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It's so heated on Ashtar Command at the moment I have found myself giving it a bit of a wide berth and also wondering what is going on... My conclusion is we are now at the point of saturation. Humanities old dance that has dominated is coming to a swift end and a new dance is beginning at a really fast rate. With the light now that's sweeping the planet and solar flares etc... all that has been so buried is now surfaced and releasing daily. It's the sludgiest of the sludge, not pretty the most buried of all of our issues, the hardest to shift. I know I'm there and have cried my eyes out for the last two weeks on and off. Deep rooted issues rising to the surface is an understatement. 

I'm just trying to remain in the attitude of gratitude as it's a beautiful energy to sit in and be still in, it really is. Staying centered knowing all of this will pass and is needed for our new dawn is really helping, and when the giggles come I am embracing them. A mixture of emotions is what I would say I am feeling and I'm not sure about the rest of you but WOW... The energy is so picking up lets try and ride this wave and remember we're all in this together. Love to you all at this time Louise.

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You are ace Kelly-ann :) xXx

Thank you Silverstar for your beautiful response, you are so right about baggage and us all ditching what no longer serves our highest good. Blessings to you too and I shall continue riding this wave!

James you ride the wave beautifully with style, as always. Love and peace to you Louise.

Stay seated on your throne supreme, the sure truth


Accept all your flaws, all your weaknesses, all your cravings, desires, sufferings.


When comes the time to expose folly, folly shall be exposed and I am no exception to this.


love love love

Thank you Breathe Forever it's one of the most liberating acts we can do is accepting ourselves for who we are, like you said all flaws everything. Love this you have written and believe there are no exceptions.. love love love it is :)

Wow if I could dance like that I would need healing from the healing dance.  I would not do this dance any justice at all.  I have no rhythm.  But watching this is awesome.  I so agree that taking one's frustrations out by doing physical things really helps a lot. 

I am feeling the same way as you, crying and feeling like I wish my friends here at Ashtar would stop the squabbling and just  share and love, faith and hope for the future together.  It is a much better diet to be on.  I have watched as the people I love (I love you all) say hateful things to one another, and I have a very hard time with it.  Somedays I have to bite my own tongue as well because I just feel like screaming ENOUGH!!! But I know that is not the answer either, we just need to hold each other up instead of tearing each other down.  All we need to do is use all this pent up angst to better purpose than to squabble and whatnot with each other. 


 I have been tempted to leave Ashtar, I get so frustrated lately but I have been on this site ever since its inception and it is home base for me.  I refuse to leave and go away frustrated, this is the time I need all my brothers and sisters here the most, and I am afraid no one would care or notice, so I hang in there lol.  So I ride the wave and am thankful everyday for everyone here who is not spreading negativity with a puddy knife so to speak, and love EVERYONE because we are all from one, and will be returning that way.  So lets skip all the angst before the change if we can.


Louise and Kelly-Ann, James and many others here are an inspiration for me because you all understand about loving one another, and are sincere and not giving lip service to the concept.  Thank you all for keeping the light brightly shining helping me to get to the next plateau intact.

Love to you all.

It's just a shift Marique hang in there. I know I am, and I have felt similar of late about leaving but then I think hang on in there it will all be fine. As for noticing if you left, I would really notice and I mean really. You are a star Marique you shine bright and I feel that in every comment you leave on here. Love and hugs to you always X
Thank you Louise, I truly appreciate that.  It makes me feel comfortable with continueing on.  You also uplift me with your contributions.  I do not feel negativity like I do with some.  That is a blessing to me. 

A beautiful summary of what I've been experiencing and observing....

Much Love!




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