Wholeness and Balance Vibration to everyone! The last month has been nothing short of incredible as we continue to embark on amazing discoveries in the most important fields regarding the Innerverse and Universe. Our primary focus on this segment with all the content listed below has been sacred and unsacred geometry, the true Creators versus the counterfeiters, and how to see all the way through to the origins of so many things with clean filters refined from improperly redefined meanings.





In addition I am happy to announce that we have uncovered a great key that will have a massive impact in all of our deeds. I will be discussing this Key in the following weeks as I regroup from the arrival of my new Child which everyone will meet soon, and get our new broadcasting equipment installed for a brand new style of presentation much easier to absorb. I see this all divinely timed as we continue to expand with everything the Creation has for us. 


Here is what we covered in the last few weeks...


First up was Total Regeneration as its always imperative that we put our Ships in supreme condition before we embark. Our most valuable tools while cruising Inner and Outerspace must be identified before we set sail. You will need to do a routine check or install the following organic equipment.


The Micro Macro Tool: This ability allows you to fully confirm that something is the Truth by finding its correspondences on Earth while also in the Heavens and on all subsequent levels in between. A good example of this would be many of the natural structures on the Earth that line up to the stars and constellations. Another example is our Chakra centers which we possess here on Earth but also connect to planetary energies. There are infinite amounts of these types of connections, discovering them will lead to deeper truths and an ability to purge truth from falsehood. 


The Dual Convertor: The ability allows you to see the two components that create everything. For most this is called the Good and the Bad, for the Adept this is known as the primary components that are necessary to create. Just as children love candy and dislike spinach Neophytes have a tendency to gravitate towards only what they feel is good, while the Adept knows they must ingest the entire plate in order to be full and whole. This leads to maximized innerstanding of why things take place while also giving us the ability to learn every part of the creation and thus every part of ourselves. 



8110459699?profile=originalFirst up in trajection it appears we landed at the Moon or Arc. The Moon itself can be seen as an amplification or degeneration device. It is no mystery that the Moon increases fertility on one hand while on the other hand it can in fact speed up decay. We will look deeper in to this mysterious principle.


It was very obvious now a great deal of things under the Moon are being controlled by none other than the Archons themselves and there is a reason for this which we can get beyond with ease. This not only goes beyond Moon bases, false lunar landings, and false flag reptilian propaganda it goes directly in to what has been recorded about the Moon sense its inception in to the solar system. To be clear the Moon and many Stars are reflectors of light energy and need light energy to magnify their essence. They in turn reflect that light energy back upon the object. Through this ability they are able to remain powered in deep innerspace . They store what they have gained just like we do and constantly interact with all life forms.


To make this as brief and concise as possible an Arc can refer to any archive or vessel containing something really important stored in various ways. An Arc thats contain covenants contain all of the necessary verbiage, regalia, symbolism, and even the DNA of what that agreement entails. When referring to any book on magic, sorcery, or anything of an occult nature the Moon always comes in to high consideration over everything else. This is due to the Moons location as the closest celestial body with such magnitude.


Waxing phases increases the magnetic energy of the Chakras and all other neuma or etheric forces increasing their cycling power. Neuma is when all is dissolved on a majestic and perfect chord, this substance or essence is generally not visible to the dense eye. One could use the technique of speeding up mystical, mental, and even physical workings during Waxing while also gauging when to slow things down for fermentation during Waning lunar cycles. Such knowledge has endless applications and as you can see almost since the very beginning many Beings have been wrestling to stake their claim as the Moon or the only generative principle which is not true whatsoever. In the cosmos there is no "only" by the way. You will find such doctrines of falsehood under the title Monotheism, a simple play on words as Mono is actually an anagram for the word Moon.




8110459888?profile=originalIf you did not notice the popular modern occult systems go no further than the Pauline Arts. The craft is very simple, according to this man made religious structure there is an angel for every planet in the solar system and one is to entreat the proper angel for assistance if that said angel governs over what the person desires.

Of course these so called angels are no more than consecrated gregori and eidolons fed over time by their senseless adherents. They of course like all refractors grant favors by using the persons own energy and will power while siphoning most off the top for themselves. This comes about through the false reverence and recognition they are given. All of who these Beings work for and what could possibly be the price for obtaining something one did not truly work to obtain is nowhere explained. This is big spiritual business and is the actual buying and selling of the Soul. These transactions must take place around the clock since at any moment a person can choose to stop selling out. Everyday is truly a new life as you die daily when you sleep.

