Hello my friends, Things have been quite chaotic lately. Not just for us but for the World on a Grand scale. But i have been given a Sign or perhaps a Clue as to what is to come.. and For the first time, i could use your help... It all starts when i decided to cook. The clock read 12:05 (the the clock was wrong) But the Microwave read "Click to continue" (NOTE this slight event i came across). I pressed the Button and then it read "12:04" BOTH clocks were wrong!


Now for all intended purposes REMEMBER 12:05 and 12:04.... I have been given clues VIA dreams and Song ideas but now they're starting to make sense. 


12:04 when Google'd: it is the 338th day of the year (339th in leap years) **Next Year is the Final Leap Year**

December 2004 when Google'd: there is an Event for EACH day of the month of December. But one stood out that We'll ALL remember.. December 29th the Indian Ocean Earthquake! including a death toll over 100,000!


12:05 when Google'd: MANY events occur... effect our future.. And 26 days remaining until the Edn of the Year.

December 2005 when Google'd: brought something small to my attention but links to TODAY... on My Birthday December 9th the Chronicles of Narnia was released in theaters.. Aka The LION the Witch and the Wardrobe 


as a film Student and Philosopher this is important along with the other dates because as of Today we are entering the Season of the LEO July 23-Aug 24 aka the Universe of the LIONS... 


Whether this be a personal message to me or a message meant to share with others. the Fact that numbers such as 12:04 and 12:05 connect with Dec, 9th and Today Being the beginning of the LION Season seems to make me wonder.. What could this mean??? Despite the 12's.... 04+05=

09, Could this be another year!? or pointing to December the 9th reference to the Lion...


Numbers seem to exist and relate throughout all of humanity and even now i truly feel like something is soon to happen... For once i just wish i knew what...


I'm thinking of the 25 or 25th... But not sure if its this month or August.. It seems to be the only number missing.. Hopefully some of you will have more information to make these numbers and dates in our history clearer. I feel truly strong of something not being right and not being normal. It feels weird. But i know together we can figure it out...


Martyn Redd --Signing Off-- 

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