The Truth Revealing Itself

Quick question here.... :)

Do you ever realize the truth about something, even though you may have not known it at the time.....

Even years later?? :)

It's been happening to me a lot, just wondering if anyone else experiences this! 


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  • "All truth passes through 3 stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer
  • When I was living in Indiana about 15 years ago, I was living with a family that was actually my boy-friends parents at the time.  His father had become obsessed with getting a Bob Cat, and instead of this creature having a big space to walk around he had put him in a cage that was smaller than it should be. 

    I would walk by the Bob Cat's cage and it would just pace over and over back and forth inside the cage. 

    At the time, I wasn't as open, and it didn't stike me how WRONG and CRUEL it was to keep this beautiful animal in a cage like that.  Years later, I was thinking about it again, and it hit me all the sudden how wrong it was.  This isn't the only thing that has come back to show me something, there have been many things...

    I think sometimes "time" is the good teacher, but it's something else too... Something changed within me, that allowed me to look back and see the wrong in the situation.

    I think it's something amazing - and something that can happen if we allow ourselves to be open to it.

    I wish... somehow I could have known then, what I know now.... in so many ways and in regard to so many things...

    • Delilah7777; you said it!.. I believe we all had to deal with belated Wisdom. Its a typical 3-d thing to see whats wrong, and not always understand that this must change now.. We are limited in 3-dimension of duality (an extreme variant on Earths 3-d) and must sometimes learn the hard way.. in 5-dimension we are one with our Higher Self, and will see energy much clearer than now. Everything will be much easier, and we will not do any mistakes.

      Belated Wisdom can be info loaded down in our being without learning it the hard way. It can be loaded down when we sleep. We had to integrate Higher Self more and more.. This is what Ascension is about!

      • Most definitely Rune, it's when things get "real".... It's what really shows you that you are changing, and have always been.  

        Still it makes me sad to think about that Bob Cat, but atleast I saw how wrong it was, that makes me happy....
        • Even the animals have jobs to do while they are here - as all is G- - learning.  It was that bob cats teaching for us that it was wrong to cage the magnificent animal.  It's wrong to cage any animal including the human species.  There must be better ways. I would guess that cat, at that time was your lesson and maybe a different lesson for the rest of the family.  Your learning just took a few years to understand.

          All of us have changed so much in the past 10 years!  I can't even imagine how naive I was back then now that the doors and windows of our cages are being opened by the light streaming in...

          Everything is love and light returning to the source..

  • Yes, I have noticed that also.  I was explaining the earth grid to a friend and how it is going into  a higher vibration by realigning its grid by sound frequency and all of a sudden I said, that is how our DNA is going to change - the same time as the earth as we are so closely aligned with it that when she changes so will we.  I'm not sure this is what is going to happen but all of a sudden I was saying things that I did not mean to say, nor did I know where the information came from,  it just popped out.  And I realized it was the truth when I heard it.  It really surprised me and I just sat back and thought about it for a while realizing I had been given and insight as to how our own DNA is going to be able to change.

    We are all Love and Light.

    • Very cool Seran, I love it when that happens!
  • All the time Delilah7777.  Welcome to my world! :-) 
  • yea, I have had that scenario alot where you see what is going on, you just know, from a mile away, and the after a while you just need to get away from the swamp of information and return to the self (source etc), and then look back and go, "damn, I knew that all along", I have learnd that yea, not getting caught up in the faith of "proving" what you see and notice with your spirit and whatnot helps greatly, otherwise you more easily get swept up in the jungle of what seems meaningless information that may just be their to help others understand but for you perhaps it disjoints what you already know and so have to get back to the awareness that yes, you see "correctly", just not in a logical proof way the world always strives for with so much work of information and reasurch study.

    maybe I am not on the same track, line of thought as what your mentioning though, hehehe
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