Having watched a few episodes of The History Channels: The Bible. I am dismayed to see how utterly deplorable the ''God'' in it behaved, How he had no qualms in killing any who stood in his 'peoples'' path on the way to the ''Promised land''.

The Exodus is a good example.
Surely God would have taken into account that the Egyptians, were born into that life and were never contacted by God as was Abraham and moses and wouldnt have the capacity for change as would they. Should an entire land be smited and the blood of children (first borns) fall for the actions of one defiant Pharaoh? The Egyptian people knew nothing but to obey their God. Why punish them?!

I am in the firm belief that the God of the old testament was in a D%*k measuring contest with either other Ets or demi gods and other religions or he/she/they were acting alone and monstrously egotistical in swaying the evolution and timelines of planet Earth, and to gain as many followers as possible to solidify Him/she/they as the one true ''God''. Think of it as placing a ''stake'' in the ground or a flag on atop a mountain.

There was No love in any of the actions.. chosen ones (Abraham/Moses)... favouritism (Solomon), and if you disobeyed you were cast aside... would a loving father do that to his children? Take KIng davids and Bethshebas  affair which produced a child.. ''God'' was angered by that affair and had the child killed.. I mean seriously?!!  Anger is a weakness and the Creator God is perfect. Its has no weaknesses!!

These are just minuscule examples of Gods wrath and pettiness. 

Will it happen again? Will a powerful entity come calling and convince a nation to rise up and slaughter countless others in the name of their ''God''... Will it show miracles and wonders,, Or has the actions of Jesus forever silenced and protected us from these so called Gods who seek to sway us.

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  • Absolutely! And the bible has been rewritten so many times by the church, they have said hundreds of years ago that this must stop, or there will be none of the original left. And the Roman Catholic church started the Islamic religion to make enemies for the Jews, so the RCs could get Jerusalem.

    However, having said that, people in all religions have had spiritual revelations, miracles of healing, signs in nature, wonderful wisdom and a mystical component that is true.

    The fact that loving angels do exist, despite our history of being lied to about pretty much everything, is nothing to be scared of. It is not 'too good to be true'. It is just a wonderful truth. There is also amazing goodness and power, in love, out there, and in us.  



  • So you are suggesting that god is an angel?

    read again: "“Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness"

  • King Davids baby. :(

    • Were the prophets of old channelers to the alien gods such as sheldon bidle and greg giles

  • God loves killing babies whose father disobeys him. :/

  • It's not God.. .it's religion (all of them).  Based on a bunch of man made B.S. to control people.  The God I know is pure LOVE! 

  • I totally resonate with this post and replies.  That is why I abandoned my "religion" as soon as I was in my late teens when I figured out that the God depicted in the Bible was not a loving god in my opinion and no way did 'his" actions reflect all the love that was supposed to be shown.  That is not the type of entity that I would pray to at all or worship.  I can't believe that religion has had a toehold as a control on humanity for this long.....so sad. So much blood shed in the name of God or whose god is the real one, and what religion is the true one, etc, and who is the special chosen people.  Everyone needs to wake up who is in religion' grip.  I am seeing that people are starting to come of the coma and starting to question the bible and the concept of God presented.  Hope it is not too late for humanity though.  Now the "new age" communities (not all but many) are trying to deify aliens as saviors and elevate them in their minds to worthy of worship and to be held on a pedistal as a last hope for humanity.  That scares me as much as the bible, I can honestly say.  What is it with human nature that mankind seems to have to have something that they worship and depend on to save their ass? 

    • Do you not think that as a species which evolved from apes , who are predominantly a pack or group oriented species ourselves, we would still share many of those characteristics though? Maybe explains why we are so reliant on others to get us through our lives.. I mean, even at an early age we rely on our Mother.. then our teachers.. then our boss.. governments... and in between all that our lover and our partner,, all to fill gaps in our lives or to help us survive somehow or to quicken us.

      The whole voting process is to usher in govts ito away our power and letting others decide for us. I mean we know we are doing it and we are more than happy to do it.
      There's a hierarchy everywhere you look.. -(Parents -Kids)-... -(Older Siblings - Younger Ones). (Teacher- student).. (Headmaster- teacher) (priest - followers) ) (government- citizens),, Giving away power is everywhere in society and it seems to be embedded in us.

      Hell, even the term ''Look up to'' can be heard everywhere.. People never happy with who they are and ''aspiring'' to be who they are not. Looking at celebrities for fashion and how to behave. Trends is another one.. We could talk forever on how we look without and not within for a long time. So i think that is why we will be so ready to worship any pretender who comes calling and claims to be of God. I mean if they worship Justin Biebar... they sure as heck will worship the ones with the bags of tricks.

  • I wont be a slave for table scraps nor will i dance for my dinner, :D

  • Yes it was the flagpole on the mountain, and we have the right to be angry; however we are better then to retaliate by forceful means. We are more experienced than to play that pettiness of their game as we are of a priestly race.
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