Dear world,

Omg world!….we were trained like lap dogs to think of marijuana as “dope”….and that’s because satan wanted us to ignore marijuana.

When I was a child I was taught that marijuana would cause brain damage, when the reverse is actually true…marijuana can reverse brain damage….even damage caused by chemtrails and fluoride.

Every planet has it’s “God plant”, that plant that represents everything that God is, and on planet earth that honour goes to marijuana.


Yeah we see many people abuse marijuana….their eyes are glassy, they may slur….they may be slowwwww….maybe they basically just hang around, and not be of much use…sometimes they are called “tweakers”…. they are just experimenting with how to be responsible with marijuana…that’s why it’s easy to call marijuana “dope” around people who are at the beginning stages of marijuana responsibility, as too much marijuana create you to be basically ineffective in your own life.

The lesson of “balance” is in every thing God creates…including marijuana.

Try learning from someone who can bring a balanced attitude towards our earth’s God plant if you feel you have negative feelings towards God’s chosen plant.

The more responsible you are towards something be it marijuana or anything, the more spiritual you are.


Since there is not one case of death by marijuana, it’s logical to think that perhaps marijuana or hemp oil, can be a possible cure for cancer, because folks everything has three “effects”:  a positive effect, a negative effect, or a neutral effect….since marijuana doesn’t appear to cause cancer, when it is responsibly used, and it’s not exactly neutral either, we can reasonably conclude that it’s very likely can be used a natural cancer therapy.

Since marijuana can oxygenate the pineal gland, it’s logical to conclude that marijuana is a reasonable and responsible response to fluoride and chemtrail build up in the brain…both of which are creating widespread “brain fog”…aluminum does build up in the brain and so does fluorine, as the fluoride in the water supplies can cause calcification of the pineal gland.


So tell me awakening one….how many times a day do you take in excess aluminum into your body?  If you answered, EVERY BREATHE, then you are well on your way, to becoming an awakening and thus, more powerful human being, who can take their own destiny into your own hands.  Now ask and answer the question, how many times a day do you DETOX from aluminum and excess toxins that are bloating your body and conflicting with your ability to express your inherent beauty and love? If you answered, “yes I am consciously detoxing my body each day”, then you are well on your way to experiencing a healthier and more powerful you.


It’s no secret that marijuana can be grown without pesticides and herbicides, it can be made into thousands of products, and alleviate homelessness, toxic waste, it can be eaten, it can be smoked, it can be enjoyed spiritually, it can connect you with God, it can be used to make hemp vehicles, it can be used for housing materials, it can be used for strong rope….for clothing etc…. people of the world…if you fear God, you will fear marijuana…. when you love God, you will love marijuana, the plant that represents all that God is.

(this is a straight copy+paste of the article, i would love some help as i am a newcomer to the site, and 'blogging?' or whatever you may call it, tips on posting would be appreciated through profile comments or PM)

My question for you is, do you use marijuana as a medicine or 'drug'/'sedative?' How does this affect your ascension in your view, and any background information you deem interesting such as your country and it's laws on medical marijuana and how you feel about it! (: thank you! lots of love/light.

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  • yes, i am looking for a way to incorporate orgonite into hydroponic fruit&vegetable growing. Positive thoughts all around will heal our gaia! orgonite is said to purify water by converting the LITERAL 'negative energy' and change it, give out, positive etheric energy.
    look into it here:

    would be a powerful combination in my eyes.

    a high from honey? hmm, the book sounds rather interesting.
    thank you, lea'shorina! <3

  • Hey's the healing going?  Blessings!  Sending some LOVE your way!

    • i go by many names, however dieter is the original author of the article. you can check out his website at the very top of the discussion. i will put an edit in there to make the link clear.

      • dieters website is called " "

        • His site has taught me a lot!  Awesome site....great music...and have to watch his magic drums.  Great video of him drumming and a beautiful bird comes and talks to him!  Awesome!  Blessings and Love,

          • glad to hear it :D

            light to you, sister.

  • i have heard a few places now, and am a firm believer, that the place or frequency in which the marijuana was grown/cared for in determines how it effects the user. ie; mj grown in a harsh environment indoors with malicious people trying to make a profit, will deliver a harmful/heavy/generally un-enjoyable high. and i am a regular smoker, so in my experience i can agree with the variation of reactions. i DO notice patterns and feel i can almost when the mj has been grown with care rather than just for the profit, because the energy of the plant is lowered. weird?

  • !! sungod-singer, thank you a million times for that perspective. very wise of you to visualize this, and bringing it into my awareness!! (:

  • wow all, this is great detox info this whole discussion. thanks again lea'shorina and RSOLOR if you're here thank you for bringing up those water baths. this is all relevant and all important dont you all think? these are all great detoxing tools but i would like to notice something else now that its brought out... ive just recently followed a discussion around on here about diotamaceous earth (i know, the spelling) DE for is taken as a powder (when marked food-grade and not pool-grade) and eaten directly for detoxification of lungworms, tapeworms, and heavy metals. totally something to check out, heres the link i saw, redirected from ashtarcommandcrew... -->

    ive always wanted to use one of those water detoxes through the feet, however they are seen as a completely hoax here...unfortunately. i dont believe anything to be a hoax, because there is some truth in everything ;) ayways, thanks again for the amazing tips and suggestions, i will be looking for chia and goji and chlorella next time im at the health store, and what are the 'benefits of cacao' i wonder?

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Helps Eliminate Worms & Parasites
    Feeding food grade diatomaceous earth daily helps eliminate human, plant, and animal worms and parasites
  • Why thank you:D

    I am glad you have found this tool to help you, even though it seems impossible for it not to be beneficial. And I couldn't agree more, that we need some help in our technology based, extremely modernized and very HEAVY world!! The calm/ZEN of the east is sadly not always present, even more disappointing is BIG PHARMA's involvement, where they see the opportunity to make big big big bucks on people's hopeless feelings...disgusting. that is why i personally DO NOT want marijuana to be legalized here in the states, i know this sounds weird being an advocate but just like everything else right now, there is more behind the scenes. If we were to legalize marijuana in the US, (i say this because i cant make claims of other countries or regions) our medicinal patients will be stripped of their close-knit business, and here comes wal-mart weed, with a huge line of dopers. that's what i really wouldnt like to see. even with our huge population, i feel the benefits of marijuana should stay within the hempies and those looking for treatment of illness, otherwise our beloved plant could be turned into something dull and GMO.

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