The soul, or spirit, the essence of the being is created in a special place. They are grown by Gods gardeners! We like to describe it like this for it is such a fruitful place, a place of wonder and beauty a true heaven. They are grown from Gods love, from Gods power, from divine light and energy. We cannot (and will not attempt to) describe this any further at this stage as we just cannot. We cannot give you any further definition other than to say it is God and Gods divine energy that produces the souls that traverse the universe, through space and time. Man is made in Gods image is a popular saying, this is true. Think of it like this, God is a firework which throws off sparks. A soul being is the spark of the firework, a tiny spark which is a fragment of God and it glows brightly. It is a part of the whole, but it becomes its own bright light. This is how a soul is - and they are born for want of a term. And we nurture them, we grow them and cultivate them. We feed them love, and worth frequencies the goodness of the universe, until they mature enough to form a consciousness, and this goes on and on. New souls are being created all the time and we look after them here, (we... there are special workers who do this).

When a soul (some call spirit being) reaches a particular point in maturity/development, choices come into play. There is much guidance given, but choices are there to be made like a teenager with a parent wondering where he or she will go to college, or what job they will take. Consciousness is formed well at this point, but there is a soul journey in play. At first, at the very beginning, the soul being wants to explore and find out. There is much desire and thirst for knowledge. But then mostly (through progression and incarnation) the consciousness becomes programmed through experience, to the point where it begins to feel detached from its soul and starts to feel separated. At this point a soul being desires to be reunited with its maker, to feel the essence of God again, to feel oneness with the universe. And this is the true nature of evolution, to become one with God. To merge with God and to also remain individual, a creator.

You may apply many beliefs to God and to what God may or may not be. Again, no definition we give you will help you here, God is relevant to the person, to the being, and will mean different things to different people depending on perspective, belief systems and programming and the stage of your soul journey. So we will not dwell here on the nature of God, but save this point and ponder it later.

At this point of maturity, the soul being may decide how they would like to move through time and space, how they would like to evolve. Many will progress to the celestial realms, where angels live and work, for example. There are many, many different realms, different planes of existence. Some are more gentle than others, and the gentle track is like the tortoise. It is slow, but worthy nevertheless. Others may choose a faster track.

The fast track of experience through the physical realms. Many opt for this track, it is the most worthy of all to exist and coped within the physical dimensions, around the physical planes of the planets. And there is a queue for this. Many are eager to come into the physical to experience. At this point, certain plans are put into play. Certain co-ordinates or targets to meet.

Each soul being is assigned helpers and workers who may change from time to time, but mostly they are partnered for eternity. Choice is there for the soul being, but direction is given again, like a loving parent would try to guide his/her child. You want the best for them, but you know that the only real way they can learn is through their personal experience. Although you hope that they will listen and take notice of you. And so, with the freedom of choice, many soul beings choose the process of incarnation into the physical.

Incarnation is rapid progress for soul evolution, even though in relative terms we are talking hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. It is still relatively quick in the grand scheme of things. When a being first incarnates into the physical, a veil of forgetfulness is drawn across the consciousness that is awake. There is a sleeping consciousness that interacts with the celestial and spiritual realms (the non physical), but the wakeful consciousness is asleep. The soul being is born into the physical world through selected parents. All is carefully orchestrated, carefully planned but then again, the best plans dont always go to plan do they! We are explaining this process for you in very simple terms so that you can grasp the essence. It is not that complicated, but we find it hard to put it into words that will make it clear for you.

It is a weaving of energy and frequency, and many are involved in putting this 'plan into action. The child is born, and the wakeful consciousness is screened. The consciousness is immature, it needs to develop and with this development comes learning, understanding, ideas, concepts, emotions, the whole experience of life and all that life has to offer. The child matures and the conscious mind (the wakeful bit) matures also and the learning continues until physical death comes. At this point, the consciousness crosses over there is some integration, but your consciousness more or less remains the same as it was when you were in the physical. Obviously, the other side of the veil you can see more, you have more understanding of the realms and dimensions and how the universe works. There is great understanding and usually big sighs of relief all round. But the essence of you the wakeful conscious you is still there.

And you will review your life, analyse it, and decide whether or not you want a rest or whether you would like to prepare for another one. Most desire a rest for awhile. Chance to review and ponder. Some are fuelled by different motivations, and some wallow in loss and grief. Some have much healing to do, some have wronged others and some feel disgrace. All this is tended to again, another conversation at another time, we will not diversify too much.

So the process repeats, the consciousness grows in knowledge as each time the wakeful part of the conscious mind retains elements of its history, elements of understanding, knowledge, compassion, love and forgiveness. Each time a life is repeated the consciousness grows in awareness and this awareness carries you onto the next life.

When you have crossed over to the non-physical, the non physical can feel just as physical as the physical. You may retain knowledge of your previous experiences; some are forgotten like dreams. You are partnered with many of the same people over and over again, there are family bonds and connections so for example you may be married to one person in this life and have had a relationship with the same person in a previous life (perhaps not the same relationship though).

Families spring up through love and bonding, beings become linked and bathe in their love of each other and so many of you will travel through lives in groups and families. You do of course meet new beings and develop new relationships, again this is all part of the wonderful workings of life.

Sometimes you will meet a person in this life for the first time and feel like you have known them all your life. When this happens, it is most likely true, you have probably travelled with them through many lifetimes. Part of you instinctively knows that there is a connection, like a remembrance, but you (most of you in your wakeful consciousness) have grown very detached from your original soul beings and so you will ignore such things or put them down to co-incidence. Often you will.

You all have non-physical beings around you some fulfil the roll of mentor or guide, advisor or helper. Others are here to observe and see how you cope. See how you worthy well under trialing circumstances. They take encouragement from you they watch how you worthy well in adversity and this motivates them to do well. Often they are members of your family.

So, your lives are not mapped out as such, but there are co-ordinates there. There is a map to follow if you like whether you choose to follow it or not is up to you.


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