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Unfortunately, I don't have one.  But if...

  • 10 Million of US--->1 brain having 150 watts of Power = 1 HAARP
  • Then ALL 7 BILLION of Us lighting a white candle every day focusing ALL of Our Love on...
  • We Will create a ripple affect!

ONE Prayer, WITH God, INDIVISIBLE for Liberty & Justice FOR ALL!!!


So please help me come up with one??  If we all put our hearts, minds and Divine Light into this we can come up with one prayer (to suit any religion) that will Rock the World and UNITE US!

Then I'll create a video to post on youtube, Ashtar, facebook, twitter, and make it viral so all know...

WE ARE ONE...and with that Oneness We can create Heaven On Earth.  We just need to show each other the way...and the word and Prayer WILL Spread to All!!

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Yes I did...the one in Alaska seems to be taking a sabbatical.  But it's only because the US Military is trying to 'privatize' it.  This should take place in the fall and it will be up and running full capacity again.  Now the other 13 HAARP installations across the globe are bearing the load of what Alaska's HAARP isn't.  There's one right down in Puerto Rico, in Russia, Japan,'s really messed up how many there are.

I simply love the "use your own faith" universal prayer idea!!! My higher self is on the task of my share of inspiration. Might I add a request though?

This prayer be created in the LOVE spirit of UNITY...not a retaliatory spiritual strike against a "sworn enemy". This will ensure the purity of the collective energy created.

No matter what feelings anyone has toward any political, social, or moral issue, the only thing that can save earth is with Love.

Love = God...they're one in the same  ;)  And we're all United by that one same Divine force of Love--and boy is it powerful.  From Corinthians XIII...

  • Love is patient and kind,
  • Love is not jealous or boastful,
  • Love is not arrogant or rude,
  • Love does not insist on it's own way,
  • Love is not irritable or resentful, 
  • Love does not rejoice in wrong but rejoices in truth. 
  • Love  bears all things, believes in All, Hopes for all....
  • Love endures all....

I was told that if I wanted to know God, to replace the word Love for the word God...and I will never forget who God really is~~~

That is the only way 1 Prayer can unite us All and conquer any ills the world may have.

When a child cries, god cries with them.  If we cannot work as one to pray for the world, how will we be able to save it?  It is up to us...and we have done nothing.



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