The Truth about Father/Mother God


The Truth about Father/Mother God.

By Earth Allies David and Chellea


Through the light worker groups, The Prime Creator is very well known, and All intend to Serve. But many truly don't know, or won't except, the truth. We all know Prime Creator as, Source, The All. But something very important has been forgotten.

Everyone on this earth has a Twin Flame. One Male and One Female, which complete the One soul. Prime Creator is also Twin Flames, our Father and our Mother. The very first Twin Flames. Together they make the creator. Our parents birthed us into creation as One soul. We then chose, to experience the male/female in separate form, as The Creator did. Keeping the male and female forms, throughout our many lives, we have incarnated.

Many ancient prophecies, talk about Father God, But having been manipulated to keep us blind as far as Mother God. The indigenous, have kept most of their prophecies in truth, by keeping the stories alive. Through many eon's they have passed down these prophecies, from generation to generation, to help us Ready ourselves for the current moments. Many of the indigenous Prophecies speak of Mother God, Calling her by many different names, like ”White Buffalo Calf Woman” from the Lakota, and (Grandmother) Spider Woman from the Hopi. Also in many of the prophecies such as the Hopi, state that Mother God will incarnate on earth to lead her children into the 5th world (5D). (Reference threads of the spiderwoman These truths have greatly been hidden. We have even been told by the Angels and The Masters, that we are to meet our Celestial and our Space Families. They have told us this through many different channels. Many are now coming forward and excepting that Mother god is now on the earth.

During these changing moments, our Mother and Father God, have indeed incarnated on this earth, as the twin flame union. Their connection was the turning point for humanity. By Them making the Twin flame connection, it ensured That humanity was ready to awaken.

Our creator, Father/Mother God, is here. They are calling for you, to come home, to heaven on earth and Love everywhere present. Our Mother and Father are here to serve humanity and to assist their children in the ascension into fully conscious beings. To bring us Truth. To bring us Our Royal Birth Right, To bring us to the knowing of our true selves, The Gods we are. They wish us to know that we are equal to them in every way, They are our true family and They Love all humanity, Unconditionally

As the events unfold, the truth will become more clear for those still holding on to old beliefs. To step into the 5D consciousness means, to Except the real truth, as it comes forward.

It's up to us to make the choice whether to except these truths as they come. It's the moment, to choose Love or Fear/EGO. The Fear/Ego cannot enter into Full Consciousness/5D. The ones who except the real truth will move forward into bringing Heaven on earth. United as one consciousness. One with all that is and One with our creator, Mother and Father God. It's the moment, to truly wake up. The urgency of this fact has greatly been manipulated. Time is running out. Soon time won't exist, as the illusion fades. Are you ignoring the truth, because of an EGO that just won't except it, Or are you ready to experience The real truth?

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