To ask the question again, who is controlling the so-called angels it would of course be the controllers of the Ark or covenant the agreement has been made under. We must be sure to check all Oaths, Agreements, Bindings, and Pacts thoroughly when dealing with anything of a spiritual nature. This process is often omitted by the Neophyte leading to months, years, or even lifetimes of stagnancy and qlippoth.

Such workings are degenerative to the Seeker and their dogmas are still under the control of malignant forces sometimes called Arch-Angels or divided Angels which is synonymous with the word demon or Divided Moon meaning no fertility component. This makes these forces also vampiric as like ghost they crave not to be forgotten since they do not have the energy of full spectrum light to propel themselves through the void in to total realization that all is self and thus on cannot be forgotten or dissolved. Due to this ignorance which is darkness itself  they must piggyback and are often seen on the Astral Plane doing as such with unsuspecting persons. Remember many Moons and Stars are still reflecting and in that state they cannot generate their own light and shine yet.


Speaking of learning how to shine we made it a very valuable subject in the last few weeks to talk about how to get superfoods and other positive energies to work for your system in addition to the proper way to do cleansing. Here you will find simple but the deepest knowledge. We are Starseeds growing in to Star Trees. All Seeds need nourishment and the quality of that nourishment wil determine if the Seed reaches full maturity. It can not be put better than this.

"some Seeds fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and devoured it up. (Annunaki Birdmen) And some fell on stony ground (Industrial Civilizations), where it had not much Earth (Natural Earth Connection); and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth (No consideration for others and the effects of what they do which profits the modern rich man and woman): But when the false sun (Lucifer) was up, it was scorched (Their Pineal Gland becomes blinded by the light); and because it had no root (Universal Mother or Primordial innerstanding of Foundation), it withered away.  And some fell among thorns (Inverted Pentagram Nations), the thorns grew up (These nations got stronger through war and indecency), and choked it (the Seeds were convinced to do the same thing), and it yielded no fruit.(they failed to realize they are not made to do such things and are not Archons)  And others fell on good ground, (Wholeness) and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, some an hundred fold."

Its all a frequency thing when you raise your vibration then you go far beyond the field and gravitational control of unbalance celestial influences. You have overcome. If you eat too many artificial things then you become one with the Artificial Ones, (The Inorganic Race who use PNA not DNA) this is the Papa of Plastic, known as Si as is Silicon or the "Silly Con". The con is to convince beautifully organic beings to become stale programmed brittle borg functioning on straight line numbers with money and how to master it as their ultimate goal, what a short coming for our true potential. They lack pure essence or wholly generative forces but have an emphasis on lust and debasement for small spurts of lifelike death energy.


Stay organic and do not abort the mission, you are what you eat as long as you consume. This is a reward system not a punishment system, eat the right things and benefit from the energy and expansion. Think about it.


Its truly all about the filters in your body which are your organs, keep them clean and like lenses you can see exactly what is going on. Again if you keep them clean they will play a perfect tone, a magnificent frequency, all harmonics will wish for you to join their orchestra the current is endless in such Spaces.

8110460085?profile=originalEYES AS PORTALS

A simple but powerful Truth came to us in regards to the ultimate innerstanding of the chakras, eyes, the organic geometry of portals and their connection with the animal forces that exist within the reality and make up its very fabric through their frequencies. Ever wonder what kind of sound an insect is projecting and what exactly it does? These frequencies are like wavelengths that program the lower levels of the reality in order to create a foundation.

If there were no animals and no insects Earth would be a strange bare place and it would be easily spotted as an illusion of a non creative force. Further the composition of the physical body along with its zoomorfied counterparts after they have gone through the division have been identified. Our fall is brought about through the lose of perception as one spirals in to the lower instinctual self through Phi along with fighting the truth. This is Realm Dynamics and Geo Energetics. I break that all down further here.



