It is disappointing to me when I see people charging these astronomical amounts to do DNA Activations when in fact, it is only YOU -Your Higher Self that has this control and power. What so many do not understand is that it is within yourselves to do these activations -Why would you give this power away to any other person?! -And it only takes two things; BOTH of which are part of your multidimensional nature. The 1st is your connection to your Highest Self or your God Self and that is your Divine Willpower. The other is your connection to your Higher Self or your Soul Self and that is your Deliberate Intent. It is the KNOWING of God as through your Sacred Mind and your true Soul's FEELING as through your Sacred Heart that unlocks ALL these so called "Starseed/DNA Activations" which are absolutely already within each and every one of us as little light packets within own brains and bodily structures and you need for no other than yourselves to activate these hidden aspects of your multidimensional SELF as a Cosmic BEING.

Now you ask, is this true?! And if so, why would so many people be charging such astronomical fees for a service they are not even doing, nor is there any way for them to prove or disprove this. Or is there? Yes there certainly IS a way to KNOW within yourself and I suggest you check out my Purity Check for invaluable tools to discern the one Truth in this matter as in the inner planes, there are no manipulations or trickery aloud into the ascended dimensions. So why do these people charge so much? Well they do, because they can -because people pay them. That is their free will choice to follow the old paradigm, but this only empowers and strengthens the denser vibrations of the old world in which one seeks out abundance in forms of material and/or monetary value. All the while in the inner or ascended planes, the true form of abundance manifests as ALL THAT IS which comes in forms of friendship, kindness, giving, etc.. as there is simply no use for money in the inner planes. And those whom are grasping for an attachment to monetary gains not only stunt their own spiritual growth, but they directly slow the very expansion of the cosmos and in this case, they're literally empowering a world that is fading into oblivion. So long as these people chose to stay in this 3rd/4th dimensional capitalist mindset, they will never be ascending, because Spiritual Law states that THERE MUST NEVER BE PLACED A PRICE ON TRUTH for one thing and there will eventually come a time where these people will be forced to either play according to the rules or be taken to another world in which they will have the opportunity to sort out their duality in their own time. Now don't get me wrong here. Money is absolutely still part of the world and abundance can certainly come in the form of money, but not at the expense of others. That is the difference here.

Now is the time to look within! You see, as we are in meditation/prayer, we are all feeling specific sensations, individual to each our own experience. These are upgrades to your DNA and to the physical make up of your body, changing the density of ALL that which makes up your body. We do not need anyone, but our own selves to unlock and activate ALL THAT WE ARE. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different and specific to each and every single being as we each have our own individual lives, our individual personality and our individual Karmic history to clear and balance.

And we already have our guides and Angels waiting to assist us. Your own intuition will always provide you with that most accurate truth. Yes, of course it is most important to ask your own self through your own heart 1st and to trust in this beyond that of any other source, but it is still important to ask for help. We are moving into a time where all our brothers and sisters will be equally overjoyed to assist one another at the drop of a hat, but nobody likes to be "told" anything. That is why it is important to ask, because asking opens the door for that energetic exchange of Spirit. This is what True Abundance is! ALL THAT IS; providing all the answers you seek through the overwhelming and unconditional love of Spirit that flows within each of us. The more you ask your own higher self, the more you begin to channel Spirit, yet the more you ask others for assistance, the more Spirit flows through those that choose to answer your call. So you see, you do everyone a great service by asking for assistance as each and every time you do, you are expanding the cosmos with the love and light of Spirit/Source/Creator/God. It is only those feelings of unworthiness that holds you back from ALL THAT YOU ARE. ASK ASK ASK! -AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN! So long as you are asking from the heart, in grace and humility, your answers may come from your guardians, your guides, a specific Angel, your Higher Self or even a friend, but that's the beauty of asking; you may just ask a question that someone else has not yet thought to ask and in doing so, you are gifting them the abundance of knowing more of ALL THAT IS all the same. Yet there are still so many that put a monetary value on Truth and in doing so, they surrender their humble nature to greed and place themselves back into the prison system that no longer has to exist other than within the minds of those refusing to release their own attachments to duality.

