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Dante Santori, a former special forces sergeant from Europe, translated a secret book about aliens from Russian to English, capturing the minds of many believers in extraterrestrial life in the process. The book is titled, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book."

Dante did all of the translations with his friend Petro, who later sadly lost his life in a car crash. SECRET ALIEN RACES BOOK TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH The book is believed to have been written around 1946-47, with constant additions and revisions over the years. The claim is that it was given to government agents for them to add their information to it. Dante says he and his friend Petro found the book when they started to clear out empty boxes from Petro's father's house. At first, they found lots of old documents, all in The Russian language.

They started to translate it and found it interesting, with some of the information being sensitive, or at least it was sensitive at the time it was written. While going thru the old boxes they discovered the book called, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book." The book looked like a fairly modern copy, but they also found a cover for a version from 1951. Unfortunately, it was only the cover and no other contents. Petro and Dante decided to ask Petro's father about it; he told them that high-ranking Russian political officials always had rumors of alien contact being spoken about. However, nothing solid had been found to suggest real proof of aliens existing.

Petro's father said he received the book from a diplomatic friend of his and had been updating it whenever new information was sent or told to him.

The book, now fully translated by Dante and Petro can be read by English too.

The book contains fascinating information and supporting photos and drawings. Be it fact or fiction it is certainly gripping and worth a read.

“In the 1980's a copy of (edition) of this book was found on a field in Buryatia (east Siberia).   The copy ended up in the hands of a KGB agent with friends in the media.   After the collapse of the USSR some of the information (and images) in the book were leaked (sold?).   Years later the information and some of the images started appearing in TV series and video games.   "Mass effect" being the most well known...   (this information was handwritten on the book)

The ARB (Alien Race Book) has been re-edited (information always being updated in all aspects, from new alien races to new reports and photos or illustrations) at least 12 times. That we know the first edition was printing in 1946 or early 1947. Then new editions were printed: 1951 (I have the cover, just the cover, of that one), 1959, 1968, 1971, 1980., .all the way to (we believe) 2011.”

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Valana-Years-just never looked ath them until a year ago -people call them the Christmas Tree stars because they twinkle red green and white-apparently you can see them all over the US and Canada

Oh...Red, green and white!  This is weird but when I read this and saw those colors felt like my haiur stood up!  I don't see well so I have not seen them but I wrote about the 1961 sighting in Hopkins County here, not long ago but I didn't go on and tell about the rest of it because it concerned me and being taken to the ship thagt had been seen...and have no memory at all of what happened but here's what we saw..if you read thiat, it was like search light coming from the sky and some saw a dark rim of a UFO over the railrfoad bridge near what was later Called Century Lake, but changed names again, don't know what they call it, but three gentlemen, in black suits came in a government licensed car I was told and stayed at best motel and ate at best resgtaurnt on tax payer money and even the Sheriffr and Mayor saw the UFO and yet they left a note in the local paper it was only car lights turning on a road further on down the higthway.

I didn't bguy that as I saw the UFO rim myself so me and Dave Neeley was nis name, from...I'll remember it before I'm finished, anyway he an d I went to that other road to see if any cxars are turning, now the light w3as around 2000 feet in the air not down the track evider4ntly these men didn'tg have much common sense as even if a car had been on the track that's not where we saw the light..

Anyway we stood there3 and while others were seeing the light, it wouled start about deark and repeat itself every hour, like a circular light... going round and round then shut off..well we did nogt see3 it from that road but what we saw was a small triangular object maybe 3 feet or less hign and I'm not good on dimensions,  it was coming down the tracks and it had lights on the extremikties, top and two bgottom feet and it seemed to be walking down the tracks and when I read those lights I could see that thingt and I'm pretty sure those are tbhe colors of the lights... and they were flashing on and off and I thought of a xmas tree when I saw it! And when I read those cdolorfs it just flashe4d in myh mind..

Well this was about 9 p.m. we went out there, I was goingt back to Grandmother's for the nikght so told mer I'd be back soon and leave the door unlocked... well suddenly when saw this thing coming down the tracks got sleepy and went to sleep leaning aginst the car... woke up,and went to the house and the door locked so knocked until Grandma woke up and asked her why she locked me out..she said it was near morning, 4 or 5 in the morning and she stayed up until midnight and I didn't come home so she thought I* swtayed elsewhere...where was I???? No one sleeps all night standing up leaning against a car....we were taken abgoard that ship...I have no memory at all of that lost time, but I'm sure those were the colors..this was 1961...could the evil ETs are getting in? I'll see if Val knows or will comment will be later I've got things havfe to do...I just must stay alive there's too much going on, you all say a prayer for me..I don't mention probglems orf call anything by name...but I have to hae a healing miracle, med science can't do it, and this is the time I need to stay around it's getting too exciting herfe to leave. And I don't think God's through with me yet... There's nothing we cant do as a group if you stay in love and fellowsbip in Light...we can see miracles take place.

