Ok This has gotta be the story of the century...

what is going to happen ---on the special moment

the day 12/21/12...

The definative answer--- NO one can say...

Nobody knows

even the Gods and masters dont know.

Its all up to you..

Each one of us...and there is no one who is able to predict...

its only about five more days...

just be patient...

and wait

dont be angry or anxious..

Now we can speculate huh...

we can still discuss what we feel will occur without being pushy with our own vision of the future..

Lets put down ideas and thoughts and discuss it. What do you think will happen.. ?

not fighting about it of course.

What do I Eddie think?

Well I feel whatever we as a group create and individually too

that is the most likely outcome.

If you believe than you will be ascended good luck

if you feel nothing then maybe for you nothing will happen.

Whatever you believe will happen to you...

well thats what will happen

Each one will decide their own destiny.

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  • I'm off to Glastonbury where there are so many gatherings and ceremonies happening everywhere. It's such a sacred beautiful place the energies are awesome you walk around smiling really chilled and happy.I'm going up to enjoy being with happy people all wanting to spread peace and joy and have a good time. That amount of people all wanting a better world focusing on it at the same time can only ever be positive. Every experience I've ever had there has been a beautiful happy one. I'm so happy it's where I'm going to be that night and for the sunrise we will be climbing the Tor with what I'm guessing will be many people. What ever is going to happen that day I'm at the stage of 'Let's have it'.. :)

    • Dearest Louise,

      Enjoy and Yes as Dinesh and Luke Skywalker and hope a lot of us: The Force is always with you.

      Send you a ''little breakfast'' before....8116005269?profile=originalLove and Light,


      • Thanks Ezraka I shall enjoy and you too whatever you may be doing let's make it a fun filled beautiful day much Love back to you :)

    • oh wow! Glastonbury?!  Its were the Mother Earth's Heart Chakra (Love Energy Centre) is located. Have a nice time over there Louise and a lovely weekend on 21/12.


      The Force is always with you.

      Love n Light :)


      • Louise... enjoy every moment of Glastonbury .. I was there in 2010.. I climbed the Tor but there was nobody but me.. it was at about 7pm on a friday summer evening.. I guess because all is happening simultaneously that I am still there in spirit.. lol .. so maybe you will get to see my blueprint walking beside you up that hill .. lol .. 

        well, have a blast in Glasters Louise.. wish I was there in the physical.. and if we don't talk before then, have a brilliant 21st Dec.. I will be in Berlin..  and see you on the other side..

        LOVE in infinite proportions to you and all.. 

        and as Dinesh says .. The Force is always with you... absolutely... 



        • Oh see if I had known you were over I could have met you for Glastonbury I'm there at least 6-8 times a year and I get my water from there fresh from under the Tor there's a spring you can collect it from, so I gather quite a lot. Remember for next time your over and I shall meet you show you some other stuff in Glastonbury. 

          I shall have a great time my 17 year old and 14 year old daughters are coming for this too so a mother and daughters event for us too. I will feel for your blueprint :) and where ever you are have a good time too. Speak soon Luke <3

  • Even before I was introduced to this site I had a feeling that something positive was going to take place. I never felt that it was the rumored "end of the world", but rather the beginning. The closer the date gets, the more calm I feel. :)
    • Dearest  TigerB,

      With all Love and Light,


      • Hah :) Lovely. Thank you.

  • Dear Feather Finger,


    Your picture is extraordinary, it's a complete resume of the actual situation.

    Love and Lignt,


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