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The Russian Secret Book – Alien Races – Archives KGB...NO MESSING ABOUT

The Russian Secret Book – Alien Races – Archives KGB

SMERSH counter-intelligence service was officially founded by Josef Stalin in 1943. In January 13, 1947 the SMERSH included a book containing descriptions of top SMERSH agents who were extraterrestrials. To be more precise, there were eight different classes or races, with drawings and additional information about them. Watch the below videos .

Over the years the book has been actualized; there were added more photographs of the extraterrestrials as well as photographs of UFOs and several testimonies from abducted witnesses.

In the 1980s a copy of this book has been found in Buryatia, Siberia. This copy ended up in the hand of the KGB, but after the collapse of the USSR, some informations from the book were leaked.

As a matter of fact, some of the leaked information served as inspiration for the creation of many videogames, the most famous one is Mass Effect, developed by Canadian company BioWare.

Even though the book is constantly discredited, the truth is that this book really exists. It is used by Russian’s Special Services and is called “Alien Races”.

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