This time is about YOU and your personal journey to self mastery. Your job is to BE! -Be a beacon of light and to focus on YOU and your personal experience. Continue looking within your heart and Ask! Ask all those questions that you seek answers for and they will be provided for you. You are integrating the Divine Will of your God Self, discerning your Soul's Deliberate Intent and becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE -A Cosmic BEING! There is an overwhelming force of pure Light(KNOWING) and Love(FEELING) that you must now allow to poor into your incarnate BEING, all in a specific order and pace, individual to your personal experience and overseen by your Higher Self. As your Free Will is now transmuting into a Divine Will expression of Prime Creator/Spirit/Source/God, you must take great care of guiding your own awareness into an expansion of consciousness.

Through consistent meditation/prayer, you are receiving a great deal of light codes that are breaking open and unlocking the many dormant light packets in your brain and bodily structures, ultimately upgrading your DNA. Take time to examine these new aspects of your being. Continually seek deeper within and ask your Higher Self what those new feelings and sensations mean to your personal experience and you will begin to gain great clarity and remember who you are/who you have been. You will begin to trust in your instinctual process of once again discerning your emotions as the signals they are to unlocking your inner most true feelings.

Each breakthrough of understanding that comes to you whether in meditation or simply going about your day then becomes part of a new and renewed YOU. This process unlocks an exponential wave of expansion within you such as a long line of dominoes falling down as each breakthrough piece that falls against the next is knocking on the door of yet another breakthrough waiting to BE -waiting to be opened -waiting to become part of you! So many look upon the unlocking process of ascension as a great task in picking up up the many missing pieces of your being as a whole, but the process does not have to be a struggle by any means! It is meant to be a beautiful and joyous expression of returning to Spirit, so let those pieces simply fall into you as naturally as gravity, my friends. Then ask what those next set of sensations and emotional signals means to you each time they arise. Ask from the heart and from a place of grace and humility and in your own instinctual process of discernment, you will reintegrate more and more of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Now is the time to truly look within with absolute loving acceptance and openness to what you uncover as some of it will be difficult to assimilate, however ALL of it will return your BEING to the natural resonance of the love and light of Spirit. Those more difficult to accept aspects of yourself, are simply your past mistakes, but what makes them difficult to look at is that it creates an emotional uneasiness within you which is the process of self-judgment, the only judgment that is constructive judgment, because each and every mistake we make teaches us a new level of mastery on our personal journey in ascension, IF we are willing to transmute those darker aspects of ourselves back into resonance with Spirit. That is why it is so important to ask from the heart in grace and humility as those of us humble in nature can much more easily learn through their own grace, but those who do not remain humble, do not expand anything other than the very shackles they create for themselves. While each and every one of us are in our Lord's loving embrace, we are always forgiven before we ever made any of those mistakes, so through the process of self-judgment, we must find forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves in ALL THAT WE ARE. And in this humility, we discover our sovereignty and reclaim our birthright as Cosmic Beings.

There is a process of looking within to expand your conscious awareness, to merging your sub-conscious and those higher aspects of your Soul Self and God Self with the lower four physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies. ALL THAT YOU ARE must come into balance. This is a personal process of ascension and different for everyone. And you must begin to recognize this balance as a trinity in every aspect of your BEING and ALL THAT IS, starting with Father God/Mother God and YOU. This trinity is everywhere, such as in the Sun, the Moon and Gaia. It is the Sacred Mind, the Sacred Heart and the Living Incarnation. It is in the Light of your Highest Self, the Grounded Strength below and your "I AM Presence". It is the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and Procreated Child. You must recognize the KNOWING of the Light, the FEELING of the Love and the Joy of BEING, and in this synergy, you have the base tools to ascension and this is the formula to unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Accessing your Divine Willpower once again must be a goal of your immediate future so that you can move out of your current illusory manifest experience and once again rejoice into the higher frequencies that are already part of this world. Willpower is what drives you to move forward from one moment to the next, but this is a Brain-Based Programmed description. What you need is your Divine Willpower which is your connection to your Highest (GOD)Self, or your KNOWING and you must combine your Divine Willpower with your Deliberate Intent which is your connection to your Higher (SOUL)Self, or your FEELING in order to create a new state of BEING. And in your reconnection to the KNOWING of your Sacred Mind and the FEELING of your Sacred Heart, you will begin resonating Love once again back into your every "Now Moment" experience.

