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The Obama people got caught this week - and it looks like it goes straight to the top

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Future proves past.......Indeed, way back in 2011 I warned ACC [and through it, the world,] about the Obama dark agenda.

Barry being a cabal asset. A co-conspiritor with the deep state. I hope those members who were then fooled by Obamamania, can now see 2020....

John Jankar and Stick, spring to mind here.....Also, Mike Quincey....

Obamagate latest horror movie, coming to a cinema near you...Time for the unmasking of revellers at Prince Prospero's banquet; "MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH," starring an assortment of deep state kookoo-cuckoos..all infected by a dangerous virus....with help from Red China...

Popcorn anyone...??


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