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The Shift For Ascension ...A Change Of Government Leaders ...Very Important

Adama head priest of Telos stated that your Governments and Leaders are corrupt to the very core.

So Solution is that a change of governments and leaders is required in all the countries. 

The new governments and leaders should work on three basic golden rules....which branch out to cover the main rule ...I cannot make it simpler then that as I could write a whole book but making it simpler would be better.

1- High priority is to see that no harm is done to mother earth and heal her back to her original self.

The new governments and leaders should work on keeping the air clean, the oceans cleans, no nuclear weapons, no man made distructive projects that will harm Mother earth in any way, no contaminating the soil...

2- To see that no harm is done to any living entities on planet earth as they have a right to live just as you have ..treating animals with respect and not putting them on you dinner plates ...really ways should be found to improve their lives as well and help them where they need help.  No killing animals, no slaughterhouses, no butchers and no meat eating on all beings that look like humans to be vegan/ vegetarians.

3..All on planet earth to work on developing a highly tuned spiritual tuned life 

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With most presant governments and leaders who are corrupt as they are not for the people but against the people and want to keep control of the people and they are not open but hide a lot from the people the planet is not going to attain acension. A change, takeover,and override the governments and leaders is the solution and is urgently required as daily the planet and it's inhabitants are dying in a sense they are not evolving and planet will not ascend to a higher dimension.

New leaders are required who will make this a star planet in the universe ..connecting with other planets, connecting with our brothers and sisters from other planets, upgrading humans and getting mother earth to her original beautiful state 




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