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We live in a material world dominated by division and egotism.


Every one that WITH SINCERITY seeks the truth WILL find it, after all we want to  walk the same path (the path of the sublime truth). 


Just as the truth frees us from ignorance and by extention the effects of maya, operating in the truth and the divine order we aqquire the tools for controlling the reality.


Selfishness is the core bondage of the illusion. The ego ptretend to turn us into the ignorance and divicion. Thats why the best way of receiving enlightment is the pure service to the great architect.


That accion has a double purpose 1 personal grouth 2 add your part to the divine order of happennings, your dutie for the future happenings....  


Don't pretend to acquire the power of traveling faster than the light in order to serve our master. He will provide us the tools as needed.


In other words; are you dealing with the self in behave of enlightening? good..... NOW DEAL WITH THE WORLD THAT WE DECIDED TO EXIST NOW AND HERE!!!!

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