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8110134100?profile=originalIf you see things about Jesus and god created by man then you understand how all spiritual people think they know that the arrival of a savior someone to help us become whole. one can perhaps say that the Bible has also created the belief in spirituality and the way many people choose. Believing in Jesus is a way to let the martyr in the world live on for man's creation to control. we humans have created religions and faiths live the fundamental building blocks in many respects. But can it be that the Bible is a work that is created by the Roman Council in order to keep humanity in check. It has been very skillful to get us to believe, obey and perform events from biblical foundations. 

Religon is something that makes us manic to the development of our worst, and maybe even our best sides, but so far, religion has only created wars and intrigues among us humans. If there was something called God and he was going to allow us to hurt each other, it rhymes badly. The Bible describes it as on various events and miracles, but it is a selfish power that they call God, you may just believe in him and his son. He has helped their rightful heirs to return to their promised land. 

for me it is quite possible that this work is created by one or more smart and very powerful men who could see into the future. They use manipulation, power, and bullying in order to control the people. 
Even in the early beginning of Christianity, so people were murdered because they did not believe in God, they called the Crusades, which consisted of an ecclesiastical Army named Templar Order. These soldiers spared no means to spread their message and use the Bible as their patron. 

If God is a loving force so it is pretty strange that he has allowed all this to happen, many were calling it that we have free will. It is true that we have free will, but then we would also be free to believe in who we want and not have to be slaves to a force. His son will then have tried to make people discover the love and eternal life by spreading the message among the lost people, he would have carried out acts that no other humans have done before and where to be seen as a heathen of their own and they would sacrifice such a good and loving man, his father had also planned this fate for him. If God is loving why does he want his son to sacrifice his life and become a martyr and create suffering for the people for several thousand years 

I do not believe what's written in the Bible about God or his son, for me, this is designed to affect us humans in his own view of the creators. Looking at the creators and it is creative ability, it is people who have had other intentions than loving. they have created the largest and strongest story that existed in the world even better than their own Roman histroia. In this way it has become one of the world's greatest rulers through all time. 

But how can you find out the truth about our history, it is difficult for all of the writings that come from this period have not been found. Catholic Church (Vatican) conceals a lot of writings from that time. You can see the connection if you believe in the Roman Empire has created the Bible, then understand how it is that the Vatican did not allow themselves to publish writings that can be found there

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  • Much of the bible is filled with distortions and has been twisted by those in power, as you mention and we need to really read between the lines. The Crusades, witch hunts, persecuting scientist, spreading fear propaganda like hell, etc, which were all part of the insanity of this egoistic, monotheistic, hierarchical institution. Those of us who can see through the fearful doctrines can see clearly how we've been lead down the wrong path (into the ditch) that only served those who craved ego domination, power, money, control, etc.

    For me I can clearly see that religion has held me back, far too long, but at the same time if it wasn't for this conditioning, I probably wouldn't have wanted to expand my knowledge and listen to my heart calling me to remember my real higher self, not the sinner that the church preaches in the pulpit... so in that way it was part of my plan to see through, the man- made institution of religion.

    The hands of time have shifted and we can choose to let perfect love dissolved those ego fears.

    Great thoughts friend, lots to wonder about with the Vatican as I wonder if they'll ever release the truths they've suppressed for centuries!

  • You are welcome to access the largest esoteric library available for free. you will beable to find out about our history, and so much more:



  • take a look at this. it will help enlighten you on the whole Jesus myth.


    • you can always use old writing's to try to strengthen a causes but to really no the truth you need to speak with a person that lived in that time, to believed in the books of history is not to finding the truth, all writing´s can and are being used to manipulate the human´s about there true heritage,


  • Ok, just a complaint:

    Why is it that everyone I hear always goes about with "Jesus this, God that, Christianity yadda yadda" and they fail to acknowledge Islam, or Judaism (sort of), or Hinduism, or Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, tribalism, all the -isms you can think of, why is Christianity so talked about, even when there's like at least one BILLION Moslems out there and growing, why?

    It's probably because... most of the people I hear are raised in Christian environs.  Sigh... I don't know, maybe it's just Eurocentrisim to some odd degree, or just a reaction to the environment, but no one that I hear talks about the lies and deciets within, say, the Quran, or the Vedic texts, or how about Confucian prose?  Why is it that the Europeans are so bad?  Some sort of guilt trip?  Did Fransisco Pizarro and his slaughter of a bunch of Native Americans shame us for eternity?  Has the fact that the industrialist capitalists have, by a large majority, a fair skin tone made us hate ourselves by association?  Why do we even think about this?

    I suppose I wandered a bit.  No offense meant, Deelight, it's just I hear way too much about Christianity and its exploits.  Or, perhaps by its believers, its good exploits.  Nostradamus, the Catholic Church, Vatican, Sananda... it's, I don't know, maybe I got something to work about.  I got to stop caring, probably.  Ackknowledge it, but let it pass.

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