And Unconditional Love is balancing the Highest Self/SPIRIT(KNOWING) with the Higher Self/SOUL(FEELING) and then bringing those inner/higher dimensional aspects down into your incarnate nature, creating a Trinity of KNOWING, FEELING & BEING or in other words, SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY. This state of "BEING" is Unconditional Love Incarnate! Mastering this Trinity within as a "Living Meditation" will bring your personal ascension process rapidly forward! But you MUST rise above the old Brain-Based Programming, summon your Divine Willpower, once again THINKING through the Sacred Mind and then begin FEELING with your Deliberate Intent of the Sacred Heart before you can truly begin manifesting a different outcome from your current stagnation in which you may find yourself recycling those very same energetic patterns again and again, one day after another. You are NOT a robot! Why do you accept that "bad dream" as your fate?! YOU choose your experience! You must detach from those programmed labels stating that you are anything less than an infinitely powerful creator being and return to your natural state of BEING once again. And when YOU ARE PRESENT in that "Now Moment" you really and truly are an unconditional loving BEING.

And in this state of BEING, in Unconditional Love, you will also find that you have regained your Faith, which will then begin returning to your daily experience, not only Faith in your connection to your Higher Self/SOUL, but especially Faith in your connection to your Highest Self/SPIRIT/God. Faith is retaining this Knowing within that all our desires and aspirations will be fulfilled through the power of Nature and/or the Laws of the Universe. Faith is one of those things that simply cannot be learned, or taught. It can only be experienced, or chosen through your connection to Divine Willpower and your Deliberate Intent. Just as with happiness, Faith is a choice, but more than simply choosing to be happy, it requires much more than the absolute loving acceptance of ALL THAT IS. Faith is surrendering to the Knowing that your happiness will indeed continue beyond the "Now Moment" allowing us to truly become ALL THAT WE ARE.

So there you have it, between YOUr Divine Willpower and YOUr Deliberate Intent, you are each an Infinitely Powerful Creator Being that manifests ALL THAT YOU ASPIRE TO BE as an Individual Incarnate Expression of Prime Creator. This "Living Meditation" is a state of BEING in balance with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT YOU ARE and in practice, this can be achieved in YOUr every present "Now Moment" as YOUr natural state of BEING/Becoming a Cosmic Being. This “Living Meditation” involves YOUr God Self, YOUr Soul Self and YOUr Incarnate Self. YOUr DNA activations, YOUr Akashic History, YOUr Emotional Blocks, etc.. are all personal and individual to YOU! Sure, perhaps you can have someone tell you another aspect of YOUrSELF, but until you truly remember for YOUrSELF, it is useless information. Why would you pay money for information that you must eventually remember in your own time regardless? Until you truly begin looking within and Trusting in YOUr own intuition and Inner SELF, you will not ascend as that IS ascension, my dear friends. It is a process of looking within YOUrSELF. Nowhere in this process is there a need for another being as each and every individual is responsible for their own Ascension, their own Mastery and their own Free Will to call upon their Guides and Angels for assistance. It is time to take advantage of the incredible energies flowing throughout Gaia and to reunite with one’s Soul Self through their journey back to Spirit.

