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The Muslim Invasion Of Europe Prophecy By Nostradamas And Baba Vanga Can Be Everted..AND SHOULD BE DONE

By sending all the Muslims back to their countries and if you want to help them then help them build their own countries. 


So far most these Muslims have behaved like animals..heavy crime, rapes and bringing their own corrupt laws 

Islamophobia and Nostradamus

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Blind mystic who predicted jihadi invasion of Europe 

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DALAI LAMA: Europe was under an obligation to take in those who need help, they must ultimately be returned to their homeland..SEND THEM BACK HOME.

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Right here Doloras Cannon connected with Nostradamas and he told her that NOTHING IS WRITTEN  IN STONE his predictions give warnings that will happen but taking the right action can be everted. 

The right plan is to send all the Muslims back to their own countries ..but if you wish to help then help them build their own countries ...this is the right thing to do 

Form groups and do protest in your country's and if your leaders want send them back then send your leaders with them 

If Muslims are bringing their own rules and regulations to other countries then they can get lost to their own countries .. halal eaters are closer to you are what you eat 



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