8110460279?profile=originalThose that are seeking to divide must be divided themselves so the are familiar with being scattered and routed so it is turned back upon them and to you it will have no effect. If you choose to remain divided then you have not chosen to discover  Wholeness and that is now clear. How that is being done in society through religion however may get a little hazy so we did a recent course in Etymology and Ciphering. I brought the board out and just started taking it apart peace by piece, pun intended, so you can see how its put together.


We begin to crack the Arks open following a trail of Shri Yantras across the globe in order to track those who knew the knowledge of life through the great shape found in Light, Water, and various Organic Energies that play the most important building blocks in creating. We also uncovered a deviation, a falsifier, those who say they are the creators but in fact are imitators and limitators, lol that should be the proper word to describe them. Be sure to hyperlink the original page for this video found in the below video widget and scroll all the way down to the first image in order to see all images. Livestream function like Facebook which loads the page the further you scroll down but not until then. 


As it starts to click further we turn within to find that we are in fact the Universal Tree itself whether we are bearing fruit or stuck in our roots with our energy inverted. The most important think about the Origins of Power Show was the discovery of why so many otherwise bright intelligent humans choose to play the tail by becoming totally corrupted when absorbing too much of "Tan" energies. We talk about the overall lose of the Female Shamans, the degeneration of the sacred feminine through the rise of the warrior priest craft and the beginning of the witch covens founded on hatred.

Next we get busy as always since our pursuit for self discovery cannot be thwarted. We link with Michelle Gaza and talk universal laws and how the so called controllers are dodging karma by getting others hands/pentagrams dirty.  We discuss Hybrid Humans, Plastic as the new Currency, Numbers as the new Secret Language, Nazis in the Sanhedrin, Infertile Manifestation Fields, and the Coiled Consciousness within known as Kundalini.

We decide to elect none as lord, president, or master over us for obvious reasons already detailed on this page. We uncover their false array with our presidential election special; Obomney, Breaking down the Hierarchy of Darkness. Click the image below to hyperlink to a High Quality recording of the show special. 


Last but most certainly not least we re-launch Resistance TV with over 180 hours of pure enlightenment! A huge thanks goes out to Promethean Reach for all of his work, constant attention, and dedication to wok with us on this project. We will be continuing to enhance the platform to be just like a television station for enlightenment, however, it is ready now for viewing now and you can enjoy the greatest speakers out right now, thank you also to them for all of their permission and time. You will find the Channel accessible here http://www.theresistance.tv 


We have sited this type of abuse on humanity time and time again and will continue to triumph over ignorance piercing the darkness until we remove what has remained stagnant and trapped in all corners and angles so all can see Wholeness. This we do with integrity, strength, and honor. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations. 


James Evans Bomar III 

Founder of the Planetary Resistance


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  • I received this information as an email in my private off site email.  I found it all very intriguing and tons of food for thought.  I have been reading a lot about the Archons lately and things are starting to make sense to me.  Thanks for sharing this information, you beat me to the punch.  Last night I was thinking about posting it, but did not but sure glad you did.  Awesome read and much to ponder.....

    • Thanks Marique, it didn't peek much interest here on this site but at least We placed it here for all that will eventually need to know the forces they are trusting in. 

  • What you are saying is so very true i have known about these things for a very long time but did not make the cconnection at first yes these beings are trying to find a way beyond the 5th dimension by hitch hiking a ride on unsupecting souls. we are dealing with the Leviathens not reptiles these beings are spoken of in ancient texts and were abyssed and Lillith had set them free, ie; the opening of Pandora's box. The rift caused soul mates to separate from one another and so chaos insued throughout the universe this was fortold in ancient prophesies. when we speak of the rise of the sacred feminine is when the universal mother grows old and past her time there will be chaos because she is the one who defends the balance and this chaos will abide until the new mother is installed and she will bring back order to the universe defending its balances once again. This is not just in a metaphorical sense there is a real Universal mother and as she is installed so shall all the new galactic mothers and the new gaias be installed after the universal mother survives the ordeal, ascends, and drinks the water of life. The Balances will be defended. <3

    • Your right on it Sally stay strong sister we are with you, truth must be purged from falsehood and as you can see here there is a lot of pretending going on, likewise young Souls who don't know better but are getting deeper in to the occult and ritual by suggestion through empty and vain promises. The must learn the origins of what they choose to believe in order to finally find the hidden truth of it all. 





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