All my love and adoration, Jacob

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Dear Heart, you are very welcome! :) So with this wisdom, now you know the value of discovering the Truth within YOUrSELF, as that is where it truly lies. ;) Once you realize this, you are emPOWERed! <3 jacob

  • I really can feel the love emanating from your words my friends and it is almost addictive(more yes than no) to be in connection with such fields of energy as my environment lacks such , and so do I. But Im learning :) 

    Greetings and may the Eterenal Light of Love gently shine upon each and every one you ! Hugs!

  • If it means something to you, I feel you are speaking to me with this "I think I know what you are talking about in this way.....for sometime now I've felt like I was replying here not only to posts....but to questions of the unseen people here.....the ones who read but rarely speak....I felt a pull.....hard to describe....."

    Sometimes I ask questions to myself and get a response from a highly unbelieveable (faraway) source. But the one thing i seem to hardly ever do is follow those answers. Seems like I can't get enough strength or faith to proceed with my plans(so to speak in reference to what i feel within my heart I should do). It feels like I am awakening but also feeling weak and exhausted, and when I compare my situation to people who surround me, I see that they are playing their role (as we all do) but they do not understand what I am talking about and so far none of them can help me. Moreover, the feeling of unworhiness comes along with the fact that I see the guiding light calling me while I am unable (for whatever reason) to step up and walk towards it. Something like "I do not deserve to be called if I cannot respond to the call". But I feel that I am being invited to share myself with the world, it just seems so hard when I think of so many obstacles like living with people who show grreat signs of fear even when I scratch the surface of spiritual nature. That problem is mine, as I alone need to change but the circumstances make me feel so so lonely... I dont usually write here( one of those that Lori mentioned) and this is came from heart. Bless you all brothers and sisters ...LOVE   

  • It is remote magnetic resonance healing. This is what my healing practice is all about Lori. I write all about how this works in my many blogs on my website. It is certainly no coincidence that you are understanding how you have been doing this all along as through our conversation you see, because this is the very underlying goal I have for all those in correspond with, whether they simply read my words from a distance or we share many emails, or if we do the actual remote magnetic resonance healing sessions together, I am aware of the exchange of energy between all these souls. And as through my emails, my healing sessions, I teach that you all have this ability and that you do this every day. You only need to become aware of this and then to practice it as a "Living Meditation" and then not only are you able to heal your own self, but you are able to heal all those you interact with simply by being aware of and feeling their energy. That is the emPOWERment that I offer to all those I interact with. That is what I have been doing with you through our energetic exchange of ABUNDANCE. You see, that IS TRUTH, Lori. It is realized within YOU. All I did was illuminate it by reflecting this Truth back at you so that you then allowed it "to crystalize" within you. Now you know. Now you can deliberately heal and interact with all those souls you come in contact with. And in practice, you will be able to do this unbound by space and time. You already ARE doing that more advance healing as well, Lori. You just need to allow YOUrSELF to be aware of this.

    Today, I am overjoyed! I would like to meet you in the inner planes, hold you hand in hand and sing and dance with you in our own circle of celebration of this realization / crystalization. :) Here's to the every greater joy within you! <3 Jacob

  • I hope I'm not butting in too much here, but there IS something you can do to dull out smost of that discomfort you feel in crowds, and maybe all of it!

    Go to the website and download the free harmonic shield.  Check out the website because this man, Mashhur Anam, sees 5th dimensional equasions and algorrthms and has figured out how to program and give them to you to help yourself.  The more you work with the Harmonic Shield, the more powerful it becomes.   I have a friend who is ultra sensitive to electronic fields, and she is almost trapped in her own home because of the pain involved by being around cell phones, TV, computers, and so on.  She also downloaded the harmonic shield, which forms into a merkaba around you.  It helped her a lot.  I put my shield about the both of us one day as an experiment, and lo and behold, it almost totally relieved her discomfort.  Now when I check with her, she will ask me to throw my shield around her as well. I set it up to run a week at a time now.  I have the shield around me, but then I throw another around the two of us...distance doesn't seem to matter either. 

