The Shifting Sky

I've added a 'Sky Signs' page to my site, dedicated to photos I take of the sky, which becomes ever more symbolic and pictorial as higher dimensions press through into the 3D reality:

Enjoy! And if you've taken photos of the 'Shifting sky' you'd like to share, please post or link them in the comments below.

Namaste. :))


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    please check out these pics of Colorado skies

    Pictures of Colorado Chemtrails
    I know some willfully blind sheep who would say, those just look like contrails. True it doesn’t stand out as much as the criss-crosses, but more and…
  • Beautiful photos.

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Malcolm. :)

      I heard from a lady yesterday, that she and her mum have been seeing a 'rain of light' in their backyard, half a dozen times now, leaving nothing wet, just light sprinkling down. A few years ago, I was told, 'Look to the sky'....that the sky is where the Shift would first become apparent. A few years down the track, it is proving to be true. Pure magic, indeed. :))

  • Here's a photo I took last night, with a couple of close-ups below it. We've had full-on thunderstorms here (Western Australia) for the last 5 days, following 61 days without rain and 40C+ temps. Bless the rain!

    In the midst of lightning flashes every couple of seconds, I felt a ship present, and laughed, and said aloud to them, 'The storm doesn't bother you, does it?' Then an intense, huge 'download' of light fell straight earthward from the clouds, with the ship in the clouds just above it. In the close-ups, can you make out the form of a circle with two 'wings', winged disc/crescent shape sitting there? :))

    In a word...WOW....

    Love you, star family xxx




    • Nice shots... I do see that formation...I'm sure it was much more spectacular in person.

      Yes... Bless the rain.
      • Tally, it was indeed spectacular. The rain is awesome.The air feels full of Life again! :))

        Blessings. xx

  • great pictures, thanks for sharing

    • You're welcome, Happy...:)

  • ...Cool Both....Nice Pix....<3<3.....The Sky Is.....Unlimited........I Too Have Noticed.....Lots Of Cloudships..Recently...Tally....x...

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