`I'll ask for help for you Valana-

It blinks like a strobe light in red green and white when looked at from a telescope-I thinits some kind of mind control-the 'bugs' manipulate the Realm of Thoughts-I don't remember these things as a kid-started noticing them about 20 years ago and look where the country is now! Divided!

I could be on the right track or completely wrong-could you message me when Val gives you an answer? Thanks

I've had an abduction experience that I remember but I'd rather keep that quiet-

I took another vid of the orb late last night -steadier hand-and focused a little better but the thing focused itself out of range and my camera did not !

Pet Rock thank you for the help... 

My message program does not work, I may be able to get a message then reply to it but I cannot send one as i've tried.  Message me and I'll try to send sorry didn't get tgo talk about it yet but my own opinion is similar to yours, I would not watch them long at a time if they are some kind of mind contrl, I know they have it.  During the West L.A. riots years ago they say the Navy ships were in the harbor with those screens similar to radar screens....Montauk was into all that... did you read any of that?

i think best to keep a lot of Val's answers private for my sake as we know myh problem started wih some type technology as a doctor told me, from a complete medical exam for a gov position back in 60's I should live to be over 100 if I continue my life style and still be active and healthy... Val thinks it's over his writtings and he's made it clear he will blow a sagtellite out of the sky if igt happens again so I don't want that and he doesn't either.  The sound was like a droning, like an engine running somewhere.  Dr Greer's assistant was killed that way, she exposed the ETs that were here I believe, and she was given a disease, so was he but he recovered. Dr. Boylan was struck down after a lecture on Ufology. It's a dangerous field, not a play thing. Is it Government or ETs? I think the ETs. I'd like to hear about your abduction.  

You said somewhere a "strobe light" effect....I looked it up, yes, that's what we saw over the railroad bridge on the rim of a dark ship about size of half a football field, not the light but the ship...and the colors were on the extgremities of the small triangular thing.  And the Government covered it up and tried to make people think it was car lights...nol way a car light would show 200 feet in the air..this was in my post I posted recently case you don't know what I'm talking about.... the light was turning around. I looked it up says it's hypnotic, gives the effect of moving, theyh use it in clubs to make hypnotic effect it said. Here's where my post is I posted the other day...I neverfr thought about it being the same thing but maybe it was, it was revolving, moving round and round is that what you mean by strolling light?  That's what we saw and it was on a UFO and forf some reason gthey were coming same time each night to get attengtion or to get people...but I didn't think I was hurgt as I was not afraid.

it was "Burns and Allen".... George Burns and Gracie Allen....   Chlorella is great for memory, it goes into the brain to support it...taken it for years....Spirulina, too, Val is big on algae... I have no wrinkles probably live

until over 100 easily and still active.  A doctor told me I would, back in 60's , if I kept up my life style, ate nothing that passed over the fire (raw food only) sprouted my own seed, made yogurt and kefir, did Hatha Yoga and meditation....Val's been my Mentor.

.I had no health problems, heard helicopter overhead for 2 nights and vibrations even bed vibrated then 3 rd night it got me but I'm going to get ok.. I believe in miracles...Love. Light and Peace...Valana

Do you have fingerprints? Just wondering... 

I described mine to you on my group already...maybe Pet Rock might know the meaning, we have 7 the mogt imporftant is the Chevron with the hunting dog in the center and three Lions heads around it.  The symbols on all of them mean something. Mine are English ancestry. I'll get a pictutre when I find the book. Says something under it about "life" in Latin I think, maybe French.;;

the symbols may mean something pertinent to your life service-only one family member at a time gets the full magic behind the symbols, as I understand it

Alan-the images in the coat of arms usually refer to some type of service/silent service you or someone in your family contributed to the clans/realm-this is my families-(crazy)

Image result for donnelly crest

Pet Rock here's my Crest and I'm last of the Routh's so if I can find the translation of the line under it perhaps I'll know my destiny that I'm supposed to fulfil, anyone speak Latin or French, I don't know what languge it is...but it's the Routh family crest from 1030 General Routh put on the front of our ancestry book and if DeVinci was right it possibly is the blood line of Jesus Christ..

Val claims he's in it...he says he was Robert d' Surdeval in 1030 and married the Forester's daughter (Valana) and took the name Lord of Routh... that's why in some places now he's called "Lord Valiant" (teasing him as he does not like the name Valiant)

Uncorrupted Faith Valana .



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