    Mashhur also has a section with classes and talks, some free and some not.  If you check out the whole class information and recordings, he has some free ones where you can listen in, and he opens many of the holographic programs in you for free, which is very helpful to release density and distortions.  His vibration is very, very high, and I trust his work.  Good Luck!

    • Never feel shy about shining your light when you are ready to express ALL THAT YOU ARE! :) Thank you for your additions to ALL THAT IS! This is very accurately what I was referring to with our conversation between Lori and myself, We are ALL waking up to our highest potential now. There was a reason you felt like sharing this information -I believe it comes from a place of wishing the highest good for ALL THAT IS. And that will always be rewarded, Lady-C! Thank you! ;) <3

      I have some personal tools that I use as well. I like to create a Golden Shield, somewhat similar to those weapons of our Galactic Federation brothers in which they DO NO HARM, yet destroy ANY AND ALL EVIL that passes through the blast. ;) My shield is the same way except it works in such way as defensively ONLY rather than a passive-aggressive standpoint, if that makes sense. ;) 

      However, some pain still comes through, but this is necessary as to knowing those signals of which those around me are feeling. This is part of our DNA you see, so to deny that aspect of who we are would be similar to putting out a piece of that fire that blazes so brilliantly from within. The thing is, if those pains were coming from a place of malicious intent, I would never feel it as my shield destroys ANY AND ALL EVIL. Those pains are the same as if my own higher self sent me a warning in the form of an emotional signal that something was wrong or out of balance within my BEING. Except that in these cases it is the collective consciousness as a whole that I am tapped into in which these discomforts resonate as a signal to alert me that there is an imbalance. 

      Although most people do not understand that their personal imbalances must be solved internally, they tend to project their discomforts or conflicts outwards out of ignorance, but this is simply part of their learning process -part of the healing of our collective consciousness as a whole since we have all been out of sync for eons. And part of my role is to be aware of these imbalances and to help to correct them within the Sacred Hearts and Sacred Minds of others. I don't mind this. I am overjoyed to do this. It is who I AM. :) I usually only have to speak to these individuals in the inner planes and then their Higher Selves show them where they made that mistake and in turn they begin their own personal process of healing, specific to their own individual experiences. And through their realignment to ALL THAT IS, then all the collective comes one step closer back into balance and alignment, you see? ;)

      We are returning to a collective co-creative consciousness in which "One for All, and All for One" truly IS a magic miracle of daily Living Reality. Everyone is returning to that drive to assisting for the greatest good of ALL THAT IS. Just as with your aspirations to help Lori and myself, Lady-C! Embrace this light within you, okay! Don't ever feel like your voice is not significant! You are one-of-a-kind just as are we all! You are irreplaceable! No-one has your specific frequency that plays your special note in the grand symphony of incarnate life. Without your input, someone else would be forced to fill in for that missing note, or instrument if you will and who then will play that individual's note, and so on down the line. The ever-greater expansion of the Cosmos is all about expanding ALL THAT IS and we do this by expanding ALL THAT WE ARE! The time to shy away and hold back the light within out of fear of being attacked is a thing of the past as this has a dimming domino effect on souls. 2012 has come and gone and we are now in the photon belt that which is creating an upward spiral of creation in which souls are to be encouraged to speak from their shining light within rather than dimming down the line as I explained. For even those that may have attacked the light in months passed are now feeling the acceptance of ALL THAT IS within Humanity alike. 

      Our Living Galaxy is in the process of taking one very long deep breath, my sisters! Think about what happens when you take a deep breath... You get "Light-Headed!" And what IS "Light-Headed" really ladies other than being FULL of Light?! No wonder people pass out sometimes! Hahahaha Breathe Deeply... Enjoy! I AM! ;)

  • I don't see it as credit should be given to anyone other than the one realizing their own lessons as well. That is how it is seen on the inner planes as well. There is no credit given for people speaking truth. I am happy you see this too. That is nonsense, eh?

