8110603484?profile=originalIm sure this asteroid was fling towards earth by the Reptilians. To stop us from ascending and becoming spiritual gods in our nature, by destroying life on earth. They would try any trick in the galaxy to prevent our ascension.

For the Reps and extraterrestrial cabals would be like a movie night, to sit back and enjoy.This is one of the reasons why the Prime Creator design all extraterrestrial beings to live inside their planet, for protection and easier for beings to control the energy flow in the hollow interior of their planet. But the Reps broke many galactic laws through out the galaxy to not intervene with any civilization in the universe. Unless the beings are destroying the planet with chaos everywhere, but that would obviously apply to ET's that are benevolent. Dark ET's such as Reps "Reptilians", Greys, annunaki and etc. They would just want to take over and control the planet, and down grade the population genetically till it becomes a slavery controlled planet. Benevolent ET's would be best for an intervention.

The Reps genetically redesign our 12 strand DNA, down to 2 strands, and from 13 chakra's system, down to  7 chakra's. To adapt to the surface climate changes and conditions, and with these limitless bodies that goes bad every now and then, a gateway to more genetic manipulation. 

The earth rotation gives us night and day, and orbiting around the sun in a custom elliptical orbit, Reps moved the planet for their prefer distance to gives us seasons. An elliptical orbit creates hot and cold seasons, more better for them to control. This is why we live on the surface, cause its a Rep playground, thanks to them, were been open to all and any kind of space threats, making us completely vulnerable. We don't have advanced technology weaponry to defend our selves, from extraterrestrial that are 1000's, millions to billions of super years advanced then us. So mine boggling I can almost faint, we don't stand a chance.

The asteroid was blown up from the inside, shown at the top image by Zorra from Hollow Earth. An image of Zorra is at the bottom. He gives his story on how he stopped that asteroid from impacting earth over Russia. The prime creator "god", got his attention, assuming telepathically sense he’s a 6th dimensional spiritual energy light body human being. And told him "Zorra", that there's a 150mile in diameter rock heading towards earth, and most likely it was going to hit Russia dead on. He got into his 500ft in diameter ship, then caught up to the rock, teleported his ship inside the rock from the back tail end, and expanded his force field to double the size to 1000ft in a split second.

Then exited out through the front of the rock and took off, leaving the force field to continue expanding from the inside and exploded to bus/car size meteors, where it wont be much of a threat to life on earth, and the planet Gaia. He saved billions of lives, other words, one man "a true real super hero not superman", saved the life of every single living life form on this planet.

8110603656?profile=originalIf this rock would have slammed into earth no matter where on the planet, it would have done serious damage at catastrophic proportion.

It would have created a 1000mile wide crater, throwing so much moisture, and dust in to the atmosphere that it cuts off sunlight by covering the whole globe, and lowering temperatures worldwide. Plant, animal and human life forms would have been extinct in less then 2 weeks.

If it impacted in the ocean, there would be 5 to 8 thousand feet walls of tsunami waves,  flooding all the continents world wide. And drowning billions of life forms in a matter of hours, not days or a week if it were to hit land. 

8110602896?profile=originalThis is how the dinosaurs got extinct, by the Reps throwing a rock to eliminate the dino's even though it was their creation in the first place "more like their pets", I guess they were getting bored with the dino's, maybe they were not intelligent Rep pets. So a restart was require for a new creation of species and civilizations on Gaia, this is where Illuminati comes into play.

Well, back to the topic, It would had been a done deal for surface beings. Hit 2 birds with one stone, but its more like 8 billion people with one stone". An asteroid that big traveling at that speed "30,000mph" has the energy roughly equal to a 1 million megaton bomb. It's very likely that an asteroid like this would wipe out most of the life on this planet. And there was another asteroid, and AshtarCommand "Archangel Micheal" took care of this one. As far as the Galactic Federation is concern, this planet is protected 100%.

Zorra                               Zaraya


The far left is Zorra, a 6D human with blue skin and golden hair color. Im not sure if this is exactly how he really looks like color wise. And hes 150,000 yrs old, I think that's body age, not spiritual age.

Zarava is Zorra son. He "Zarava" and his sister was born in hollow earth as 5D human beings, and then sent to the surface at ages 2/3 yrs old, both bro and sis got their 5D spiritual energy removed to adapt to 3D surface negative energy. Then taken to the surface to a park and left them there, but not literally by them selves, they were being watched by their dad. later they both were found and taken to a foster home, this is where they start a new life here on the surface. Growing up and Living as a 3D limited vulnerable bodies. This is the reason why Zaraya looks like he's sick.

