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Hello, I am Agod, I am a wanderer, a transcendental soul, and a spiritual student infinitely and I greet you all with enthusiasm! I have been recently coming out of my shell again and beginning to work toward finding a community of wanderers and other spiritually enlightened beings to learn/teach all that can be. I believe in the Law of One as a great spiritual law, yet see physically we are only bound by the law of being. We shall be because we are. As such I believe the highest good is the law of one, no polarities, nor distortions in our highererestest self. I believe in a many of things and would like to begin to share them all, I will read yours and would love to discuss/debate, please no aggressive argumentitives, on any topic of your choice, I believe all as one are know it alls literally and am proud to find answers within for any problems, and hope you would be here for the same. It's a tough road working sorrow into joy, but we chose this path, lets unite and extend it now...

Agod FoDub

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Welcome Agod; and i think the baby is adoreable ;)

The only way you can really reach your loved ones, or so I've learned, is with consistancy (ie "i dont want to hear it" couple seconds of silence and forget what they said continue) and mostly, patience. My aunt and uncle are always shutting me out but I continue anyways because this is something for the greatest good and our loved ones need some force to hear us out, but now my aunt is in the waking process:) as for others, if you're a stanger and approach they'll either shut you down at hello, or, more often then not, see you are unconditional in your approach and hear you out... just a couple pointers.




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