    And for those who get angry over claiming ownership for thinking of a certain thought before another, are only holding up the expansion of ALL THAT IS, especially ALL THAT THEY ARE, because TRUTH truly IS all pervading and ever abundant. Not only that, but it ALL comes from the same place, unbound by space and time, so the idea that one person thought of something 1st is really silly. 

    We are BOTH empathetic and telepathic Lori. You seem to have a little more of the telepathic gifts than empathetic however, but they will BOTH come to full fruition in time, so long as you are humble and are willing to learn through grace as you DO. I hope that helps. 

    You are very wise indeed -an old soul, as are all the ground crew, but many resonate with you, because you are picking up on those unanswered questions that are "coming up" so to speak. That is why people read you and appreciate what you have to say, because you are channeling your higher self in response to questions people are asking on the inner planes outside of space and time, so that when they get to the posts of which you and I are writing, they get the answers they are looking for. See how it works? 

    I also have the empathy working in FULL EFFECT, Lori! Sometimes this can be extremely painful as people tend to put each other in their own boxes when they interact with one another. What I mean by that is that they hold strong attachments to those they interact with with tightly knotted cords. This creates a conditional relationship based on each person's attachments to their own illusory duality in which places the one their are interacting with in a prison of sorts. And that is not good. It is NOT unconditional love. And in this way, whenever I am being placed in another person's illusion as part of their attachment to their own reality and how they see I must fit into that reality to suit their beliefs, this creates a devastating affect in which case causes a deep burning pain in the corresponding location of my body they're resonating with. In a way it is black magic, but only to the sense that it is due to 3rd and 4th dimensional programming of the past eons. Of course these dear soul no not what they do. That is when I come in and work with them on the inner planes along with their guides and ask their Angels to help them after I assist them to the greatest good I can at that time. Then I cut cords and move on to the next soul. haha

    Let me assure you, the responsibilities only increase exponentially as you ascend into the inner planes just as the need for assistance grows around those you are able to assist in these new ways. And I am overjoyed to do this. ;) <3 Jacob

  • Well you see, the partial-truths are the dangerous and damaging part. And the damage done by those channels was reflected by the several thousands of souls that committed suicide on the 22nd or shortly after. That is the proof of their malicious intent. The fact that some truths are coming through as well only hides their malicious intent, you see. Plus all the partial truths that DO come through those channels are already available in the few or several now channels that are speaking in purity, such as you and I, Clifford. ;) Other than that, those same half-truths channels are only spouted off the same partials as they every were. There are only a very few that are truly offering genuine TRUTH and updated TRUTH as to those alternating and shifting timelines. Those others speaking half-truths cannot keep up with the shifting timelines as their connection to TRUTH is subtle at best. 

  • So long as you are sorted and in peace with YOUrSELF, I am happy and content with our exchange of abundance however you see it internally. ;) 

    Keep in consideration Lori, I am writing to many many souls when I write. I only spoke to you about one single point personally that I pointed out. However you receive this information is within your own personal experience of reflection. I only speak as through my Higher Self guidance, okay. 

    <3 Jacob 

  • I think you mean Empathy. This is my experience as well. I can feel what people will respond to what I write to them before I eve write the words. I speak to their higher selves as through feeling and then listen to what they tell me depending on what I write to them. In this way I am able to provide the very best information for them that is in their highest good intentions and for the greatest good of all those others that may read it in the future here as I feel these people's responses to my words before I write them as well. It does not matter if they read my words minutes later, or months later, I feel them ALL as though I speak to them in real time. That is why I am able to offer such incredible breakthroughs for so many, and often without them even realizing I did so. ;) However it is not about gaining a following and all about reflecting Truth so that they are all empowered to the best possible outcome of each and every exchange of energy. :) <3 Jacob

This reply was deleted.

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