Its cause of the bad unhealthy foods, illnesses/diseases and pollution, he lost most of his hair and teeth. Well, they both came to the surface to help us with the ascension because of this control slavery system. So Zorra channels through his son Zaraya and does interviews for humanity on the surface. Zaraya had normal lives going to middle school, dates, working for money and etc. Now he's an engineer in the military science labs. He was also threaten by Illuminati government agents, he said he's always protected, your guns will not fire at all.

When Zaraya awoke this morning and found he had no voice, he was about to call off today's call. Then, Zorra suggested he call Rodney Cluff to see if he could fill in. Click here and listen to the first 10/15 minutes of the audio.

Most importantly, we are alive and well, so lets live and move on and focus on ET contact and our spiritual ascension to 5D. In becoming a galactic human "members of the Galactic Federation of Light"

Sorry no link to this article, I free written it, so excuse my bad spelling.

Love and light to all of you, my brothers and sisters.

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  • The facts and figures of this meteor: it was approximately 15 meters -20 meters---50 feet -56 feet in diameter and weighed around 10,000 tons--likely a stony nickle-iron meteorite with an extremely high density. This meteor and it’s effects–by the numbers–makes perfect scientific sense. Based on the trajectory of the fireball, analysts have also plotted its orbit, and have been able to conclude that it came from the asteroid belt, about 2.5 times farther from the sun than Earth.

    The meteor over Chelyabinsk caused three blasts of different power. The first explosion was the most powerful, and was preceded by a bright flash, which lasted about five seconds. Initial altitude estimates ranged from 30–70 km, with an explosive equivalent of roughly 300-500 kilotonnes of TNT (2,100 TJ),[18][30] and the hypocentre of the explosion was to the south of Chelyabinsk, in Yemanzhelinsk and Yuzhnouralsk.

     It struck Earth's atmosphere at 40,000 mph (18 km/s) and broke apart about 12 to 15 miles (20 to 25 km) above Earth's surface. The density of the atmosphere and the height of the air burst, the atmosphere fortunately absorbed most of the explosion's energy,  it also causes drag and slows the object down as well as breaking it up. It may only be traveling a thousand mph or so at impact.

    The physical effects of a 500 kiloton blast at 90,000 feet would look and feel exactly as it did. It seemed lower than it was in the video because it was so intensely burning. The size of the pocket of superheated, ionized gas around the shock boundary was many times larger than the object itself. The human eye simply wouldn’t be able to detect an object 56′ in diameter (stationary or moving) at 90,000 feet, but something burning up at potentially Mach 57 (44,000 mph) is quite another story.

    That blast was from the sheer density of the object. It may have only been appox...56 feet in diameter, but it weighed more than a Ticonderoga class missile cruiser! When you put size and density into perspective it's easy to see how a 10,000 ton rock hurtling through the atmosphere at 44,000 mph could result in a 300-500 kiloton blast.

    There are estimated 5-10 meteors of this kind of  size which strike Earth every couple months but luckily the vast majority of them are over oceans or polar regions where they go unnoticed by the population. We have entered into the debris belt…..There will be more of these rocks coming inbound.

    Now at the same time…..A near-Earth asteroid swept safely past Earth on February 15, 2013, and astronomers in many parts of the world were ready with cameras and video equipment. At its closest to us, asteroid 2012 DA14 was within the orbit of the moon (which averages about a quarter million miles away), and closer than some high-orbiting communications satellites. Its closest point was about 17,200 miles (27,680 kilometers) away. The asteroid was not visible to the eye as it sped harmlessly past, but earthly cameras captured it, and millions watched online in real time.

    Asteroid 2012 DA14 is little, compared to some asteroids. It is thought to be about nearly 150 feet across, or about the length of half an American football field. Its estimated mass is about appox..130,000 metric tons.

    If a space object 150 feet wide were to strike our planet, it wouldn’t be Earth-destroying. But it has been estimated that it would produce the equivalent of 2.4 megatons of TNT. How does that compare with other known impact events on Earth? In 1908, in a remote part of Russia, an explosion killed reindeer and flattened trees. But no crater was ever found. Scientists now believe a small comet struck Earth.

    That event has been estimated at 3 to 20 megatons. So 2012 DA14 is in the same approximate realm as the Tunguska comet (which, actually, might have been an asteroid instead). It would not destroy Earth, nor would it produce 5 to 8 thousand foot Tsunami’s if it water,  but it certainly could flatten a city. Of course, about 70% of our world is covered by oceans. That means the most likely landing spot of any incoming asteroid is in the water – not on a city or other populated area.

    Only hours before this asteroid’s closest approach to Earth, a meteor exploded in the air over Russia. Although asteroids are known to sometimes have their own moons, or travel in swarms, NASA later said the meteorite was not associated with asteroid 2012 DA14, but it could have been equally as well.

