The Sirian Stargate is Open ✨

Hi All, sharing a photo I took last night of Sirius...there was a ship flashing several times very close to Sirius, and moving between the stars Sirius and Canopus (brightest and second brightese stars in the nightsky, and they have a strong vibrational connection). 

In this photo, the focus went 'soft' while the ship was right next to Sirius...Sirius is the bright light at the left, with Canopus at the right of the frame...



In close-up, you can see Sirius's divine gateway open and streaming with Light, with light pillars on each side, and a Divine Mother form in the centre of the Gateway, in rose and white light...




Here's the ship, looking orblike, with a bright rose centre surrounded by green...the Heart colours of emerald and rose radiating...through the Stargate, and anchoring through this ship, into the Earth field (and also connecting the soul vibrations of Canopus, which in ancient Egypt was called Kahi Nub (Golden Earth)... :)




If these energies resonate for you, we can all anchor the Mother Light streaming through the Sirius Stargate now, just hold the intention to receive this Light in your pure Heart of Love, for the highest Well-Being of the Earth, humanity, and all beings here...

Love, Peace & Joy of the New Earth to All  🥰💛🌞✨

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  • Hi Pet Rock, this photo isn't of the Christmas Star gadget you're talking about.
    It's the star Sirius, with a ship to the right, which flashed a few times, and flew between Sirius and Canopus. Canopus is at the right of the frame, and is the star I've probably visibly seen most lightships around or near, over the last few years. I see many fly between Canopus and Sirius; the two stars are vibrationally connected, and Sirian and Canopan star groups are assisting the Earth.

    Here's the ship I see most often, and am closely connected with, in her most recent flyover that was bright enough to video through an ordinary camera. I hear her 'name' as the Lei'hua, she mostly appears as a soft rose-gold light shimmer at close range...but here she's up high, and just looks like a white light, passing by the star Aldebaran (middle lower frame) to the right:

    There's a lot of gadgetry-fakery around, and lower vibe entities causing confusion...but behind the noise and smoke-screens our higher dimensional star family are here, working non-stop to help humanity come into a close enough frequency match for them to decloak openly and connect, without contact/disclosure of their presence being distorted/co-opted/misused.

    If you're interested, there are clearer shots of the Lei'hua on this page:

    Cheers, Joanna. 😊
  • maybe you'll see what I mean-if that's what's called the 'Christmas Star' with red green and blue strobe lights-an extremely weird orb with a crazy gadget-there are many around-I saw 4 one week where I go
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Pet Rock. I'm planning a viewing night soon with friends who have a telescope...but will probably look for more than 5 minutes...;) Is there anything completely alien, when you know everything is connected...? :)
  • Get a 440 mag telescope-they are not too expensive, or rent one-I think you'll see something completely alien! But only look for about 5 minutes!
  • Hi Amparo, I remember that book, from years ago, 1980s maybe? Murry Hope was the author I think. I didn't have/read The Sirius Connection, but had another one by her, about Atlantis, and there is of course overlap between Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, and the connection of Earth's Re-Ascension with the star Sirius (and with the orbital relationship of Sirius A & B).

    Sirius is one of the stars that 'sings' in my heart/soul most clearly, and since consciously connecting with star family and lightships 10 years ago I've seen sacred geometries and light codes radiating around Sirius, and taken lots of photos....but never one quite like this, with Divine Mother standing between the pillars of the Stargate, and I feel more of this Light coming through into the Earth field since the Solstice December 21st/Great Conjunction...the planetary ascension's in another stage now, beautifully 'signalled' by the stars whose soul frequencies are connected/assisting, and associated planets and other galaxies that flow through their Gateways.
    Blessings Star Sister 🌟💛
  • Thank you Joanna...Many years ago I got a message about Sirius and the Gate being where Mother came back through to this Galaxy in a more intensive way...I also have a book "The Sirius Connection" and I have always felt very connected to it...blessings Joanna and thank you for bringing us so much beauty from Mother...
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