twice once, thine glorious mittle splat farty ding dibalong ! Fact !! Again, she bellowed echos masrhmallow staircase to the wind. It was a sunday morning, and there again three whistle blow softly, sniffle twaddle twoddle and rubber UFOs.

Shoes. Head like ostridge, see gorkinstaff over yonder wander sunny beam in turtle dibble, massive melons and a slot to park your bike in. the underpants ran away.. it was awful. In 4872, a short one erupted. Now, ETs all around, melow yellow.

The wavey wong pimple flout for a dingle beany. Jelly is a ham in an evening jumble, flout, energy, wrinkles. Oh the DNA in a lumpy custard moo, flapping breeze of whos ginger thumb got freckled in an old tune. the wavey wong pimple flout for a dingle beany, how much for your cosmic blatther, scutter, flutter, mutter?

Twiddlestix to fry the little rotter, oh see such flabby dwindle bogger totty nor nipple grannys dentures massive melons.. huge bazookas. And so, a wong dipple jelly belly, tiny willy, massive willy, free willy. Another one cut the cheeze, it was swiss, it had a lot of holes.

Twas the morning before the night after the day and the moo moo plimbsytopf flout sixty seven ashtrays, the ferrets toe and the macrocosim, the Universe in a bag of pimples. Hold on... flout mickey blender plop, a bannana, a moose and the three wise men.

So, lavitt woolie smittle fellow, in howes a goose drew. Before, forteen thousand couples passed around a spoon flumixed twenty fold the dear old one. Noobles, there rested a twixing flour twittle, the moon expired and the dish is still on the run with the spoon.

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  • good

  • lol... thanks Peekay..


    .. lol..

  • LoL ... Luke .... ? It sound like a parody for what happening now ... lol ... ?

    • thank you sweetheart..Smileys .. and youre right... actually, I never thought of that... lol..



      • it's like decoding our life path, we've got some knowledge and understanding and the rest - Follow your Heart thing ... ;)

  • why am I having hard time understanding this language ?

    • This is because the text is in German, and contains grammatical errors. :-))

This reply was deleted.

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