    Perhaps the ‘story’, quite imaginative I will add…..was the asteroid, as it is similar in size to his interesting story……and the fellow may have just became a little confused, after all the two things happening at once, funny how even ET did not see this one coming and stopped well before it got as far as the earth’s atmosphere.

    There will always be extraordinary conspiracy theories surrounding extraordinary natural events, but they also require extraordinary evidence to back them up. This wasn't a wayward UFO, it wasn't a military experiment gone awry, and it was not intercepted by a UFO nor was it one of the Decepticons coming from the dark side of the moon.

    Chelyabinsk will go down in the history books as one of the most well documented cases of a meteor strike on record.

    Fact can be stranger than fiction that is for sure. Yet nature also has a way of being stranger then both fact or fiction!

  • First off, I would have to believe in Reptilians and other negative beings existing to do such things.  So far the only negative beings I have heard of are humans!

  • What if... we are crazy but dont know it. i mean.. aliens blowing up asteroids and hollow earth inhabitants. Just consider it.

  • If it is true then I want to thank Zorra on behalf of earth people for his generous effort..........

    • Beloved Terence Lee,


      You can watch the interception of the asteriod with a mothership which appearred suddenly behind the asteriod. And when it exited from the asteriod, a huge explosion was seen.  This was actually what took place - the truth. Search for Russia asteriod and you will find it.


      The silly things was some claimed that NASA intercepted the asteriod with rocket (I don't think we have this kind of advanced technologies yet).  Some even claimed that it was intercepted by remote controlled airplace (this is even more silly and unlogical cause the speed of the airplace do not come near to the speed of the asteriod at all - one to million in comparsion).  The most disturbing thing is when I showed my friends that intercept video, nobody seems to believe it - they said the video was done using computer graphics software.  Hahahahahaha!!!!  What else do the human believe in?


      Check these videos out :-




      PS : They RISKED their lives to intercept the asteriod for the love of humanity.  A MILLION, A TRILLION THANKS TO ALL THOSE ONBOARD THE MOTHERSHIP THAT DAY!


      May the LOVE be with you always.

      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

      • True. I did see and understand the sacrifice of lightworkers. Love reigns with us.

  • Beloved ETFirstContact,


    I read this month ago and the message from Archangel Michael that they were the Pleiadians who stopped the Russia's asteriod.  And now Zorra claimed to be the one who done that - so who is behind all these?  Or Zorra and his teams are Pleiadians.  No matter who is the group that saved us from this madness, I like to extend my gratitude for their kind and generous assistance to the mankind.  Without their firm protections and loves for humanity, I don't think we can survice for so long.  But one question arised from this - why didn't they prevent the asteriod from entering the Earth's atmosphere?  They should had destroyed it before the asteriod come near to Earth - in this case, no death will occurr. 


    May the LOVE be with you always.

    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

    • Piperon:  Maybe they wanted people to see it.

      • Beloved Darkstar, but still people tend to deny it - there is one here already.  This is what I always tell people - if you don't believe there is life out there in space in another dimension, then even if the real Jesus will to stand infront of you - you will dishonour him too.  This is what human usually do, hahaha!


        Human : I don't believe thing I dont see with my eye.

        Piperon : So, you don't believe I can see those invisible ghost or spirit?

        Human : Unless I see them myself, I will believe it.

        Piperon : So, can you see Air or Wind?

        Human : No, of course I can't!

        Piperon : But do they exist?

        Human : Yes, of course!

        Piperon : But they are invisible!!!!


        May the LOVE be with you always.

        Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.



        • Hi dear Piperon.....Well I know there is life out there for definite, I've also seen ghosts and something that I would possible say was spirits that was of an undefined origin, I can see/hear feel the air and wind in amazing Technicolor and strange natural forming geometrical designs depending on the intensity of the wind and its direction. The sky is a mass of colours and patterns like an aurorae, even in the day time, I have seen and know things that even you may not believe...... as for Jesus not met the guy yet...if I did I'd certainly smile say hi,  and ask a few well thought out questions, because I'm well aware that you must ask the right questions to get the answer that you require. 

          However in this case that facts are as they are, no matter which way it is analysed the guy is talking fantasy, but no amount of reasonable reasoning will ever be adequate for those who are transfixed by their own reality, misguided or otherwise, there will always be those who rant, rave and of course politely debate that the sources of their beliefs and info is absolute. That in the end it is their own world and decision, but with that they are bound by their own fibres and may prevent them from seeing beyond what they see.......


           Ps...did not know you played a flute, love the sound colours and textures that this instruments emits when played correctly.

This reply was deleted.

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